Letters: Anti Muslim attacks in Australia

28th Nov 2014

Anti Muslim attacks in Australia
Sir, This is reminiscent of “Paki bashing” with Enoch Powell in the UK in the 1970s which many of us experienced, as well as experiencing a superb British Education. (The Muslim News report on ,Australia’s PM urged to speak out against attacks on Muslims)
As we look at people who bash minorities, they should be awareness that these minorities are here to stay, work hard, get educated and move up the ladder, while those who discriminate these immigrant minorities remain stuck in space-time.
Look at the Asians in UK and how they have prospered. This is because despite being discriminated, they stuck to their values, and looked at long term goals.
If Australia will continue to discriminate their minorities like this they will soon realize that they will be the losers, and the Muslims being discriminated will simply tighten their hijabs and work harder to succeed.
It is an old story, that the Jews went through all over the world, and minority Christian groups too. Can such people whose parents went through the same tribulations not understand? Or are they lesser educated?
Morty K
By Email

Sir, So much intolerance against Muslims in Australia (The Muslim News October 31). And there is no support by the Government for the Muslim victims.
What if it was the Jews or the Christians who were attacked by the Muslims? I bet you the whole of the Government machinery would have been put on fast track and supported and protected them and there would have been a clampdown on Muslims.
Ahmad Choudhury

One Response to “Letters: Anti Muslim attacks in Australia”

Mitya S.December 1, 2014

I think the Moslems living in Europe, Australia, and North America should ask themselves a simple question: Why is it that they are being singled out by their countrymen and women and viewed as a problematic minority. Is it because the whole world harbors a congenital dislike for them or is it because of their behavior in these countries? I have come to believe it is the latter. Whether this anti-social behavior is a result of poor upbringing or because of the core tenets of their faith (e.g., Islam is the ONLY true religion and the rest are unbelievers who should be treated with contempt – and killed, etc.) is slowly being established from empirical evidence. Just look at this newspaper….it seems there is no other “news” in here other than how badly Moslems are being treated around the globe. Why is it that Buddhists, Hindus, and adherents of other faiths seem to get along well with cultures they have chosen to live in? Think about that before gloating in self pity.

Either respect the customs of the countries you live in or go live in Moslem majority countries with their Sharia law. Else, you will forever remain persona non grata in these countries. It is simple as that.


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