28th Oct 2013

US denies Obama aware of Merkel spying

The US has denied that Barack Obama was aware of his government’s spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel. The statement came after an earlier German media report saying the president was informed of the operation in 2010. There’s growing outrage here … Continued

26th Oct 2013

US: Guantanamo lawyers push for declassification of CIA ‘torture’ program

  The lawyers of five men being charged over the September 11 attacks are appealing to President Obama to declassify details of the CIA’s secret interrogation programs. They say evidence of torture is being hidden. In a letter to President … Continued

25th Oct 2013

Mexico: At least 1 killed, 51 injured in candy factory blast in northern Mexico

MEXICO CITY, (Xinhua): At least 1 person was killed and 51 others wounded Thursday in a candy factory blast in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, capital of the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, local authorities said. The Chihuahua state … Continued

24th Oct 2013

US: Nawaz says he urged Obama to end drone strikes in Pakistan

WASHINGTON, (Agencies, Dawn): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Wednesday he urged US President Barack Obama to end drone strikes in Pakistan, touching on a thorny subject in relations between the two countries. Prime Minister Sharif and President Obama were speaking … Continued

24th Oct 2013

Germany: Merkel calls Obama for answers over reports that the US spied on her phone

Chancellor Angela Merkel has telephoned US President Barack Obama over allegations that her cellphone has been monitored. Recent revelations of alleged US espionage have angered some of Washington’s closest allies. The German government had been given information that US intelligence … Continued

22nd Oct 2013

US: School shooting kills 2, injures 2 in Nevada

LOS ANGELES, (Xinhua): Two people were killed and two injured in a shooting Monday at a Nevada middle school, in west United States, school officials said. According to police update, one person killed Monday morning at Sparks Middle School was … Continued

22nd Oct 2013

US: Washington seeks to ease tension in France over NSA spying claims

Washington has sought to pacify French anger over reports of mass surveillance by the National Security Agency. Several US allies have demanded answers from Washington over the widespread spying. US President Barack Obama phoned French President Francois Hollande on Monday … Continued

20th Oct 2013

Argentina: At least 99 injured in Buenos Aires train crash

[Policemen and firemen work after a train from the Sarmiento line crashed at the Once Station, in Buenos Aires (Xinhua/Enrique Cabrera/TELAM)]   BUENOS AIRES, (Xinhua): At least 99 people were injured in a train crash at a Buenos Aires commuter … Continued

18th Oct 2013

US: Obama lays out post-shutdown agenda, praises Italy

US President Barack Obama has urged US lawmakers to find a long-term budget solution after a temporary deal that reopened government. He told visiting Italian premier Enrico Letta that Italy’s reforms were encouraging. Obama highlighted the need for a lasting … Continued

17th Oct 2013

US: President Obama signs legislation ending shutdown

US President Barack Obama has signed legislation that ends the government shutdown and raises the US debt ceiling. The hard-fought agreement, which narrowly avoided default, has ended more than two weeks of shutdown. President Barack Obama has signed a spending … Continued

13th Oct 2013

Peru: Truck crash kills 52

LIMA, (Xinhua): A truck plunged off a cliff in southeastern Peru on Friday night, killing all the 52 people aboard, the National Police said Saturday. The truck fell into a 200-meter deep chasm while it was sending people home from … Continued

13th Oct 2013

US: Senate rejects long-term debt ceiling deal to end government shutdown

The US Senate has rejected a proposal to extend the debt ceiling through next year. Washington has just five days to reach an agreement or the US will, for the first time ever, go into a state of default. On … Continued

10th Oct 2013

Haiti cholera victims file suit against United Nations

A group of victims of a cholera outbreak from 2010 in Haiti have sued the United Nations. The epidemic is thought to have been brought to Haiti by UN troops from Nepal. Lawyers representing the cholera victims and relatives of … Continued

9th Oct 2013

US: Obama urges House Republicans to end ‘ransom’ and pass funding bill

US President Barack Obama has said he’s willing to hold talks with Republicans “about anything,” but first the House must approve a bill to reopen the government. The comments came on day eight of the shutdown. Speaking at a White … Continued

4th Oct 2013

Colombian peace talks reopen in Cuba

Negotiators for leftist Colombian rebels and Colombia’s government have resumed peace talks in Cuba’s capital Havana that slowed to a crawl in recent weeks. The talks began in Olso 11 months ago. Colombia’s peace talks resumed in the Cuban capital … Continued

3rd Oct 2013

US: At least 6 killed in bus crash in Tennessee

WASHINGTON, (Xinhua): At least six people were killed Wednesday afternoon after a passenger bus crashed into a tractor- trailer and a car in U.S. state of Tennessee, according to knoxnews.com, a local news website. There are also multiple injuries, the … Continued

2nd Oct 2013

US: White House rejects Republican ‘piecemeal funding’ proposal

The White House has rejected Republican plans to fund individual parts of the federal government budget in response to the US government shutdown. The administration said that “piecemeal funding” was not acceptable. On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama’s administration said … Continued

1st Oct 2013

US: Netanyahu urges Obama to keep Iran sanctions in place

WASHINGTON, (Xinhua): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday urged U.S. President Barack Obama to keep economic sanctions on Iran in place in a bid to ease Israeli concerns about Washington’s diplomatic engagement with Tehran over its disputed nuclear program. … Continued

1st Oct 2013

Venezuela’s Maduro expels US diplomats over ‘sabotage’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced the expulsion of the top US diplomat in Caracas along with other embassy staff. The leader accused Washington of seeking to sabotage the economy and electrical system. In an impassioned appearance on live television … Continued

1st Oct 2013

US federal agencies close as Congress fails to avert shutdown

As the clock ticked, the White House has ordered some government agencies to close. US President Barack Obama has stressed the “very real” consequences of lawmakers failing to avert the government shutdown. Just ahead of the midnight deadline, the US … Continued

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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