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Ramadan messages from political leaders

24th Apr 2020
Ramadan messages from political leaders



Photo: From top: Sir Ed Davey, Sir Keir Starmer, Nicola Sturgeon, Sadiq Khan, Mark Drakeford


Rt Hon Sir Keir Starmer MP
Leader of the Opposition

To everyone welcoming in the month of Ramadan here in the UK and across the world, Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan has always brought together our common values of compassion, charity and service to others. And it comes at time when we need it more than ever.

While this is a joyous occasion for Muslims as families come together to fast, I know this year will also be incredibly difficult time, as we continue the battle against the coronavirus. Unlike other years, Muslims will not be able to break fast with extended family or friends, while we continue to maintain social distancing measures to keep us safe. And, many will be saddened by the fact they cannot attend the congregational night prayers at their local mosques.

I pay tribute to our Muslim doctors, nurses and carers on the frontline, who are working around the clock to save as many lives as possible. I pay tribute to the key workers who have become our everyday heroes, keeping us going at this vital time. And to all the Muslim community organisations and charities that have stepped up in these challenging times. Let’s take a moment to celebrate everyone that is working to keep us safe during this time.

Once again, on behalf of the Labour Party and my fellow MPs, I wish everyone a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP
First Minister of Scotland

To all Muslim communities in Scotland, and around the world, I send you my best wishes for Ramadan.Ramadan is the Holiest month in the Islamic calendar – and it is a time which is traditionally observed through prayer and contemplation; through fasting; and through spending time with friends and family. I recognise this year’s Ramadan will be exceptionally difficult for many of you – it will be tough not being able to see your friends and family or attend your local mosque.

However, I deeply appreciate your understanding and compliance with these measures as they are vital to protect our NHS and to save lives. One of the key things the Covid-19 crisis has done is remind us of what really matters in life – love, kindness, solidarity. These values are exemplified every day by members of

Scotland’s Muslim communities – as they are by people of all faiths and none across Scotland – and they will be at the heart of your celebrations of Ramadan. I want to thank all of you for the contribution you make here in Scotland – and around the world. And I want to wish you a peaceful, happy and safe Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Rt Hon Sir Edward Davey MP
Acting Leader, Liberal Democrats

On behalf of Liberal Democrats across the UK, I want to send my greetings and best wishes to Muslims across Britain and the world, as we mark the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is both a time for spiritual renewal and a time for family and friends to come together to worship and to celebrate.

But this year’s Ramadan will be much more difficult due to the coronavirus epidemic. I understand how difficult it must be that people can’t go to the mosque to worship with the wider community, but I am sure prayer and fasting will bring people together still, and that families will find joy and comfort together.

Liberal Democrats will be holding our own virtual iftar at the start of Ramadan. I want to thank my friend Cllr Hina Bokhari who is organising it both for our many Muslim members and for others too: so I will join the fast on that day, and give thanks for the amazing contribution of Britain’s 3 million Muslims to our country.

Ramadan honours the values at the heart of Islam – like compassion and service to others. It reminds us to give generously and put the needs of others before our own. So many Muslims here and across the world are serving with others to help beat this terrible coronavirus, and to care for those who are sick. I want to thank the many health and care workers who are Muslim and who are courageously helping.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Rt Hon Mark Drakeford AM
First Minister of Wales

Ramadan underpins Islam’s core values of prayer and philanthropy, of feeding the poor and needy and offering support to others.

But Ramadan this year falls during an extraordinary time when the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In the shadows of COVID 19, mosques will be empty, and Iftar will not be broken or shared with anyone outside of the household here in Wales, as is the case in many other countries too.

The swift action of Muslim communities so far by adapting to different ways of worship, has undoubtedly saved lives. Thank you to you all for these actions.
In Wales, faith communities, together with Welsh Government, have built close and trusted relationships. We will continue to face the days ahead together to help the most vulnerable through these extremely difficult and testing times. We know refraining from religious and social gatherings will keep our families and those we care about safe and will help our communities to return to better times sooner.

As we prepare for difficult times ahead, the Welsh Government will remain in close dialogue with our different faiths and cultures to make sure that important requirements and traditions are fully understood in our response to the pandemic.

Ramadan Mubarak to you all – I wish you reflection and peace.

Rt Hon Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

Ramadan is a month when Muslims all over London and around the world take time to reflect on their lives and on the lives of those less fortunate. For me, Ramadan is about practising hospitality and generosity and this year I’m asking all Muslim Londoners to do their bit in the fight against coronavirus by reaching out to our communities, even as we stay home.

For many of us observing the holy month, being unable to break our fast with family members or loved ones may feel strange, as it will for me too, but we need to be creative in how we stay connected while ensuring each other’s safety remains our top priority. It is already clear that this will be a Ramadan like no other. We find ourselves in unprecedented times, where we will be unable to meet and gather together as we usually would. Like others, I will miss going to the mosque, but we must pray at home this year with our households in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

We also still have unique opportunities to help and serve one another. Whether by donating food or phoning lonely or isolated neighbours, acts of charity, kindness and solidarity will play a key role in fighting this virus and keeping our communities strong.

Finally, I want to say thank you to those observing Ramadan while working in key sectors. I know that the fasts this year will be harder for you as you work around the clock to keep us all safe, but I want you to know on behalf of all Londoners, that we are extremely grateful. With each other’s support we will get through this, together.

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