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Forced organ harvesting scandal in China exposed

24th Mar 2020
Forced organ harvesting scandal in China exposed

Photo: The China Tribunal Panel (L-R) American historian Professor Arthur Waldron, Malaysian lawyer Andrew Khoo, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery Martin Elliott, Sir Geoffrey Nice QC (Chair), businessman Nicholas Vetch, Iranian human rights lawyer Shadi Sadr, American lawyer Regina Paulose, in London on December 8, 2018.

(Credit :Justin Palmer / Epoch Times/CC)

Meng Yihua

A Tribunal, which exposed organ harvesting practices in China in a June 2019 summary recently released a Full Judgement Report containing new evidence of this state-run programme.

The China Tribunal, backed by an Australian human rights charity which is investigating the issue, initially made the accusation against China at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Switzerland in September 2019.

The report provides evidence to show the Government in China has been killing prisoners from persecuted religious groups in China to harvest organs including kidneys, lungs and skin. These prisoners include Muslim Uyghurs and members of the spiritual group, Falun Gong, which has long been outlawed in China.

Despite the imprisonment of Uyghur and other Muslim minorities in China has only been on international media radars since 2017, Hamid Sabi, lawyer of the China Tribunal, concluded that forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong members and Uyghurs has been practised in China for years “on a significant scale.”

Corroborating evidence has been found in the report which reveals that former Chinese President, Jiang Zemin (1993-2003), had issued orders to harvest organs from Falun Gong members. An explosion in activity within the organ transplant industry in China coincided with the beginning of Falun Gong persecution in 2000, and China’s organ trade today has an estimated annual market value of $1billion.

Beijing has rejected the accusations made in the recent report, saying that while organs were previously taken from executed prisoners, attempts to reform this date back as early as 2010 and the practice was stopped in 2015 when China moved to a system of organ donation.

However, evidence from the Tribunal’s 160-page report cites unbelievable statistics on transplant availability as well as improbably short waiting times of only two weeks for organs, concluding that any system of voluntary organ donations is operated in conjunction with forced extractions.

The implausible organ donation data from China suggests that annual executions top 90,000, the live organs are then sold for a profit. Officially, the Chinese Communist Party alleges that 10,000 legal organ transplants take place yearly, however, the Tribunal points to evidence of transplants within the region of 60,000 to 100,000.

Moreover, the researchers were able to verify at least 712 hospitals, which conduct liver and kidney transplants, despite the Chinese Communist Party stating that there are only 100 hospitals designated and approved for transplant operations.

In addition, the Tribunal also reports on international companies from democratic countries outside of China that are ‘knowingly or unknowingly’ complicit in the illegal organ harvesting scandal. These include America’s Pfizer, Switzerland’s Roche and OrganOx from the United Kingdom.

The Tribunal’s report accuses Western pharmaceutical and medical companies of providing the devices that China requires for organ preservation, noting that without these transplant products, China would not be able to continue this horrific practice.

Now that the report has exposed the illegal organ harvesting scandal in China, for these companies to continue would imply that they are allowing their transplant products to be tested on the illegally harvested organs of Chinese prisoners of conscience.

Executive Director of the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), Susie Hughes, pointed out that China’s transplant industry would break down if these companies withdrew, recognizing the powerful role they could play.

Uyghurs and members of Falun Gong are being used as ‘organ banks’ and Sir Geoffrey Nice, the Tribunal’s Chairman, said that many of them are “cut open while still alive for their kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, cornea and skin to be removed and turned into commodities for sale.”

Not only is China openly carrying out a genocide of the Uyghur Muslims, but also profiting from their remains.

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