Poetry: Who am I?

26th Apr 2013

Who am I?

I am mud
The quintessence of dust
Humble grit, non-descript

Yet within my grime lies
A ray of His pure Light
Colourless, raceless, non-finite

In spirit, I am unbound
By cliques, prejudice
Power, hierarchies

Unhardened and undefined
Soft and pure, love and light
Mercy, grace, truth personified

Earthly body, spirit divine
Transcending pettiness, selfishness
With compassion, liberal heart and mind

Until I descend into pretense
Rigidities, contempt, difference
Sham pride, divides, defines
What a fool am I!

Consumed by spite and exclusivity
Detaching and defaming , hating and blaming
Snuffing my humanity, soiling my dignity
Muck and filth personified

Dirt or divine, the choice is mine
Ignore the agony, injustice
A spiritless, clay marionette
Or with iron will, act, reject

Am I the flicker of active, burning love?
As the darkness spreads
Or merely cold cynicism, passive at best?
Caring only for myself and mine
While communities shatter, ignorance reigns

Deaf, dumb, blind
I am light extinguished
Dead earth, buried alive

Fatema Valji


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