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Using photos of pig permissible

22nd Feb 2013

Sir, This is a response to Shuja Qureshi’s comment [Letters, Issue 285 - urging The Muslim News not to use image of pigs in its coverage]. Pigs are mentioned in the Qur’an so why is it offensive to see a picture of one? It’s just an animal. There are no grounds to base your comment on. Yours, Mazaffar Ellahi Via Email

Sir, Is Mr Shuja Qureshi for real? [Letters, Jan 2013] The Qur’an only tells us not to eat the flesh of the pig. It doesn’t say we can’t look at it. Didn’t Allah (swt) create this animal for a purpose – to be one of the animals that scavenge and remove the detritus of the earth. It is unclean, yes but it is a marvellous animal that must be appreciated as all of His Creation. People with attitudes like this reader’s give Muslim a bad name. Yours, Mrs Saieeda Sashe


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