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Ramadan messages from UK political leaders

5th Jun 2016
Ramadan messages from UK political leaders

Ramadan messages from political leaders:


Rt Hon David Cameron, MP, Prime Minister

It’s the holy month of Ramadan – a time when mosques open their doors, community centres welcome in their neighbours, and even churches and synagogues offer up their spaces as Muslims break their fasts – and people of all faiths and none are often asked to join.

Coventry Cathedral is holding its own multi-faith iftar. In Manchester, they’re combining an iftar with England’s European Championships appearance. And homeless shelters up and down the country are holding ‘Iftars with the Homeless’.

Of course, fasting is what comes to mind when we think of Ramadan. It’s part of the month that really puts Muslims’ faith to the test – especially during these long, warm days.

But there is much more to it.

There is all the energy and money people donate to those who are less fortunate and all the extra time spent in prayer and contemplation.

Uppermost in all our minds this Ramadan are those whose lives have been torn apart by the twin evils of Assad and Daesh all those families spending this holy month in refugee camps mourning loved ones; yearning to go back to school or work; wondering when they’ll return home again.

Our thoughts – whatever our backgrounds or beliefs – are with them. And we must continue to support the people of Syria and the region, as we work towards a lasting political solution. Because that’s who we are as a country. We won’t walk on by. So this Ramadan, let’s renew our resolve to help those victims.

Let’s continue to come together for iftars and community events. Let’s celebrate the proud, multi-racial, multi-faith democracy we live in. To everyone in Britain and around the world – Ramadan Mubarak.

Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party

May I wish all those who are observing Ramadan a month of mercy, forgiveness and freedom, Ramadan Kareem. At the heart of your faith lie the values of peace, responsibility and humanity – these are ideals I and the vast majority of British people share with you.

One hundred and twenty seven years ago the first purpose built Mosque was opened in Woking. Today there are now over 1000 places of worship across the UK, reflecting the increasing size and influence Muslims play in our multi cultural society. Britain’s Muslim community makes a huge contribution to the fabric of our society. Walk the corridors of our hospitals, our local authorities and many of our schools and you see how those of the Muslim faith are there, binding our public services together, and bringing cohesion to our communities.

There is no town or city in our country which has not felt first-hand the benefit of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Muslim community. From fashion to communications, from retail to publishing, your community has invested to provide the jobs people and communities need.

I wish all of you all peaceful Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem to you all

Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon, MSP, First Minister of Scotland

As Muslims across Scotland and the rest of the world prepare for Ramadan I want to send my best wishes for this special time of spiritual reflection.

Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar and the strong focus on helping those who are suffering or in need is an example for communities all across Scotland, highlighting how we can all come together for a common good. Our Muslim community plays a hugely significant role in Scotland’s rich and distinctive identity, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you and wish you a happy and peaceful month of reflection.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Tim Farron MP, Liberal Democrat Leader

As-Salamu Alaykum

Today I join the many Muslims in the UK and across the world in welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadan.

We in the UK are privileged to have in our society the benefit of many religions and many cultures, that have weaved over several decades, in a rich tapestry of friendship and togetherness. I know that for all of these communities, and especially for Muslims during Ramadan, the refugee crisis is at the forefront of our thoughts, with Ramadan reminding us all to remember the daily struggles of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. As we make collective efforts to bring to an end the refugee crisis, let us hope that when the moon appears for Eid-ul-Fitr in a month’s time common humanity will compel more of the nations’ leaders to do more.

As the month of Ramadan begins, may the special message and the celebration of these holy days uplift each of you and add to the vitality of our community.

Thank you and Ramadan Kareem.

Rt Hon Carwyn Jones, AM. First Minister of Wales

I would like to send all Muslim communities in Wales my very best wishes during this time of prayer and reflection. Ramadan is based on values surrounding charity, family and community and shows how these values can be put into practice.

As I once again take up the position of First Minister of Wales, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Muslims here for the enormous contribution they make to Welsh life. I believe the diversity of our society is one of our greatest assets and is something that should be celebrated. I wish you all peace and happiness during this holy month.

Ramadan Kareem.

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