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Muslim school under fire after inspectors find anti-homosexuality book in library

27th Aug 2021

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A Dewsbury-based Muslim school has come under fire after England schools’ watchdog Ofsted found a book in its library calling for gay people to be executed.

An Ofsted report published on July 20 reveals officials were shocked to find the book in the Institute of Islamic Education’s school library.

Ofsted inspected the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury on May 18 and 19 and concluded that the school does not meet all the national minimum standards or the overall outcome-independent school standards that were checked during the inspection.

The school was heavily criticised in many areas—such as quality of education, safeguarding and site maintenance—but the inspection also found that “fundamental British values” were being undermined by leaders’ failings as they had not ensured that all texts in the school’s library were suitable for pupils.

“Inspectors found a book called ‘Islam on Homosexuality’,” the report noted. “This book had been stamped by the school as a library book. It included inappropriate content which does not encourage respect for those who share one of the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010.

“The text included sections on the punishment of individuals because of their sexuality and views which contradict the rule of law. For example, the book included ‘…the participants of the homosexual act should be slained (wording in the text) whether they are married or unmarried because in filth and mischief of this act surpasses adultery.’ In a paragraph titled ‘putting to death’, it states ‘… the evildoers should be put to death’.”

The Ofsted report concluded, “The new headteacher recognises the school’s failings and has plans to improve the quality of education at the school. However, leaders are not addressing safeguarding failings and issues with site maintenance with sufficient urgency or rigour. There remains a lax attitude towards safeguarding. There is an urgent need for staff, including senior leaders, to attend safeguarding training.”

In a statement to The Muslim News, the Institute of Islamic Education said, ‘Following the inspection, trustees and leaders at the Institute have acted swiftly and decisively to address the issues raised by the inspectors.

The majority of the areas for improvement identified have now been rectified, and trustees, leaders and staff at the Institute are continuing to work with rigour, diligence and integrity to ensure that all appropriate standards have been met.’

Adding, ‘The Institute’s full and unequivocal commitment to fundamental British values has been reaffirmed, and all books in its library are now consistent with these values. Systems are in place to ensure that the quality of education and care provided by the Institute to its students is of the highest standard and is compliant with all statutory and regulatory requirements.’

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