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23rd Feb 2014

Ukraine: Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko addresses Kyiv crowd

Ukrainian opposition icon Yulia Tymoshenko has addressed protesters in Kyiv, hours after her release from custody. President Viktor Yanukovych is reported to have been stopped from boarding a plane to Russia.  Yulia Tymoshenko arrived in Kyiv on Saturday evening after … Continued

22nd Feb 2014

Ukraine awaits protesters’ reaction to peace deal and agreement to free Tymokshenko

Protesters have held their ground in Kyiv overnight despite a breakthrough peace deal. Ukraine now awaits the outcome of the pact, which is to pave the way for political reform and the release of ex-premier Tymoshenko. Tens of thousands of … Continued

US vice president threatens Ukraine with additional sanctions, 75 killed
21st Feb 2014

US vice president threatens Ukraine with additional sanctions, 75 killed

The US has warned Kyiv that it is prepared to follow the EU’s lead and impose sanctions against Ukrainian officials in the wake of Thursday’s sniper killings. Crisis talks in Kyiv involving EU diplomats ran until dawn.  In a telephone … Continued

20th Feb 2014

Ukraine president agrees a ‘truce’ with opposition

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has announced a truce with opposition leaders and a start to negotiations to end further bloodshed. The statement came after a meeting with three anti-government leaders. After street violence which left at least 26 people dead, … Continued

19th Feb 2014

Iran meets with world powers in nuclear settlement talks

Six world powers and Iran began talks in Vienna on Tuesday in pursuit of a final settlement on Tehran’s disputed nuclear program in the coming months despite warnings from both sides that a deal may prove impossible. Expected to last … Continued

18th Feb 2014

Ukraine: Coal mine blast kills 7 in Donetsk region

KIEV, (Xinhua): At least seven people were killed and nine others injured when a blast ripped through a coal mine in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region on Monday night, authorities reported Tuesday. The explosion took place 815 meters below the surface … Continued

13th Feb 2014

Switzerland: Syrian opposition calls for transitional government in Geneva II talks

The Syrian opposition called on Wednesday for a transitional governing body to be set up that would oversee a total ceasefire under UN monitoring and be empowered to drive out foreign fighters deployed on both sides of the civil war. … Continued

12th Feb 2014

Switzerland: Syria peace talks not making much progress, says envoy

Peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition are not making much progress, international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi said on Tuesday after a face-to-face meeting of the warring parties in Geneva. As negotiations intended to end Syria’s three-year-old war concluded the … Continued

11th Feb 2014

Switzerland: : Brahimi pushes for peace commitment from both sides in Syria peace talks

  Syria’s warring sides launched a new round of peace talks Monday, as an agreement from the first round last month was being implemented with aid convoys evacuating the besieged city of Homs. The UN and Arab League mediator, veteran … Continued

8th Feb 2014

Germany: Report highlights right-wing crime in the country

    More than 11,000 right-wing criminal offenses were committed last year, according to a report by a German newspaper. Of those cases, more than 500 were violent.  German police registered 11,761 criminal offenses motivated by  right-wing extremism between January … Continued

8th Feb 2014

Bosnia-Herzegovina unrest turns violent as protesters storm government buildings

Protesters in Bosnia-Herzegovina have stormed government buildings across the country, setting several ablaze. The country is witnessing its worst social unrest since the end of the 1992-95 war.  Anti-government demonstrators angered by the nation’s 40 percent unemployment and rampant corruption  … Continued

7th Feb 2014

US official apologizes to EU over disparaging remarks

  US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has apologized over derogatory comments made about the EU during a leaked phone conversation. The US has indicated Russia may have played a role in the leak.  Nuland (pictured above) apologized on … Continued

5th Feb 2014

Germany: Local elections will be crucial test for AKP: Turkish PM Erdoğan

BERLIN, (Hurriyet Daily News): Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has identified the upcoming local elections on March 30 as a crucial test for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), speaking on his official visit to Germany on Feb. 4. … Continued

4th Feb 2014

Germany: Steinmeier urges UK to stay in EU, voices doubt on treaty change

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has appealed to the UK to remain in the European Union, regardless of progress on the EU treaty change sought by Britain’s Conservative-led government.   Frank-Walter Steinmeier made his first visit to London since returning to … Continued

4th Feb 2014

EU executive says corruption still widespread in the bloc

The European Commission’s first ever report on corruption in the 28-member bloc has found that graft is widespread in many nations. The report warned not enough was being done to rein in underlying conflicts of interest. The EU executive’s report … Continued

3rd Feb 2014

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych returning to work after illness

  Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is returning to work after four days of illness. Meanwhile the EU and the US are reportedly working on an aid package for the country amid ongoing anti-government unrest.  Yanukovych was due back at work … Continued

1st Feb 2014

EU confirms date for fresh talks on Iran’s nuclear program

  EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton has confirmed Iran nuclear talks will begin in Vienna in February. It’s hoped a deal will be struck to curb Iran’s atomic program in exchange for reduced sanctions.  Following talks with Iran’s Foreign … Continued

31st Jan 2014

Norway fund blacklists Israeli companies with settlement ties

Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, blacklisted two Israeli companies involved in construction of settlements in East Jerusalem, the country’s finance ministry said Thursday. The ban on investing in the firms revived a three-year prohibition on them that … Continued

31st Jan 2014

Switzerland: Syrian delegations trade barbs at Geneva talks

Syria’s warring sides on Thursday got bogged down in a dispute over who was responsible for the violence in the country, as peace talks in Geneva focused on “terrorism.” While the mere fact the rivals agreed on a topic of … Continued

30th Jan 2014

Switzerland: Brahimi has low expectations for current Syria talks in Geneva

Lakhdar Brahimi has said that he does not expect substantive results from the current round of Syria talks, which are to end on Friday. Yet he does hope for a more productive second round starting about a week later. The … Continued



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