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Europe intolerant towards Muslim politicians

24th Apr 2016
Europe intolerant towards Muslim politicians

PARIS (AA) – Smear campaigns targeting Muslim politicians across Europe, which have seen many forced to quit, highlight an attitude of intolerance toward Muslims.

With the rise of racism on the continent, Muslim politicians are being attacked in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, forcing many to give up politics, although some are resisting the pressure.

Muslim politicians in Sweden and Germany are being put under pressure due to their relationships with non-governmental organizations while in Netherlands and Belgium some face attack for their refusal to accept Armenian claims of genocide.

In the U.K., the Conservative Party’s candidate for London mayor, Zac Goldsmith, has accusing his opponent Sadiq Khan of links to extremists.

The Swedish housing minister, who was forced to quit last week, told Anadolu Agency he had been “slandered” over alleged links to Daesh. Mehmet Kaplan quit after media attacks.

Kaplan, who is of Turkish-origin, said his work involved attending events organized by non-governmental organizations (NGO). “I can’t question who comes and who does not come to these gatherings,” he said, adding that all the organizations were legal in Sweden.

“Despite me and my party having always fought against racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and any kind of extremism, [the media] has tried to show me as a racist, radical Islamist,” he said.

Fellow Green Party member, Yasri Shamsudin Khan, is another Muslim to quit politics after he was condemned for not shaking a female journalist’s hand. Khan said he did not shake her hand because of his beliefs but instead placed his hand on his chest in greeting.

Yasin Ipek, a member of Sigtuna city council, was forced to resign after attending in an iftar dinner organized by an NGO.

“A PKK supporters’ group in the Swedish media, composed of anti-Turkish and anti-Muslim journalists, are conducting an unbelievable campaign to eliminate young and promising Turkish and Muslim-origin politicians,” he claimed.

In Germany, Nebahat Guclu, a member of the Hamburg state parliament, said party leaders in the country accepted politicians from immigrant communities as a way of securing votes but excluded them from decision-making.

Author Fatjon Prronı

[Photo: Labour candidate for Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan smeared because of his faith, Islam. Photographer: Steve Punter/Creative Commons]

4 Responses to “Europe intolerant towards Muslim politicians”

ianbarnetttiApril 25, 2016

muslims sadly do not deserve ‘tollerence’. Thet will have to earn any respect they used to have. We owe you guys beyond nothing.


YoosephApril 26, 2016

ianbarnettti: It’s trolls like you that are destroying any goodness that is left in the Western world, precipitating yet another dark age. Don’t you have anything better to do but to slink about Muslim news websites and post your trite little half-intelligent tripe? You are literally the source of the intolerance that is changing Europe and the US from progressive places reliant upon human rights into boorish cesspools of idiocy and incompetence. Stick to your menial and insipid channels of faux-media and whatever banal garbage that you consider to be your ground, and leave us to ours.


ahmad akilApril 26, 2016

Muslims in Europe, especially Muslim politicains should not be afraid of them (anti-Muslims). Remember! Prophet Muhammad and his companions never afraid of disbelievers (non-Muslims) because Islam is non-violence religion. Allah is always with the true Muslims. Extreemism is not the teaching of Islam.


Pete VolkApril 27, 2016

There is more religious freedom in Europe then there is in the Islamic world. About 14% of the population in the Middle East was Christian in 1910. One hunderd years later, it went down to only 4%. In contrast, the number of Muslims in Western Europe increased from 0 to around 6%. Every year around 100 mosques are built in Europe. How many churches are built every year in the Islamic world? One, two or three?


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The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

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