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Ramadan 2015 messages from politicians

18th Jun 2015

Rt Hon David Cameron, MP, Prime Minister
I’d like to send my very best wishes to everyone observing the holy month of Ramadan.
It’s a hugely important time as Muslims in Britain and across the world mark the foundation of their faith.
As friends and families come together, in contemplation and in fasting, we are reminded of those Muslim values – those British values – of community, family and charity. You can see them in centuries past when Muslim soldiers served bravely alongside their comrades – from the trenches of the First World War to the skies of the Second World War.
You can see them today with British Muslims giving more to charity than any other faith group in Britain – fulfilling their sacred duty of Zakat by making a real difference to lives blighted by conflict and disaster.
British Muslims are at the top of every field from our biggest businesses to our precious health service to our Houses of Parliament – and yes – to the Cabinet I lead.
I’ve talked a lot about One Nation – about Britain being a country where everyone can get on, whatever their background and wherever they’re from. British Muslims embody that spirit.
They prove that this can be a country where success is determined not by your colour, community or creed but a place where you can go as far as your talents will take you.
So as families, friends and communities come together at Iftar each evening, I hope all of them and everyone else across Britain will reflect on the universal values that Ramadan represents, and the contribution that British Muslims make to our country.
Ramadan Mubarak to you all.

Harriet Harman

Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP, Interim Leader of the Labour Party
Ramadan is an important time for Muslims here in Britain and around the world. During Ramadan, Muslims are committed to intense prayer, reflection on teachings laid out in the Qur’an, charity and fasting. It is a time for gathering and sharing Iftar with family and friends, and for sharing Iftar with those less fortunate.
I understand that the practice of fasting will be challenging during these long summer days, and I admire the dedication of Muslims during this month, in which religious conviction and working for a fairer society are always the priority.
At Ramadan we celebrate the great contribution that Muslims make to our country. We are proud of our Muslim Labour MPs – Rushanara Ali, Imran Hussain, Rupa Huq, Sadiq Khan, Khalid Mahmood, Shabana Mahmood, Yasmin Qureshi, Naz Shah and Tulip Siddiq and our many Muslim Labour Councillors across the country. On behalf of the Labour Party, I want to wish Muslims across Britain a peaceful Ramadan.
Ramadan Kareem.

Nicola Sturgeon

Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon, MSP, First Minister of Scotland
Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar and is a time for spiritual reflection for Muslims in Scotland and across the world.
It reminds Muslims to think about those who are less fortunate and the struggles of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. It focuses on family and charity, and goes right to the heart of the Islamic faith. That selflessness and desire to care for others is an example that we can all follow. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the positive influence the Muslim community has in Scotland and wish everyone celebrating this month, Ramadan Mubarak.

Baroness Brinton

Baroness Brinton, President, Liberal Democrat Party
I extend my best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United Kingdom and around the world on the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a time for self-reflection and sharing, of fasting and prayer. It is a time for renewing faith and strengthening the bonds between family and friends.
At this important time in the Islamic calendar, we are reminded particularly of the value of service of British Muslims, from helping the less fortunate through charitable efforts to common obligations of pursuing peace and justice.
So I want to thank you all for the valuable contribution you make, across British society and beyond, both at Ramadan and throughout the whole year.
I wish everyone harmony, happiness and unity during this special time. May your Ramadan bring peace and blessings.
Ramadan Mubarak

Carwyn Jones

Rt Hon Carwyn Jones, AM, First Minister of Wales
I would like to wish the Muslim communities of Wales a blessed Ramadan as this period of prayer, reflection and contemplation begins.I am deeply proud that people from every faith and background call Wales their home. We live in a diverse and vibrant society and our Muslim communities continue to play an extremely important part in the life of our nation.
The values of Ramadan – charity, compassion and helping others – chime with the values that we cherish in our society.I would like to wish everyone observing Ramadan in Wales and across the world “Ramadan Mubarak.

One Response to “Ramadan 2015 messages from politicians”

Ian Barnettt.June 18, 2015

The politicians mentioned above probably despise muslims nearly as much as I do……. and for good reason. These politicians are merely prostituting themselves needlessly.


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