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Cameron declined to condemn terrorist bombs targeting three mosques

22nd Jul 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron has declined to condemn recent terrorist attacks targeted at three mosques in West Midlands.

The Prime Minister is “concerned by the recent events”,  a spokesman for Downing Street replied  when asked Monday by the Editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi, why the Prime Minister had not condemned the attacks. He added that “the Home Secretary has issued a statement” about viable explosive devices left at three mosque sites.

The spokesman was further asked was Cameron not concerned that large number of Muslim worshippers would have died or being injured near Tipton mosque if the mosque had not changed the prayer time from 1pm to 2pm. The bomb exploded at 1pm when hundreds of Muslims would have been going to the mosque.

It has been common policy by successive governments to condemn all terrorist attacks from whatever source and for whatever reason. But Home Secretary, Theresa May, has also not issued any statements, instead she wrote an article for a Pakistani newspaper on the attacks.

“Surely the Prime Minister has to show sympathy with the Muslim community at the time when they are under attack and bombs have been used which would have killed large number of Muslims,” Versi said. “There is concern in the Muslim community that the PM is not concerned about the welfare of the Muslims at such a time.”

West Midlands Police is investigating the three bomb attacks including a suspected nail bomb attack near a Tipton mosque on July 12. The bomb sprayed nails and debris into the air, wrecking vehicles and smashing windows.

Explosive material and debris were found next to Wolverhampton Central Mosque on July 18. A bomb had exploded on June 28, when police were called in but could not find any bomb materials then. Another bomb exploded outside Aisha Mosque in Walsall on June 21. No one was injured in these attacks.

Two Ukrainian men, aged 22 and 25, were arrested in Small Heath, Birmingham on July 19. They were being questioned on suspicion of being involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism following blasts near the Tipton mosque and the Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre in the Caldmore area of Walsall. 22-year-old was released last night without charge.

The 25-year-old was further arrested on July 20, on suspicion of the murder of 82-year-old Mohammed Saleem. He was murdered returning from night prayers in Small Heath, Birmingham on April 29.

Residents in Tipton believed the attack had also been timed to coincide with the day of the funeral of Drummer Rigby in Bury. Since the murder of Lee Rigby, over 20 mosques and Islamic centres have been attacked.

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5 Responses to “Cameron declined to condemn terrorist bombs targeting three mosques”

anjum anwsrJuly 22, 2013

Poor man! He probably does not know!


Dr RamzyJuly 22, 2013

Excellent , questioning by Editor Ahmad Versi. Keep pushing

Allah bless you

Ramadhan Mubarak


khanJuly 23, 2013

Unsatisfied answer


HassanJuly 23, 2013

There was a Cobra meeting when Lee Rigby was killed where was the Cobra meeting for 82 year old Mohammed Salem who was murdered a month prior to Rigby? Imagine if series of explosive devices were left in a Church or a Synagog you beat your derriere Cameron and May would’ve released a statement. Utterly pathetic!


Iftikhar AhmadAugust 10, 2013

Islam is undefeatable! You cannot extinguish the Light of Almighty Allah! educate yourselves on Islam before it’s too late. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Step out of your comfort zone and ask yourself why is Islam always being demonized by the media. Why isn’t anything good being told about Islam? Do you honestly think you know all there is to Islam.? You’ll find your
answers in Islam. The haters are mad because it is the fastest growing religion in the world. More women convert in Europe than men. Yet Islam oppresses women? Rather the opposite. Free yourself from the media and THINK for yourself.

To be honest, people are just attracted to Islam because of the sincerity in its pillars of faith. We aren’t invading. They just invited us over hahahaks. “If we judge greatness by influence, he (Mohammed) was one of the giants of history. He undertook to raise the spiritual and moral level of a people harassed into barbarism by heat and foodless wastes and he succeeded more completely than any other reformer; seldom has any man so fully realized his dream. He accomplished his purpose through religion not only because he himself was religious, but because no other medium could have moved the Arabs of his time. He appealed to their imagination, fears and hopes and spoke in terms that they could understand. When he began, Arabia was a desert flotsam of idolatrous tribes but when he died it was a nation. He restrained fanaticism and superstition, but also used them. Upon Judaism, Zoroastrianism and his native creed, he built a religion simple, clear and strong, as well as a morality of ruthless courage and racial pride which, in a generation, marched to a hundred victories in a century to empire and remains to this day a virile force through half the world.”


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