The Muslim News Awards for Excellence, guests respond

27th May 2016
The Muslim News Awards for Excellence, guests respond

The Muslim News has been inundated with positive feedback from guests of  this year’s The News Awards for Excellence, we present some of the many words of encouragement and gratitude sent to us:

Another great Awards which deserves all the praise for management. May Allah grant you continued success. What I liked about the event was multi-faith, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic attendance and recognition. Timing was fine and very professionally organised. Jaffer Kapasi, OBE, Director, East Midlands Chamber

I always feel very privileged to be invited and leave inspired by so much talent. Well done for organising another very successful event, Mashallah. This year’s event could not have come at a better time to counter the negative and un-founded narratives promoted by Trevor Phillips Channel 4 programme and I am glad you mentioned that in your speech! It proves that we need events like the MNA to highlight the positive contributions Muslims are making in our communities, workplaces and civic institutions. Pity Zac Goldsmith was too busy to attend and didn’t see it as important enough to attend to at least try to counter some of the anti-Muslim sentiment coming from his campaign. Dr Fauzia Ahmad, Hon Research Fellow, Royal Holloway, University College London

I enjoyed the inspiring stories, the great atmosphere and warm reception I received as I didn’t know many people. The service and food were excellent. Jenni Cahill, Head of Business Development, Civil Society

The event was nice, comforting/inspired feeling; Editor’s speech was very good. Tippu Sheriff, Lecturer in Chemistry, Queen Mary University of London

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence is an impressive occasion. Awards presentations were unique with nice citations. Timing of event was good, while the food and catering service were well served. Once again, thank you for showcasing the best of British Muslims. Adesina Alabi, President, Muslim Association of Nigeria

A delightful evening! It was very much in keeping with the tradition of these Awards as I recall having attended over the years. Dr Alam  Khan, Consultant Anaesthetist Pakistan Medical Association

Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic evening and event. It was a glittering occasion and totally lived up to its ‘inspiring’ ambitions. I had never been before and I sat on a table with some fascinating people and watched and heard incredible stories. Congratulations on a superb event and thank you for a delicious dinner and a fascinating evening. Sarah Whitehead, Head of Home News, Sky News

The organisation was fantastic, as were the presenters and the food. The event made me proud to be a British Muslim, and that is not easy to say in the current climate. Please continue your excellent work that is of huge benefit to the British Muslim community. Dr Zaid Shalchi, Opthalmic Surgeon,  Moorfield Eye Hospital

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence was one of the most enjoyable events. It brings together people from different parts of the UK, with different backgrounds of faith and ethnicity. The program started on time and ended on time. This gave me the chance to chat to the other guests around me. Guests Paul Cockburn and his wife, Dianne, were amazed by the event, the talent of the people who took part and the number of  Muslim charities and their work. They kept asking: why don’t we hear about this in the main British media! Thank you for bringing the Muslim contribution into focus and bridging the gap between the Muslim community and other communities in the UK. Dr Abdul-Rahim Hassan, Academic, Oxfordshire

One of few prestigious events for the Muslim community in the UK. I urge you to maintain this high standard, and wish you and your publication all the best. Ahmad Elterk, Solicitor, Harding Mitchell

I enjoyed the very wide range of award categories reflecting all facets of excellence from the Muslim community within the context of their British situation. The food was delicious and the service good. Wng Cdr M G Dudgeon OBE DL, Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Greater London

I enjoyed the ambience, the atmosphere of the awards event and the achievements in the Muslim community. So much work is being done by un-sung heroes but goes unnoticed in the media. We have to bring awareness to the wider community. Gulam Abbas Kassam, Planning & Project Controls Manager, Balfour Beatty plc

I did very much enjoy the event. I found it very inspirational. Karen Willmott, PA to Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne

It was excellent to see people who worked very hard for the community receiving recognition and all deserved to receive such prestigious awards. The presentation, atmosphere and catering were all excellent and all was very enjoyable. It was good to meet with the leaders of the Muslim community again and renew all associations. Thank you again for an excellent evening and all your hard work in service of the community. Dr Sheikh Ramzy, Oxford Islamic Information Centre International

Another great success and thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and it was good to meet so many friends and acquaintances. You and your team are impressive, as always. The food and service was equally good. Keep up the good work! M Mojlum Khan, Ilford, Author

Congratulations on a fantastic evening with excellent turnout, great speakers and wonderful atmosphere. With duas for your ongoing success. Shelina Zahra Janmohamed, Author

Thank you most earnestly for inviting me to such an interesting, informative, memorable and an enjoyable occasion. I was very impressed by the level of organisation and your pick of the MCs who really performed extremely well. The Programme was balanced and the Seating arrangements were perfect. The food was very delicious. As you can notice, I have nothing but lots of praise and commendation. Please keep it up and may Allah (swt) bless you with a long and healthy life to continue this most important and unique activity for many many years. Ameen. Dr Amir Lakha, Founder & Chair, Humanitarian & Charitable One Trust

May Allah reward you for all the effort of putting on a highly successful and wonderful event. It has truly become an event that the whole community can be proud of. I enjoyed the awards immensely and all were worthy winners.  The most enjoyable was to see the different category of awards, especially those Muslims being recognised for their contribution in mainstream organisations such as the CEO from Barnardo’s. That was really impressive. I would like to pass my congratulations to your team and that Allah rewards you profusely. Mohamed Irshad Baqui, Chief Executive, Muath Trust

Thank you and your community for this great and unexpected honour! I certainly enjoyed it. As a surgeon I am rather hid from meeting members of the wider Muslim society and it was a great pleasure to meet people from all walks of life and of whom so many have made incredible contributions. The unexpectedness of receiving the award was most surprising and enjoyable I felt and the hospitality and venue were marvellous. The timing was very good I felt and the catering excellent.Tipu Aziz,  Professor of Neurosurgery, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford

I enjoyed seeing and meeting key guests. The function ran on time. The catering service did a great job. Hassan Habib, Director, Grand Computers Ltd, Stanmore

Thank you for the very well organised event and excellent evening. The achievements highlighted during the evening made us proud to say that the Muslim community are doing so well. Iqbal Suterwalla, Director, TR Suterwalla Group of Companies

Many thanks for your invitation to the awards. It was a pleasure to attend and congratulations on another magnificent event, Allah. Myriam Francois, Journalist/Academic, TRT World. It was my first time at the Awards and it was wonderful to see so many Muslims doing so well. Maisam Fazel, Refresh Healthcare

A heartfelt congratulations for such a successful evening and hitting the right nails…Just what the British Muslims needed during this time. Rezia Wahid, Woven Textiles Artist, Woven Air, Silk Roads

It was a great night – you and your whole team must be really pleased that it all went so well, and knackered today! I really enjoyed the food, and the timing was excellent. Really good to see so many interesting people on the shortlist and winning the prizes. Thanks again for a really stimulating evening. Katharina Smith-Muller, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales, Interreligious Adviser

As usual I enjoyed the event immensely. It was good to meet so many friends and to see the extensive array of talent and expertise. Congratulations on a successful evening.  The event started on time and the majority of the speeches were short and concise and the food was good. Many thanks again for your kind and generous hospitality.Baroness Manzoor CBE of Knightsbridge, Lib-Dem Work & Pensions Spokesperson

I had a wonderful evening and felt privileged to have been included. What I enjoyed most was hearing a little about each of the winners as their stories were so inspirational. I also loved the curry which was delicious. Ruth Ruderham, Prince’s Trust International

The awards were aptly entitled in each category and was well presented The catering services provided an excellent service to all the attendees. The Muslim news awards is a fantastic way of portraying to the media the good that Muslims contribute to British society. Dr Wasimhusein Fazel, Jaffery Dental Society

I enjoyed the inspiring nominees, winners, and entertainment. In addition, like other guests, I think the people you draw to the event to attend themselves make it special. It is very well attended, thus people can do a lot of networking and can see people they know but do not get to see often. It has established many new relationships for myself and organisation and I expect it does that same for others.  The catering staff was excellent – very professional. Alice Memminger, Chief Executive, UpRising

The evening was wonderful and very well organised. The welcome was good, volunteers were super, MCs were good, food was delicious! Greg was brilliant as was Sadiq. Overall a memorable event as always. Well done! Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, Muslim Council of Britain

I enjoyed attending as I do each time I can do so. What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to meet people. Your event attracts almost everybody who is anybody amongst British Muslims. The timings were good; I admire your strictness in starting on time. Mohammed Amin, Chair, Conservative Muslim Forum

I enjoyed the solidarity, peer-to-peer networking, and the celebration of the achievement of people dedicated to service and excellence. The timings were good. Many people I talked to expressed an appreciation for the time-keeping. The food was very good indeed. The catering service was good. Luqman Ali, Director, Khayaal Theatre Company

It was a super event, well done. And very well managed. Maqsood Ahmed OBE, Director, Community Development, (UK Projects), Muslim Hands

This was the first time I had attended the event. I do believe it is a great example of Muslim achievements in this day and age. This message must become more wide spread. Arezun Nessa, Project Manager, APNA, Prestwich

It was a joy seeing many young people making great contributions in the society and being recognised for it. Ausaf Faruqi, London

Let me congratulate you on your remarkable achievement in promoting the Muslim community and creating awareness of the community’s presence in all strata of life. I have observed from the side lines, the determination and effort with which you have achieved this. God Bless you. Your ceremonies are both an enjoyable and a humbling evening: enjoyable to see the good the community is doing, and most of all our youth. The nominees, winners, and the strong army of young dedicated professionals who take it upon themselves to help you makes the event a success. Yahya Beyad, CEO, Britannia Petroleum Ltd


[Photo: The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event. Photographer: Adam Szczepanski/The Muslim News]

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Islamic organizationMay 16, 2017

A lovely goodwill may unite the Muslim Ummah and expand us in Imaan.


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Over 120 people attended a landmark conference on the media reporting of Islam and Muslims. It was held jointly by The Muslim News and Society of Editors in London on September 15.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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