14th Dec 2013

Ukraine President Yanukovych refuses to resign as opposition talks yield little

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych has resisted calls for his resignation in talks with the opposition. Yanukovych said there was no need for him to quit after weathering a parliamentary no-confidence vote. Yanukovych met with opposition leaders Vitali Klitschko (the Udar … Continued

12th Dec 2013

Ukraine opposition rejects talks with Yanukovych after Kyiv assault

Protesters have dismissed an offer of talks from Ukraine’s president, saying he must resign. Earlier Wednesday, riot police retreated from Independence Square, having failed to clear demonstrators from a protest camp. Pressed by the EU and US Wednesday after enduring … Continued

12th Dec 2013

The Netherlands: Dutch water company ends partnership with Israeli firm

Dutch water supplier Vitens has ended a partnership with Israeli water company Mekorot due to the “political context,” the Dutch company said on Wednesday. The abrupt decision comes days after a visit to the Mekorot offices in Occupied Palestine by … Continued

11th Dec 2013

Ukrainian police move into Independence Square in Kiev

KIEV, (Xinhua): Ukrainian riot police began moving into Kiev’s Independence Square early Wednesday, where protesters were demonstrating for European integration. Hundreds of police officers confronted protesters who had been there over a week as they tried to dismantle the barricades … Continued

11th Dec 2013

Marathon EU talks over bail-out fund for banks

  Marathon talks between European Union finance ministers have brought the creation of a central body to deal with failing banks closer to fruition. The aim is to avoid using taxpayer money to bail out or wind up lenders.   … Continued

5th Dec 2013

Germany launches probe for far-right motives in unsolved murders

  Germany is set to re-examine almost 750 cases of killings or attempted killings to see if the suspects had far-right motives. This follows a scandal over 10 murders that were only belatedly traced to a neo-Nazi cell. The German … Continued

4th Dec 2013

Poland faces ECHR in Strasbourg over CIA prison

  Poland has declined to tell the European Court of Human Rights whether it hosted a secret CIA jail. Rights campaigners say the case could help dismantle the wall of secrecy around extraordinary rendition. For the first time, judges questioned … Continued

3rd Dec 2013

Ukraine: Opposition on offensive in protests against President Yanukovych

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have dug in their heels in the capital, occupying Kyiv city hall and blockading the main government building. Ukraine’s prime minister has compared recent protests to a “coup.” Thousands blockaded government buildings Monday and camped … Continued

2nd Dec 2013

Italy: Deadly fire at Chinese-owned garment factory kills seven people

  At least seven people died and three were injured when a Chinese-owned clothing factory in an industrial zone in the Italian town of Prato, Tuscany, burned down on Sunday, killing workers trapped in an improvised dormitory built onsite. The blaze, … Continued

30th Nov 2013

Sweden: Archbishop speaks out after anti-Islam attacks

  The Local: Sweden’s newly elected archbishop Antje Jackelén has admitted she wasn’t prepared for the online abuse she has received from anti-Islamists labelling the attacks as “spiteful.” Jackelén became the first female archbishop of the Church of Sweden in … Continued

30th Nov 2013

Ukraine police crack down on anti-government protests in Kyiv

Police in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, have used force to break up a large anti-government demonstration in the city center. The protesters voiced anger over the country’s move away from EU integration towards Russia. Witnesses said riot police used truncheons, … Continued

28th Nov 2013

EU court reviews French burqa ban

At the European Court of Human Rights, France’s ‘burqa ban’ that prohibits full-face veils is under review. Critics of the ban see it as a violation of religious freedom. The court in Strasbourg began its review of the French burqa … Continued

28th Nov 2013

Italian Senate expels former PM Berlusconi

The Italian Senate has expelled former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as a result of his tax fraud conviction, upheld on appeal at Italy’s highest court in August. The former premier spoke of a “bitter day.” Italian Senate votes to expell … Continued

27th Nov 2013

Germany: Christian and Social Democrats agree on grand coalition government

Leaders from Germany’s two largest parties have reached a provisional deal on forming a coalition government after all-night talks in Berlin. This concludes weeks of negotiations following September elections. The last negotiating session lasted some 17 hours in Berlin, concluding … Continued

24th Nov 2013

Switzerland: New round of Iran nuclear talks conclude with an histrical agreement

  [EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton (2nd L) delivers a statement in Geneva. (Xinhua/Wang Siwei)]   GENEVA, (Xinhua): After intensive negotiations, the P5+1 group and Iran have reached a first-step agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, EU foreign policy chief Catherine … Continued

23rd Nov 2013

Switzerland: P5+1 foreign ministers hopeful of Iran nuclear talks breakthrough

    Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle is set to join his US counterpart, John Kerry and other world powers in Geneva for talks on Iran’s nuclear program. It is hoped a breakthrough is imminent. Along with Westerwelle and Kerry, … Continued

23rd Nov 2013

Switzerland: Iran nuclear talks enter third day in Geneva II tallks

Iran and world powers haggled Friday over a breakthrough nuclear accord on the third day of talks in Geneva, with Tehran complaining of “no progress.” This third and crucial meeting since President Hassan Rohani was elected in June is seen … Continued

22nd Nov 2013

Latvia: 25 killed in Riga’s supermarket roof collapse

RIGA, (Xinhua): The death toll has risen to 25 early Friday with dozens still trapped in the debris after the roof of a supermarket collapsed in a suburb of Riga, the Latvian capital, officials said. Three of the 17 people killed … Continued

22nd Nov 2013

Ukraine scraps plan to sign historic pact with European Union

Ukraine has said it is suspending preparations to sign a landmark trade and political pact with the European Union. It comes after parliament rejected legislation to free jailed ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov issued a decree … Continued

22nd Nov 2013

Switzerland: Iran says “lack of trust” slowing down nuclear talks

Iran’s chief negotiator warned Thursday of a lingering “lack of trust” and “major differences” at nuclear talks with world powers in Geneva, saying it was hampering progress over a deal. Abbas Araqchi, a deputy foreign minister, said Iran would not … Continued

Over 120 people attended a landmark conference on the media reporting of Islam and Muslims. It was held jointly by The Muslim News and Society of Editors in London on September 15.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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