C4 Ramadan programme

30th Aug 2013


Sir, I presume this article was originally written only based on The Sun and other headlines following the press release that Ch 4 did and the programmes hadn’t started?

Would love to know the reaction now of the author of the article above.

Because actually, the adhan film they showed from London was excellent! Artistic, beautifully made and showing how it can be done with expertise. They have since made one from Birmingham and the next one any day now will be from Bradford. The whole ‘4Ramadan’ series has been really good.

Such a diversity of Muslims, all shapes, sizes, colours and ages. Showing the diversity of Muslim Britain in such a positive way.

The fact that the weather man, Liam, calmly announces the sunrise and sunset times as part of his weather forecast is also a really nice touch. I say let’s be more positive and open minded instead of always looking for the bad side of things!


Julie Siddiqi



Reply by the author, Masuma Rahim:

Because of copy deadlines it was necessarily written before the programmes began and I wholly agree that they have been far more thoughtful than I expected.

The adhan film was very well-made and I think the 4thought shorts have removed much of the mystique from Ramadan, bringing it to a wider audience. I agree that it is particularly nice that Liam Dutton quietly notes the times of sunrise and sunset during his forecasts.

My initial scepticism has certainly been allayed.


Sir, Whilst C4 programme on Ramadan is welcome that it brought it on to the mainstream TV, it lacked the main philosophy of Ramadan and fasting: spirituality.

Many of the presentations focussed on food, as if Ramadan is about food and starving. It was important to reflect that food does play a part in fasting but remembrance of God is the main aspect of the month.

There were a lot of discussions in the papers on the C4 programme. But one of the most important one is that C4 has spend a minute amount of time on a positive aspect of Islam and Muslim practise. However, 99 per cent of time on Muslims is negative and many instances, Islamophobic as are the rest of the mainstream media, which leads to attacks on Muslims and mosques etc as we saw throughout Ramadan.

So it is naive of many in the Muslim community who were awed by the C4 programme on Ramadan and forgot about the rest of its negative programmes on Muslims. This was nothing but a PR exercise by C4 to get more viewership and so increase advertising and funding from the Government.


Aisha Begum



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