9th Feb 2015

Sweden: Stockholm imam receives death threats

  [Stockholm Mosque. Photo: Gabbe/Wikimedia]   The imam at the main Stockholm mosque has received death threats and a white powder was sent to the religious centre on Friday, according to the head of the Islamic Association of Sweden. “The … Continued

18th Jan 2015

Two killed in Islamophobic attacks in Europe

    A French Muslim man was stabbed to death in his own home in southern France in what a Muslim group called a “horrible Islamophobic” attack the week after France was rocked by the Charlie Hebdo killings. The attack … Continued

17th Jan 2015

Niger: Four dead in Charlie Hebdo protests in Niger

    Protesters apparently outraged by caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, published in Charlie Hebdo’s first edition since the Paris attacks, have set fire to the French cultural center and three churches in Zinder, Niger. Four people were killed and … Continued

15th Jan 2015

Sweden: Swedish Muslims react to new Charlie Hebdo

  [Stockholm-based Muslim Selma says is saddened by the Charlie Hebdo cover. Photo: The Local]     With three million copies of Charlie Hebdo’s latest issue sold out by Wednesday afternoon and two million more scheduled to be printed, The … Continued

15th Jan 2015

Anger, dismay, cynicism: Muslim world responds to Charlie Hebdo

    [Photo: A Turkish paper and its Charlie Hebdo supplement]   The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo has sparked heated debate in the Muslim world. The main media outlets have been restrained in their response, but discussions on social … Continued

14th Jan 2015

Germany: Muslim leaders rally for tolerance with Merkel

  Members of the government and Muslim groups were among the many gathered at the Brandenburg Gate to promote interfaith understanding on Tuesday. “We are all Germany,” President Joachim Gauck declared in his speech. A solemn demonstration was held in … Continued

11th Jan 2015

Germany: Dresden marchers to conquer xenophobia

  Tens of thousands of people have marched in Dresden calling for “open mindedness and humanity.” DW’s Kate Brady was there to see how the eastern German city took a stand against the anti-Islamization PEGIDA group. Families, young couples, pensioners … Continued

10th Jan 2015

Sweden: New bomb threat against Swedish mosque

    Gothenburg’s main mosque was evacuated on Friday night after a bomb threat, exacerbating Swedish Muslims’ fear of reprisals following this week’s Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. Three mosques in Sweden have suffered arson attacks in recent weeks, even … Continued

6th Jan 2015

Germany: Thousands of Germans in anti Islam protest

  [10,000 anti Islam protest in Dresden on Monday Jan 5]   Anti-Islamist ‘Pegida’ supporters have had to cancel their appearance in Cologne, where thousands of demonstrators showed solidarity with migrants. However, thousands of anti-Islamists showed up in the city … Continued

3rd Jan 2015

Sweden rallies after trio of mosque fire attacks

Thousands of people turned up to anti-racism rallies in Sweden’s major cities on Friday afternoon following three arson attacks on mosques. The crowds in Stockholm waved placards and listened to speeches from leading figures within the city’s Muslim community as … Continued

2nd Jan 2015

Germany: Dev Minister Müller calls for debate on anti-Islam movt

mg/cmk (AFP, dpa): German Development Minister Gerd Müller has called for a fair discussion on the protests by anti-Islam movement PEGIDA. Müller said that Germany needed to address the fears of thousands of its citizens. Development Minister Gerd Müller said … Continued

30th Dec 2014

Austria: Pig’s head hung on Mosque door in Vienna

[Photo of pig’s head attached to mosque in Vienna. Photo: HaberJournal.at] The Local : In a barbaric affront to Muslim sensibilities, part of a pig’s head and some pork tripe was attached to the door of a Mosque in Vienna’s … Continued

30th Dec 2014

Sweden: Imam says Islamophobia to blame for mosque fire

[Photo: Fire fighters putting down fire at Mosque in Eslov, Sweden, Photo: TT] The Local/TT/AFP: Police suspect a mosque in southern Sweden was deliberately torched on Monday, with a local imam blaming rising Islamophobia in the region. Emergency services were … Continued

23rd Dec 2014

Germany: Record numbers attend German anti-Islamization rally

More than 17,000 protesters rallied Monday in Dresden against the “Islamization of the Occident,” the tenth such demonstration in as many weeks. The far-right movement is becoming a problem for politicians. German society and the political establishment have for weeks … Continued

22nd Dec 2014

Germany: Mosque vandalised with swastikas and racist graffiti

      A half-built mosque in the northwestern German town of Dormagen has been spray painted with swastikas and racist slogans. The act of vandalism comes as anti-Islamic demonstrations continue to grow across Germany. The perpetrators are reported to … Continued

28th Nov 2014

Netherlands: Dutch MP calls for removal of all mosques

THE HAGUE, (Anadolu Agency): A Dutch right-wing political party has demanded Netherlands be cleared of mosques, amid an ongoing row over the integration of Muslim and Turkish minorities in the country. Machiel de Graaf, a member of Dutch anti-immigration and anti-Islam … Continued

27th Oct 2014

Germany: Right wing extremists violent attack against Muslims in Cologne

  Hundreds of self-proclaimed ‘hooligans’ from rival football clubs and far-right groups have held a protest against Islamists in the western German city of Cologne. Police used water cannons after scuffles broke out. There was a heavy police presence in … Continued

22nd Oct 2014

France: Paris opera ejects woman in niqab after cast refuses to sing

  [Photo: Bastille opera house] (RT): A woman in niqab, a traditional Muslim veil, was asked to leave the opera in Paris after the cast said they wouldn’t perform if a solution wasn’t found. She had to leave the auditorium, because … Continued

15th Oct 2014

Palestine: Israeli settlers torch mosque near Nablus

      NABLUS, (Ma’an): Israeli settlers set fire to a mosque in the Nablus-area village of Aqraba, locals said. Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who monitors settlement activity, told Ma’an that a group of settlers broke the doors and … Continued

10th Oct 2014

Australia: Dozens of anti-Muslim attacks as Islamic leaders warn of community fear

  Sunday Morning Herald: Reports have emerged of Muslim women being subjected to intimidation and violence. Liberal MP Wyatt Roy and Labor’s Amanda Rishworth agree this is abhorrent. There have been at least 30 attacks on Muslims – mainly against … Continued

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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