Celebrating Eid al Fitr

26th Jul 2013

Eid al Fitr is a joyous occasion and is celebrated by millions of Muslims around the world. Eid al Fitr means the ‘festival of breaking the fast’ and Muslims are thankful to God for allowing them to observe the blessed month of Ramadan and giving them the strength to fast and engage in worship and good work.


Muslims are also required to give an amount of charity to the needy, known as Zakat al -Fitr, enabling them to also join in the happiness of Eid al Fitr.


Haleema Khan, student, London, said that she plans to spend Eid with her family. “Eid is a special day for us and taking part in Eid Salah (prayers), wearing new clothes, meeting family and friends, sharing food, is a very memorable occasion. We buy gifts for the family children to allow them to play and enjoy the day.”


Hannah Fatima, 28, Birmingham, explains what Muslims do on Eid: “Muslims begin this day by attending mosque to perform Eid prayers, and then many visit family and friends to wish them ‘Eid Mubarak’ greetings, and join in eating delicious food.”


“It is important to give thanks to God on Eid for everything he has given us and it is a time of unity in the Muslim community,” she adds.


Rabia Ali, student, Wolverhampton, explained that “Eid is a joyous occasion because God gave us strength and patience during Ramadan and allowed us to take part in extra prayer, Qur’an reading, supplication, charity, and helped us refrain from our bad habits, so we are grateful for that.”


Saffiyah Muhammad, 42, Birmingham, explains her typical day on Eid al Fitr. “I dress in nice traditional clothes, and attend Eid Salah with my family in the morning. I listen to the sermon which is very important as it reminds us why we a celebrating this occasion; the patience and humbleness God gave us in Ramadan. After greeting people at the mosque I then visit family homes to greet them and spend this happy time with. We share food and gifts with each other which the children in particular really enjoy.”

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