Attacks on mosques and Islam

26th Jul 2013

Sir, So many mosques attacked in such a short period of time. Where are the police forces? Aren’t they there to protect citizens and places of worship? I am quite sure more mosques have been targeted.

Why should anyone attack places of worship in retaliation to the brutal murder of Lee Rigby? What have mosques got to with the killing? Just because the suspected perpetrators happen to be Muslims? Why is there no attacks on Churches or Synagogues, or temples etc when murderers happen to be Christians or Jews  or Hindus? Or is it because the politicians and the media do not mention their religion?

There is so much Islamophobia these days – the media loves to demonise Muslims and our religion. Politicians join in too.

We don’t have proper leadership for Muslims in the UK. They are ineffective. And now new ones are coming forward to present themselves as new leaders. They are the same. They all are so naive and don’t understand the Muslim community nor the world we live in. They say what the Establishment wants them to say. I call them coconut Muslims.

If attacks on Muslims do not stop I dread to think what will happen in future.

Very soon Muslims will begin to be killed as bombing mosques will increase.


Ahmad Ali



I was very much surprised that former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, joined in to demonise Islam  (The Muslim News editorial Issue 290). In addition, he blames Muslims on the murder of the soldier Lee Rigby. How dare he? He wouldn’t dare say such things against Jews or people of other religions or their religion.

He also wants to destroy more Muslim countries. He wasn’t satisfied by destroying Iraq. He now wants to attack Syria and Iran. And he claims to be a practising Catholic!

About time someone took him to task by taking him to court.


Khadija Mohammed




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