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Canada: Parents shred, walk on Qur’an at school meeting

25th Mar 2017
Canada: Parents shred, walk on Qur’an at school meeting

By Barry Ellsworth


TRENTON, Ont. (AA): A school board spokesman on Friday told Anadolu Agency he is “deeply shocked and saddened” after a school board meeting degenerated into a hate-filled session in which protesters tore pages from the Qur’an.

Angry parents gave Peel District School Board representatives a petition with 600 signatures by those who want to end the tradition of Muslim students gathering for 15 minutes for Jum’ah prayers each Friday.

The meeting Wednesday deteriorated into shouts with one man yelling, “Islam will kill you”, after board members, who must accommodate the prayers under the Ontario Human Rights Code, refused to address the issue, the Huffington Post reported.

Some present at the meeting tore pages from the Quran and then walked over the pages strewn on the floor.

Police intervened and approximately 80 protesters were escorted out as the meeting continued behind closed doors.

“We were deeply shocked and saddened by the expression of anti-Muslim hatred,” school board spokesman Brian Woodland said in an email. “It does not reflect our values as a board. We plan to continue to follow the law and offer religious accommodation including Friday prayer.”

The school board has dozens of schools and more than 103,000 students under its authority in Mississauga, Ontario, just west of Toronto.

Board chair Janet McDougald said some individuals have spread the idea the board does not have to allow prayers under the rights code, but that is wrong.

“In recent weeks, we have seen a concerted effort to share deliberate misinformation to counter a known legal requirement to provide religious accommodation for all faiths,” she said in a statement on the board’s website. “That is not acceptable. The future of this country is in making all feel safe and included.”


[Map of Canada. By E Pluribus Anthony/Public Domain]

5 Responses to “Canada: Parents shred, walk on Qur’an at school meeting”

Zainab JalibMarch 28, 2017

First of all, I am deeply saddened to learn that Islamophobia has stronger roots in Canada than I thought. This all hurts because Islam has NOTHING to do with the violence and terror being spread around the world. Islam literally means peace. The parents have a concern about students meeting for Friday prayers where they are reminded of God and spending their time in prayers and staying out of trouble.
How is that alarming? People need to learn about a religion before labeling it with anything just because the media told them to do so.

Love for all hatred for none


NadiaMarch 28, 2017

That’s a totally shameful act by parents. This is what they are cultivating in their children that no religion is worth respect. A strong action should b taken by Ontario education or school board against these violent parents.


Liaka AhmadMarch 29, 2017

The Holy Quran is the sacred book of Muslims. That means no one, not even Muslims have the right to tear pages let alone walk on them. It is a very disgusting act and I don’t think if 15 minutes taken out for prayers has anything to do with this. There is obviously much more to this and these people are definitely showing the hate they have for Muslims. It’s very unfortunate because everyone is free to believe in the religion they chose and to follow it in Canada, but when people behave like this, we could see that not all people think the same.


Rubina ShakirMarch 29, 2017

We should respect each other views and faith. The law allows Muslims or any other religion to practice their faith. Accomodation for any religion should not be an issue . It is a basic right.


NazimaMarch 30, 2017

Living in a country like Canada nobody can expect that incident . Misconceptions about Islam needs to be solved through interfaith dialogue not by criticism.


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