570 children killed in Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of Gaza

29th Aug 2014

Eman Al-Zubaydi

Israel killed 570 and injured 3,120 children during the nearly month-long offensive on Gaza. The number of elderly killed was 95 and 368 were injured. Total number of Palestinians killed was 2,050 and 10,330 were injured, these figures are based on information provided by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as of August 21.

The UN and statistics provided by both sides estimates that 80% of those killed in Israel’s offensive against Gaza have been civilians and three of every ten people killed were children.

A list provided by the Health Ministry suggested that more than a third of those killed were women, children under 15, or men over 60.

Different sources have been updating their lists at different times, since the conflict began on July 8.

If Americans Knew, says that since September 29, 2000, the death toll of children in Gaza has reached an unfathomable 1,994 as at August 8.

Thousands more were seriously injured in the current crises; while a further 125,000 children are currently in need of psychological care, according to the UN. Many children have witnessed the deaths of their families and friends and suffered great traumatic experiences.

Save the Children published the names of the hundreds of children killed in Gaza in full-page advertisements. The poster reads: In memory of the 373 children killed in Gaza: 8 July – August 3’.
The charity’s CEO, Justin Forsyth, says the ads “lay bare the stark reality of the situation” in Gaza.
“To see the names of the children, some as young as a few months, written in stark black and white brings home the tragedy that has befallen Gaza’s children,” he said.

“One child’s death is too many; 373 is an outrage that is a stain on the world’s conscience by publishing these names we are reminding the world of the urgent need to push for a permanent ceasefire. We must ensure that no more young lives are needlessly sacrificed.”

A spokesman for Save the Children told The Muslim News: “Many of the children who have been killed remained unknown, or this data had not yet become available. We knew hundreds of children had already been killed and we wanted to remember these children and draw attention to them as soon as possible, even if there was a possibility that new or different information would become available in the following days and weeks.”

Gaza City beach was the scene of an atrocity that shocked the world when Israeli navy killed Mohammed, 11, Zakaria, 10, Ahed , 10, and Mohammed Bakr, 9, while they played football and hide-and-seek among the fishermen’s huts on July 16.

As an explosion ripped through a beach shack in full view of international journalists watching from their hotel, reports gave an account of four ragged, tiny silhouettes running frantically for their lives.

Seconds later, as the boys raced across the beach, watching reporters were stunned when the gunboat lurking off the coast of the besieged territory fired again, this time scoring a direct hit.

72 Family homes deliberately targeted

On the first day of bombardment, a spokesman for Israeli Defense Force (IDF) officially confirmed the deliberate attacks against the homes of members of Hamas’ military wing.

According to the Israeli human right group B’Tselem, 72 family homes were deliberately bombed while residents were inside killing 547 including 125 women under the age of 60, 250 children, and 29 people over the age of 60.

The deadliest attacks a on family home occurred on July 20 when 25 members of an extended family were killed while breaking their fast.

B’Tselem confirmed no warning was issued prior to the attack on the four-story building housing Abu Jame extended family in the Bani Suheila neighborhood, northeast of Khan Yunis.

The target of the attack was Ahmad Suliman Sahmoud, who was visiting a member of the family.

Destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure

The UN says at least 3,695 homes have been fully destroyed while another 4,235 are damaged.

The IDF targeted 133 schools and 22 health centres, stadiums, playgrounds, mosques, roads, power and water supplies, phone towers, communications centres and government buildings.

Palestinian Housing Minister, Mufeed Al-Hasayna, estimated the costs of repairing homes to be over £472m. He said: “We cannot make a definite estimate under fire […] Once the war is over, the ministry plans to call on all the countries of the world to assist in the rebuilding of Gaza”.

Ghanem Nuseibeh, founder of strategy consultancy Cornerstone Global Associates, has suggested reconstruction could costs £3.5bn.

The World Health Organisation has reported Mohammed Durra Pediatrics Hospital was damaged on 25 July, with seven of the 30 injured killed within 24 hours, and the UN run Beit Hanoun Hospital closed after more damage.

In total, 22 health centres including both internationally-run and UN-led institutions were damaged in the conflict. The region’s main hospital Al-Shifa, was shelled too.

A Palestinian health official said that shells had been fired at the Al-Aqsa hospital in the town of Deir el-Balah, striking parts of the building that included the intensive care unit and the surgery department. Specialist rehabilitation centre Al-Wafa in eastern Gaza was destroyed earlier this month killing at least four people.

Additional reporting by Elham Asaad Buaras

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