Issue 301: Top Stories: Friday 30th May 2014

Issue 301 – Friday 30th May 2014

Operation ‘Trojan Horse’, Islamophobic scaremongering at its worst

In the run up to the election period, Britons have been subjected to yet another round of Islamophobic scaremongering. Story after story would have us believe that extremist Muslims have taken over a number of state schools in Birmingham as part of an organised plot to take control

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  • People who don’t pay tax are the real scroungers

    The people who we should target in a time of economic uncertainty are, of course, not immigrants, the poor and the sick, but the great and the good; those who don’t pay their taxes and then justify it using the law.

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  • Conversation about GMOs is getting louder

    Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have received increased media attention over the last year due to controversial bills introduced in the US to label them as well as conflicting views by countries in the European Union as to their safety.

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