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UK: Exclusive: Record 23 Muslim MPs expected to be elected this week

9th Dec 2019

By Hamed Chapman and Elham Asaad Buaras

LONDON, (The Muslim News): The number of Muslim MPs expected to be elected to Parliament this week could rise to another record of 24, according to exclusive analysis of candidates and constituencies carried out by The Muslim News.

A breakdown of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates registered in the 2019 General Election sows that the total number of Muslims has gone up to no less than 72, up from 47 in 2017 and seven more than in 2015.

Out of 33 representing Labour, the analysis based upon the highest winning chance in specific seats, predicts that just under half, 16, are most likely to be successful, four more than in the previous year.

In 2017, three Muslim Conservatives were elected, all holding their seats won in 2015. But this number is expected to double to six, based upon the meticulous research. This is from a total of 22 Muslims standings.

For the first time, the Liberal Democrats look fairly sure of having their first Muslim MPs, with two expected to be elected from a total of 17 putting themselves forward as prospective parliamentary candidates from the party.




Bedford | (Lab seat) 1.6% majority: Mohammad Yasin, Lab, 2017 Votes: 46.8 %

Bermondsey & Old Southwark | (Lab) 22.2% majority: Humaira Ali, Lib Dem 2017 Votes: 31.1 %

Bethnal Green & Bow | (Lab) 59.2% majority: Rushanara Ali, Lab, 2017 Votes: 71.8 %

Birmingham, Hall Green | (Lab) 62.5% majority: Tahir Ali, Lab, 2017 Votes: 77.6%

Birmingham, Ladywood | (Lab) 69.5% majority: Shabana Mahmood, Lab, 2017 Votes: 82.7%

Birmingham, Perry Barr | (Lab) 41.6% majority: Khalid Mahmood, Lab, 2017 Votes: 68.1%

Bolton South East | (Lab) 31% majority: Yasmin Qureshi, Lab, 2017 Votes: 60.7 %

Bradford East | (Lab) 45% majority: Imran Hussain, Lab, 2017 Votes: 65.4 %

Bradford West | (Lab) 48.1% majority: Naz Shah, Lab, 2017 Votes: 64.7 %

Bromsgrove | (Con) 30.7% majority: Sajid Javid, Con, 2017 Votes: 62 %

Cardiff North | (Lab) 8% majority: Mohamed Ali, Con, 2017 Votes: 42.1 %

Coventry South | (Lab) 16.9% majority: Zarah Sultana, Lab, 2017 Votes: 55 %

Ealing Central & Acton | (Lab) 24.9% majority: Rupa Huq, Lab, 2017 Votes: 59.7 %

Gillingham & Rainham | (Con) 19.3% majority: Rehman Chishti, Con, 2017 Votes: 55.4 %

Hampstead & Kilburn | (Lab) 26.6% majority: Tulip Siddiq, Lab, 2017 Votes: 59 %

Leeds N West | (Lab) 9.1% majority: Kamran Hussain, Lib Dem 2017, Votes: 35 %

Manchester, Gorton | (Lab) 69% majority: Afzal Khan, Lab, 2017 Votes: 76.3 %

Meriden | W Midlands (Con) 35.1% majority: Saqib Bhatti, Con, 2017 Votes: 62 %

Poplar & Limehouse (Lab) 47.1% majority: Apsana Begum, Lab, 2017 Votes: 67.3 %

Tooting | L (Lab) 26.6% majority: Rosena Allin-Khan, Lab, 2017 Votes: 59.6 %

Warrington South | (Lab) 4.1% majority: Faisal Rashid, Lab, 2017 Votes: 48.4 %

Wealden | (Con) 39.1% majority: Nusrat Ghani, Con, 2017 Votes: 61.2 %

West Bromwich East |(Lab) 19.7% majority: Ibrahim Dogus, Lab, 2017 Votes: 58 %


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[Photos of 24 Muslim MPs expected to be elected in the General Elections 2019]

One Response to “UK: Exclusive: Record 23 Muslim MPs expected to be elected this week”

Ibrahim KhanDecember 13, 2019

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Readers
Prior to this election the messages doing the rounds within the Muslim Community were about the anti-Muslim and anti-Islam prejudices of the Conservatives. T
Now that the Conservatives have won, it is a religious obligation for all Muslims to start thinking seriously about whether they should continue to live in this country or leave.


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