Why these double standards?

24th Nov 2017
Why these double standards?

Home Secretary Amber Rudd and a contingent of frontbench Tories shared platform with a notorious anti-Muslim Hindu extremist (Photo: Creative Commons)

How would the law and law enforcement agencies in any law-abiding country treat and deal with someone befriending with a notorious criminal and throwing a party in his/her honour as well?

If the question sounds bizarre, then hold your breath. This is exactly what happened at the House of Commons last month. Tapan Ghosh, a notorious Islamophobe and five times convict from India was invited to address British Members of Parliament at a Diwali celebration organised by the Hindu Forum of Britain.

Those who attended the function included none less than the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, Cabinet Minister, Damian Green, Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid and former International Development Secretary Priti Patel. It is worth noting that the Home Secretary spoke at the event, as did Tapan Ghosh, which means that she “shared a platform” with an anti-Muslim extremist.

This is not the first time a Hindutva hatemonger has been allowed into Britain. Several other Hindutva extremists, including two so-called priestesses charge-sheeted in the Babri Mosque demolition case, Uma Bharti and Sadhvi Ritambhara, have been granted UK visas and allowed to tour temples and make speeches there in the past.

In contrast, many Muslims have been banned from entering into Britain merely on the basis of allegations. We are not pleading the case of those who have been refused UK visas. The Government might or might not have proofs of their involvement in alleged hate mongering.  We are, however, horrified at the Government’s so clear double standards.

These double standards extend beyond political lines. It is not only Conservative politicians who have this love for the saffron extremists; some Labour Party MPs are equally happy to rub shoulder with these Islamophobes. For example, Shadow International Trade Secretary, Barry Gardiner, takes great pride in his personal friendship with Narendra Modi and, ostensibly to garner Hindu votes, has promoted Modi’s testimonial and photograph on his website.

It is unthinkable that intelligence and law enforcement agencies in Britain are not aware of the atrocities committed on a daily basis against religious minorities – especially Muslims – and other marginalised communities in India. Yet the deep connections between the Hindutva groups there and Hindu groups in Britain remain apparently unexplored.

Applicants for UK visas are required to declare that they have never been involved in any criminal or militant activity. How then do these Hindu militants not only manage to enter into Britain but enjoy the hospitality of politicians as well? Or have crimes committed against Muslims in the world, at least in practice, become acceptable?

Top Tories share platform with anti-Muslim Hindu extremist

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