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Myopic foreign policy

9th Apr 2021

For better or worse, the UK may have cast off the shackles of EU membership; yet, its close physical proximity appears to have been paid little if any attention in a review of the country’s place in the world. The vision of Boris Johnson’s Government is short-sighted, tilting its focus several thousands of miles away towards the Indo-Pacific region.

‘Global Britain in a Competitive Age’ is described as an integrated defence, security, development and foreign policy strategy. Downsized is the size of the country’s army to well-below the likes of Eritrea, Morocco and South Sudan. However, the UK is going to increase its nuclear arsenal and it has argued that it will use the nuclear Trident missiles as deterrence against cyber warfare! As if we cannot defend ourselves against cyber warfare. We pride in possessing one of the most advanced cyber protection systems in the world.

In addition, we will be deploying aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth which we “will demonstrate our interoperability with allies and partners — in particular the United States — and our ability to project cutting-edge military power in support of NATO and international maritime security.”

The UK will continue to depend on the US for military protection despite increasing the nuclear arsenal. “In all our endeavours, the United States will be our greatest ally and a uniquely close partner in defence, intelligence and security,” the Prime Minister told MPs when presenting his rather outlandish vision.

Johnson’s vision for 2030 is presented as making the UK into a “beacon of democratic sovereignty and one of the most influential countries in the world.” The UK will “continue to be renowned for our leadership in security, diplomacy and development, conflict resolution and poverty reduction.” It would “remain a nuclear-armed power with global reach and integrated military capabilities across all five operational domains” its “diplomacy will be underwritten by the credibility of our deterrent and our ability to project power”.

The only Muslim country that Johnson has targeted in the report is Iran, which he accuses of being a threat to the stability in the Middle East.
“We will continue to work with partners on a renewed diplomatic effort to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, to hold it to account for its destabilising activity in the region, including seeking regional rapprochement.”

The report addresses the “growing threats from states such as Iran, Russia and North Korea” who are blamed for “deterioration of the security environment and the weakening of the international order”.

For Johnson, China now the second most economically powerful country in the world and an essential trading partner is no longer a threat, as it is.
Israel, the only country with nuclear weapons in the Middle East, is threatening peace in the region and is continuing to occupy Palestinian lands and expanding illegal settlements, does not get a mention.

The UK has ironically placed itself at the forefront of ensuring Iran does acquire nuclear weapons all while seeking to increase its own nuclear warheads.
There are different international laws for Western countries and their allies and different laws for Muslim countries.

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The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

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