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Cartoon on Stop and Search

30th Aug 2013

Sir, I loved the cartoon on the front page of The Muslim News on the way the Schedule 7 counter terrorism power is misused by the police especially at airports. The cartoon brilliantly encapsulates how Muslims are harassed and as Zaineb Latif illustrates, families are humiliated by the police.

It is also so aptly put that the questions that are asked are about their prayers, their friends, which mosque they go to, who they meet, which imam they follow. And children are not left out of the picture, they are interrogated too.

Our rights are abused even though we are citizens of this country. We have not recourse to justice as terrorism laws are so secretive that we cannot find out why we are stopped and treated in such a manner.

For me, as your editorials have mentioned in the past, it is nothing but fishing expeditions. And our civil liberties are not respected – you know why – because we are MUSLIMS.


Usman Mohammed


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