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Awards for Excellence: Much needed publicity for Muslim high achievers

26th Apr 2013

Awards for Excellence: Much needed publicity for Muslim high achievers
Sir, Wow! So many Muslims being awarded for their contributions to the society. I enjoyed reading through their achievements. There is so much talent in our community.
It is so refreshing to see positive stories. Congratulations to The Muslim News for organising such gala dinners. Pity the media did not report on the awards event, not even the BBC which claims to be reflecting the communities in its broadcasts. But then why should we be surprised. It is a postive story. They are only interested in negative stories, demonising Muslims all the time.
Sarah Ali

Sir, Celebrating Muslims and non-Muslim achievements is so much needed in our communities. I was so pleased to see such honouring of unsung heroes and heroines. We don’t see this reflected in the mainstream press.
When I read about the new role models, I was thinking how effective this would be if it was broadcast by the media to break stereotypes regarding Muslims.
As Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, rightly said at your event that Muslims should be proud to what they have achieved and are achieving. His comments that those who were shortlisted are those “who have stepped up beyond themselves and have actually gone to make difference to others.” What an accolade.
Zahid Muhammed

Sir, I really like the way you have the 15 award categories, each reflecting Muslim heritage from different part of the Muslim world, from Africa, to America, from South Asia to Central Asia. You did not concentrate on the Middle East or one era. It is brilliant thinking. I have never seen such sophistication.
The Sankore University award for education was apt especially when we are seeing the destruction of our heritage by extremists – destroying our manuscripts, old mosques.
Usman Ahmed

BBC’s pro-Israeli bias should not go unpunished Media bias
Sir, We need more media stories like, ‘BBC accused of pro-Israeli bias in its coverage of ceasefire abuse’. BBC is not only pro-Israeli in its reporting on line, TV and radio, but also Islamophobic. It is important for you to publish such stories in every issue regarding their biasness.
Broadcasting laws state very clearly that there should not be bias in the reporting but the BBC and other media get away with it especially if it is to do with Palestine and Muslims. It is about time they were taken to task on their one-sided reporting. Muslim TV channels are fined if they are seen to be biased. The law should be the same for everyone.
Zaid Khan

Your education coverage unseen anywhere else
Sir, Muslim primary schools are doing well, it seems (The Muslim News, 29 March). They have exceeded England’s national average. The league table on Muslim primary schools is an eye opener. You give so much detail. I have not come across this anywhere else before.
We always hear negative reporting about Muslim schools. To the contrary, the results indicate many of them are doing so well. Keep on the good work!
Fatima Ebrahim


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The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on 25 March in central London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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