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Scrolling news:

Muslim student allegedly forced to watch offensive Charlie Hebdo cartoon of Prophet Muhammad

25th Nov 2022

Nadine Osman

The state of Victoria has launched an investigation into allegations that a teacher at a college in north Melbourne, Australia, forced a Muslim student to watch a cartoon depicting Muhammad in class.

The teacher allegedly played an “explicit and blasphemous” cartoon to the class that depicted Prophet Muhammad that was not part of the required curriculum in Victorian government schools, according to the student’s father.

According to the Herald Sun, the offending cartoon is believed to be a Charlie Hebdo front page from 2015. The material shown depicted “two men acting out doing ‘things’ to each other, and one of them was shown to be Prophet Muhammad.

“My media teacher put this cartoon on television and then said it was the Prophet Mohammed. It just shook me to the core. I was really sad and shocked,” said Sara Ammar.

The 16-year-old told Anadolu Agency that she was not the only one who was taken aback, but that everyone in her class was as well.”They were all speechless like I was.” There were several other Muslim students in each class, according to Ammar. Although she expressed discomfort with the cartoon, her teacher did not answer her request to leave the classroom.

“The teacher kept on talking about how Muslims killed an innocent person who created that cartoon,” she said, noting that she does not want other children to experience similar humiliation.

“It is very traumatising,” she said.
Her father, Muhammad Ammar, demanded that the teacher be suspended and that the school issue a formal apology.

“We can’t accept anything against our Prophet and Islam,” he said. “When I went to take her up, she started crying. She said that they have shown the content.”

“My daughter also tried to express her discomfort at the video but unfortunately the teacher didn’t care and continued to play the video, forcing my child to view that content,” he said.

Ammar talked to Mount Ridley College in Craigieburn officials and wrote to the concerned departments of government.

The student’s parents have raised concerns with the school, the Islamic Council of Victoria, Victoria’s Department of Education and Training, and the state government. The Victorian Department of Education has confirmed it is investigating the incident.

“Once the review is complete, the department will decide whether any extra advice should be provided to schools in relation to similar sensitive issues. Full support is being provided to any student that has been affected.”

The video shown was one of a series of examples used in the class on “hybridised media” and its effects on social media.

Some sources have suggested a warning was issued before the content was shown, and the students were told they were free to leave the class if they wished. In a statement, the Islamic Council of Victoria, Australia, said “many in the Muslim community are now aware of the concerning incident,” which had “caused serious distress to a Muslim student.”

The Islamic Council of Victoria said the school’s principal met with the father late last month to discuss the issue. Also present at the meeting was “a representative from the Islamic Council of Victoria’s Islamophobia Support Service, a DET representative, a lawyer acting as a support person for the father, and other supporters of the family.”

“A number of actions came out of the meeting, including a commitment from the school not to teach this offensive material again,” it said.

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