EXCLUSIVE: Eid messages from political leaders

31st May 2019
EXCLUSIVE: Eid messages from political leaders

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Prime Minister, Rt Hon Theresa May MP
I want to send my very best wishes to Muslims at home and around the world celebrating the festival of Eid al-Fitr.
For more than three million British Muslims, the joyous occasion of Eid, spent with family and loved ones, marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.
Over the last month, many British Muslims have shared the holy practices of Ramadan with neighbours of all faiths and none — from doing charity work in the local community to preparing meals for the elderly or coming together to break the fast at the end of the day.
During Ramadan, as at many other times of the year, I see the very best of the values which unite us all: of tolerance, of respect, and of selflessness.
Sadly, there are those who only seek to sow division and to spread fear and hatred in our communities. This year we have seen despicable acts of terrorism targeted against Muslims both abroad and on UK soil, on innocent people attending their place of worship or going about their daily lives.
There can be no place in our societies for the vile ideology that incites hatred and fear, and I stand with Muslims here in the UK and around the world against those who seek to destroy our values.
So as we come together in celebration this Eid — to share meals and gifts with families, friends and colleagues — let us remain steadfast in the values we share.
A happy and peaceful celebration to you all.
Eid Mubarak.


Leader of the Labour Party Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP


To Muslims in the UK and around the world – I wish you Eid Mubarak.

During Ramadan, I was very fortunate to enjoy several Iftar meals with Muslims as well as people of all faiths and none. Iftars are a brilliant celebration of our diverse communities – where people are welcomed to break fast and to share a meal with their Muslim neighbours.

The ‘Street Iftar’ in my community was a wonderful experience attended by hundreds of people. I want to thank everyone who came, and thank Finsbury Park Mosque, Muslim Welfare House and Muslim Aid for organising it and for setting it up in the wake of the murder in 2017 of Makram Ali at the hands of a far-right extremist. The beautiful street iftar is bringing the local community together, tackling Islamophobia and celebrating our shared values of love, peace, compassion and friendship.

Ramadan was an opportunity for me to meet Muslim leaders and worshippers at mosques across the country. I heard first-hand about the vital work they do throughout the year, including holding interfaith gatherings and cohesion work for their communities. The incredible generosity of the Muslim community will be felt both at home and around the world as more than £100 million is donated during this month every year to good causes.

Islam teaches us about the importance of the community and to look after one another; to work towards common goals that will benefit us all, and for justice and equality. These are the values of the Labour Party. In the face of such uncertain political times, these values are more important than ever as we work to bring our country together.

As Ramadan comes to an end, I hope you can enjoy Eid al-Fitr with your friends, family and communities.

Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones.


First Minister of Scotland Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon, MSP
As Muslim communities mark the end of this most blessed month in the Islamic calendar, on behalf of the Scottish Government, I send my warmest greetings to those in Scotland and across the world who are celebrating Eid.
Eid is a time of celebration — we are approaching the joyful end of Ramadan’s spirited month of fasting, prayer, family and community.
Eid ul-Fitr is an opportunity for all communities across Scotland to celebrate with our Muslim friends, and to recognise the significant and valuable contributions made by Muslim communities across Scotland. I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Eid. Eid Mubarak.

First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford AM
I’d like to send best wishes to all Muslims in Wales and across the world celebrating Eid ul-Fitr.
This joyful celebration highlights the values and teachings of Islam — peace, forgiveness, compassion and respect for those around us. This is something we can all learn from as we strive to build fairer and kinder communities.
I’m immensely proud of the multi-cultural communities we have here in Wales. We all benefit from a strong, diverse and modern society, where people of every race and faith are valued for the quality of their character, actions and deeds.
Eid is a time of celebration and I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the huge contribution Muslim communities across Wales make to our society. I wish you and your families Eid Mubarak!


Updated with message from Jeremy Corbyn 4 June 2019

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