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The Muslim News 30th anniversary messages

22nd Feb 2019
The Muslim News 30th anniversary messages

My warmest congratulations to The Muslim News as you celebrate 30 years of dedicated reporting on news and views from a Muslim perspective. Good quality journalism gives us the information and analysis we need to inform our viewpoints, and can be a huge force for good. The Muslim News has played its part in allowing us to hear a more diverse range of voices over three decades, and I wish you many more years of success.
Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister

My warm congratulations to The Muslim News on reaching your 30th anniversary. The Muslim News has been at the forefront of representing the views of the Muslim community and what matters to them most. I’m delighted that you’ve reached this milestone, and even more pleased that you manage to reach so many people in our communities. From myself and the Labour Party, our best wishes.
Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party

Over the past 30 years, The Muslim News has provided meaningful commentary and insight into a range of issues affecting Muslims in London, the UK and around the world – and has played a vital role in ensuring that Muslim communities have their stories told. Here’s to many more years of valuable reporting.
Rt Hon Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

I am delighted to congratulate The Muslim News on its 30th anniversary. The Muslim News plays an important role in providing our Muslim communities with a distinctive voice and perspective on issues, both domestically and internationally. I wish the publication continued success in the years to come.
Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP. First Minister of Scotland

Warm congratulations to The Muslim News on reaching its 30th anniversary. As a leading independent news outlet, it provides valuable and credible commentary for our Muslim communities. I extend my wishes to the editor and staff for continued success and look forward to another 30 years.
Rt Hon Ian Blackford MP, SNP Westminster Leader

This thirtieth anniversary represents a real milestone. The Muslim News is a much-needed voice for Muslims in the UK, and a gathering point for the achievements of the community across public life, charity and business. The publication also provides an important, distinct perspective on domestic and global events. Liberal Democrats congratulate the editorial team for their devotion to their work, and for continuing to build their reach both in print and online through challenging times for the newspaper industry. We look forward to working with you over many more anniversaries.
Sir Vince Cable, Leader, Liberal Democrats

I want to congratulate The Muslim News on its 30th anniversary. The Muslim community in the UK plays a really important part of our society, running small and large businesses employing thousands, keeping our NHS working and helping Britain on the global stage. The Muslim News plays an important part in championing the community’s successes and the people who make them a reality.
Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Transport

Happy birthday to The Muslim News. Thirty years old but looking bright and fresh as ever. This anniversary is a credit to the publication’s editor, Ahmed Versi, its contributors, its journalism and its many thousands of readers – monthly in print and daily online. Congratulations to the whole team at The Muslim News.
Syed Kamall MEP, Leader of the European Conservatives & Reformists Group

In a world of intemperate debate and fake news, The Muslim News has provided a vital service to all those interested in Muslim affairs, for 30 years. Happy birthday!
Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Shadow Attorney General

I am delighted that The Muslim News is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Over the time that I have known it, it has been a consistent voice of engagement and moderation in our public affairs. It has also been of immense value in building an understanding of Muslims in the UK and in highlighting their contribution to our national life. I look forward to the next 30 years of progress.”
Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, Chair, Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament

It is with great pleasure that we recognise this milestone of The Muslim News on its 30th anniversary. Congratulations Ahmed Versi on this remarkable achievement. From its early beginning in 1989, The Muslim News has grown from strength to strength. Congratulations Ahmed Versi on the quality of the annual Muslim News Awards for Excellence. I commend Ahmed whom I have known for over 12 years for his dedication and humility in his journalistic duties.
Lord Mohamed Sheikh

British Muslims are increasingly prominent in national life. I chair the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Faith and Society, which celebrates contributions to our society from the starting point of religious faith. Congratulations The Muslim News on reaching its 30th anniversary, and on its enduring and unique contribution to Britain.
Rt Hon Stephen Timms, Labour MP for East Ham

Congratulations on your long service. During this political climate, it is very important to have an independent voice and represent the significant Muslim community worldwide. I commend you for all your hard work and wish you all the best for the future.
Afzal Khan MP, Shadow Minister for Immigration

My best wishes to everyone at The Muslim News on your 30th anniversary. Your excellent publication gives Muslims an important and respected platform and a voice. I commend your work to highlight the talents and contribution of Muslims in this country. Many happy returns!
Kate Green MP

Many warm congratulations to The Muslim News on their 30th anniversary. An independent and objective press is hugely important to our democracy. The Muslim News has provided a vital insight to global current affairs and politics for our Islamic communities across the UK and I wish them the very best for the next 30 years.
Gareth Thomas, Labour & Co-op MP for Harrow West

It gives me great pleasure to extend my congratulations and best wishes to all staff, past and present at the newspaper, and to everyone who has supported it over the last three decades. Rushanara Ali MP

I wish all the readers, journalists and staff members the very best of luck for the next 30 years. This is an important paper for the community and I know that many values the contribution it makes.
Tulip Siddiq MP, Women & Equalities Committee

For 30 years, The Muslim News has provided its readers with insightful articles through increasingly difficult times. The success of The Muslim News demonstrates what can be achieved by a dedicated team of volunteers.
Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, Shadow Minister Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Congratulations to The Muslim News on their 30th anniversary. Over that period there have been huge stories of relevance and importance to Britain’s diverse Muslim communities. We must continue to challenge the rise in Islamophobia and all other forms of prejudice and hate. A functioning and vibrant media is a key part of achieving that.
Anas Sarwar MSP. Chair, Cross Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia, Scottish Parliament

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to The Muslim News on behalf of Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority. The Muslim News has helped and supported many communities and our voice to be heard all over the world. Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary and may Allah grant your newspaper a bright and successful future in many years to come.
Ibrahim Serif, Elected Mufti of Komotini, Greece

Heartiest Congratulations to Ahmed Versi and his team on the 30th anniversary of The Muslim News. The Muslim News gives a balanced view of Muslims in Britain and by having free circulation to many Universities it has become a must read to young Muslims. Ahmed does not shy away from criticising unjust remarks by politicians in the British press and his well respected by the mainstream for his forthright comments.
Fakhruddin T Suterwalla, Director, TRS Wholesale Company Ltd

For 30 years The Muslim News has successfully highlighted many of the unsung heroes of the Muslim communities who have made great contributions to wider British society. I wish The Muslim News many more years of success ahead.
Shabir Randeree CBE, Chair, DCD Group/Pelham Associates

Congratulations on reaching this auspicious anniversary, and well done on 30 years of informative reporting. Tariq Usmani, CEO, Henley-Homes
The Muslim News has earned a reputation for quality reporting on local and international news. In a world where prejudice and injustice often are hidden in the shadows, you have shined a bright light for 30 years. Congratulations!
Javed Khan, Chief Executive, Barnardo’s

On behalf of the trustees of COSARAF Foundation and CareTech Foundation and the staff of CareTech plc and Sheikh Holdings Group, many congratulations to The Muslim News on your 30th anniversary. The Muslim News has played a critical role campaigning for and showcasing the extraordinary contribution that British Muslims make to our society. Long may it thrive!
Haroon Rashid Sheikh, CEO, CareTech Holdings plc

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary – to Ahmed Versi and all the contributors who have worked so hard to make The Muslim News such an iconic journal for the UK’s Muslim Communities and allies. The last 30 years must have been the most significant decades in the history of Britain’s Muslim Communities including the very good and bad times in public life. News and events have always been covered fairly and, where necessary, in considerable depth – thinking of the full-on interviews with leading politicians and faith leaders. Thanks for all you have done to record the events and the heroes and villains of the history that many of us have lived through. You have been a great advocate for giving positive recognition to the people and events that make the UK’s Muslim communities so vital and vibrant in public life.
Neil Jameson CBE, Emeritus Director of Citizens UK, Director of the UK Centre for Civil Society

Established in 1989 The Muslim News has achieved an optimal balance between local community, national and global journalism and commentary, and it is an important platform for discussion, debate and robust disagreement. The Muslim News Awards for Excellence are a vital platform for recognising the talent and achievement of Muslims to all aspects of the life of the British nation. The Muslim News is an important platform for discussion, debate and robust disagreement.
Maleiha Malik, Professor of Law, Kings College London

Congratulations to The Muslim News from Al-Khair Foundation and IQRA TVs on their 30th anniversary. The Muslim News has firmly established itself as the frontrunner in its field, and provides an invaluable service to its Muslim readers and the wider community, to include the establishment, as an authoritative source of information.
Shuaib Yusaf, CEO, Al-Khair Foundation

MCF is grateful to The Muslim News for all it has achieved in the past 30 years. At a time where it feels like we are drowned in negative news stories, the work that The Muslim News does to engage, represent and give a voice to the British Muslim community is important now more than ever.
Fadi Itani, CEO, Muslim Charities Forum

On behalf of Islamic Relief, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to The Muslim News for completing 30 glorious years of success. We wish you and your team of volunteers continued success for many more years to come.
Tufail Hussain, Interim UK Director, Islamic Relief UK

I feel honoured to have been associated with The Muslim News over so many years. The first issue coincided with my journey into the academic study of Islam and Muslims in Britain in the late 1980s I haven’t missed a single issue since! The paper’s endurance is a testament to its reputation and significance. Warmest congratulations.
Prof Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Director, Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK, Cardiff University

The Muslim News is an institution for Britain’s Muslims for 30 years it has fearlessly reported on issues affecting us and raised matters that won’t be covered by the mainstream media. Over the last three decades our community has experienced significant changes: overshadowed by terrorism, challenged by Islamophobia and tested by generational change. I congratulate the paper in not only recording our British Muslim story but also proactively celebrating our community when no one else would through its pioneering Muslim News Awards for Excellence. We are a burgeoning community in desperate need of a vibrant media. I commend all those behind The Muslim News, may this British institution endure for another thirty years!
Harun Rashid Khan, Secretary-General, Muslim Council of Britain

In these challenging times for the newsprint industry, the 30th anniversary for a newspaper edited mainly by Muslims in an increasingly Islamophobic environment is a feat in itself. Managing to adhere strictly to the principles of fairness and justice and staying even-handed makes it all the more admirable. The Muslim News has been the lifeline connecting many immigrants with relevant news of their home country while providing the local community news, guidance to help establish immigrants in their new home in the UK.
Unaiza Malik, Former President, Muslim Women’s Association

Ahmed J Versi has single-handedly run and struggled to keep it active this important media outlet. The Muslim News has fulfilled an important role both at highlighting views of the Muslim community and campaigning against injustice both within the Muslim community and beyond. It plays an important role in training young people giving them the opportunity to become journalists by being good reporters.
Yousif Al-Khoei, Director of Public Affairs, Al-Khoei Foundation

Malcolm X said in 1964: ‘If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.’ Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of a paper that’s striven to do the opposite.
Sarah Sheriff, Founding Member, Muslim Community Helpline. ESOL Tutor

I am thrilled that The Muslim News has grown from strength to strength since its launch in 1989 to become the largest independent monthly ethnic newspaper in the UK, a testament to the fantastic work and dedication of Ahmed Versi and his team. Not only is The Muslim News honest news, but it is also a platform for Muslims to lobby and campaign on a variety of issues. You are absolutely an award-winning organisation. Keep up the excellent work!
Shaista Gohir OBE, Interim ED Muslim Women’s Network UK, Women’s Rights Activist

I salute you for sacrificing and devoting your time and effort in creating and developing this unique platform The Muslim News. It has created an awakening within the Muslim community in the UK on all issues pertaining to their everyday lives in Britain and their responsibilities as global citizens. With the advent of the annual The Muslim News Awards ceremonies, you have taken the endorsement of the newspaper to a new height.
Dr Nizar Merali, Trustee, The Salaam Centre

The Muslim News has been a success story for British Muslims in the last three decades and is an inspiration for future generations to come. It has amply demonstrated that national institutions can be built on shoestring budgets. May God Almighty reward Ahmed for his huge sacrifices and self-effacing work behind it.
Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari MBE, DL, Educationalist, Parenting Consultant, Author

Congratulations to The Muslim News on their 30th anniversary. May you continue to produce such an excellent paper, and be a strong voice on behalf of all British Muslims, for the next 30 years. Sue Ryan, Media Consultant
We can do nothing but admire the resilience and staying power of The Muslim News. My heartfelt compliments.
Prof Ziauddin Sardar, Editor, Critical Muslim

When Ahmed Versi set up The Muslim News at the height of the Satanic Verses crisis 30 years ago there was an urgent need for a forum for British Muslims to discuss their concerns and celebrate their many achievements. Since then the paper has gone from strength to strength, reporting on stories ignored by the mainstream media, landing exclusives and growing in political influence.
The Muslim News, your place at the heart of the British media is well-deserved. Happy Birthday!
Cathy Newman, Journalist & TV Presenter, Channel 4

In 1989 the newspaper made its debut, 30 years on The Muslim News remains unassuming but with a silent impact. Unlike most news media that agitate socio-political issues and cause alienation, The Muslim News is a medium of dialogue and integration. Given a certain attempt to dumb down Muslims, The Muslim News gave voice to the community. The Muslim News also managed to persuade all PMs from Tony Blair to Theresa May to heed the Muslim voice and thus narrow the gaps in their respective perceptions. British Muslims were seen as mainly South Asians, The Muslim News prism shows they are Arabs, Africans, Turks, Turkish Cypriots, Bosniaks, Kosovars as well as Malays. The annual Muslim News Awards for Excellence is a smart innovation that helps the community to discover as well as be discovered.
Muhammad Hashir Faruqi, Editor & Publisher, Impact International

The Muslim News excellent reporting has contributed greatly to the Muslim community in the UK. In today’s unique challenges, The Muslim News is instrumental in keeping its readers informed. I extend my congratulations and best wishes to The Muslim News on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.”
Asli Aral, Freelance journalist, Ankara, Turkey

Congratulations to Ahmed Versi and The Muslim News on your 30th anniversary. Your newspaper plays a vital role across the UK, providing positive news, information, voice and aspiration to our Muslim communities, and to many more across the country. Your annual awards ceremony is a total inspiration.
Caroline Diehl MBE, Chair, Together – The Community Channel & Founder, Media Trust

Congratulations and best wishes to The Muslim News and its brilliantly energetic, creative and passionate editor Ahmed Versi on 30 magnificent years of information, entertainment and campaigns. You have filled a massive gap in Britain’s media landscape for a vital section of our community.
John Wellington, Managing Editor, The Mail on Sunday

Warm congratulations to Muslim News and all those associated with its publication. The newspaper has served the community for the last 30 years by providing a reliable platform to discuss and present issues relating to the Muslim community. What makes us proud is its quality journalism and precise and uncontaminated reporting. I pray to Allah for its continued progress and prosperity. The important role it plays in disseminating value-based information against the backdrop of political turmoil the world is presently experiencing makes Muslim News all  the more relevant for the Muslim community. Long live, The Muslims News.            Farooq A. Gaffar Bawani- RAJKOT-Gujarat- India.


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Over 120 people attended a landmark conference on the media reporting of Islam and Muslims. It was held jointly by The Muslim News and Society of Editors in London on September 15.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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