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Ramadan messages

26th May 2017
Ramadan messages


Rt Hon Theresa May, MP, Prime Minister

Ramadan is a unique and special time for Muslims in Britain and around the world.

It is a time for them to renew their faith in God and increase their devotion and spirituality. A time when, despite the long summer days, Muslims across Britain will find strength through devotion to fulfil one of the five pillars of their religion.

Ramadan fosters a strong sense of community spirit, reflected in the way mosques open their doors and welcome people of all faiths and none to share in the Iftar meal – something I have experienced in my own constituency of Maidenhead. It is an important chance for people from all walks of life to meet together, discuss and share experiences with their neighbours, and to increase familiarity and foster friendships.

This Ramadan, let us celebrate the way in which this festival of peace, reflection and religious devotion brings people closer together.

And let us say to Muslims here in Britain and across the world, Ramadan Kareem.


Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party
Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month, is a time of reflection, a time of spiritual renewal, and a time of sharing with those who are less fortunate. It is a period in which families, friends and even whole communities come together and when Mosques open their doors to all.
Of course, when many think of Ramadan, the first thing that comes to mind is fasting. Fasting is an example of people’s devotion to their faith and to their communities. But Ramadan is so much more than fasting. It is about being more charitable and reflective about ourselves and about world in which we all live. It is about being mindful of and praying for all those across the globe who are less fortunate than ourselves.
This month of fasting brings people together, with Mosques opening their doors to all – Muslims and non-Muslims coming together to break their fast.
Whether you are holding an iftar with your neighbour, your local church, synagogue, Gurdwara or with a homeless shelter, on behalf of the entire Labour Party I wish you a reflective and purposeful month ahead.
Ramadan Mubarak

Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister of Scotland
I would like to send my best wishes to the Muslim communities in Scotland and across the world as they prepare for Ramadan.
Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar; a time to reflect on spirituality and how that can be used to create positive change in communities.
Community and coming together for the common good is at the heart of what Ramadan is about, values which are not only important to Muslims in Scotland, but to Scotland as a whole.
The Muslim communities of Scotland provide a positive influence every day and I would like to wish everyone, Ramadan Kareem.

Tim Farron MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Ramadan is upon us and once again it will take place in the warmer summer months that brings with it long days, which makes the religious dedication shown by millions even more inspiring.
But, Ramadan isn’t just fasting from food, it offers time for reflection and to cleanse one’s soul. Ramadan offers the possibility of becoming more self-conscious and self-aware.
Everyone, and especially those in public life, should perhaps reflect on this theme more than most this Ramadan given the frightening rise in hate crime. Britain is a wonderful country full of decent people and as politicians we have a duty to reflect this. We must be aware of the words we use and the tone we speak. This Ramadan, I hope every party and every politician carefully considers the damaging consequences that using inappropriate language can have.
So, as you gather with your family, friends and loved ones to fast, pray and break your fast, I hope you all have a peaceful and happy Ramadan.
Ramadan Kareem.

Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister of Wales

I send my best wishes to all those observing Ramadan and wish them peace and happiness during this period of prayer, self-discipline and charity-giving.
I am immensely proud that people from many different faiths and backgrounds call Wales their home. We will continue to build a strong and diverse society, where people of every race, faith and colour are valued for the qualities of their character, actions and deeds. The values of Ramadan are ones that we all share; the importance of patience, empathy and service to others. Ramadan shows us all how these values can be put into practice in everyday life.
To all Muslims in Wales and across the world, Ramadan Kareem.


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The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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