Mosque targeted by would-be EDL terrorist, court told

25th Oct 2013

By Elham Asaad Buaras

A teenager conspired to carry out a “new Columbine massacre” on Loughborough University, a mosque, council offices, and a cinema, the Old Bailey was told on October 1.

The English Defence League member who cannot be named for legal reasons was arrested in February in his home where police found stockpiles of pipe and petrol bombs, air rifles and a crossbow in preparation for a wave of atrocities.

The 17 year-old who has Asperger’s syndrome is accused of planning to unleash terror at a college where he was studying and a former school where he had been bullied.

In a notebook covered with swastikas, the boy, allegedly wrote how he would “enter each classroom taking out the teachers; use explosives to eliminate most of the students.”

Inspired by the mass shooting at Columbine High School in 1999 in which two teenagers murdered 13 classmates in Colorado, the boy is said to have compiled a “hit list” of 19 teachers and pupils in his notebook under the heading “Plans and Tactics for Operation the New Columbine.”

When police raided his home they were shocked to find terrorist manuals and an astonishing array of weapons his bedroom.

They found partially assembled petrol bombs, pipe bombs and other explosive devices, pyrotechnic fuse cords, a stab proof vest, a gas mask, three .22 rifles, two .22 blank firing pistols, three ball-bearing guns, a crossbow and a military belt.

Jurors heard how the teenager, who was 16 when he was arrested, wrote about mass killings in recordings and a notebook, alongside the words “EDL no surrender British and proud” and: “When order fails, violence prevails”.

The notebook contained essays on his apparent hatred of Muslims.

He allegedly wrote: “There’s too many Muslims in the UK and Europe, so we must stop them coming over here and send the ones already over here back home before they take over European governments and put Sharia Law in place.”

Jurors were shown extracts said to outline his plans. The boy allegedly wrote: “Before we go into school gates, enter K block and chain both exits shut.

“Enter each classroom taking out the teachers. Use explosives to eliminate most of the students.”

The teen also drew a stick figure with arrows showing where weapons and explosives would be concealed inside a trench coat for his “operation”.

On other pages he described filling a can of fuel with nails, screws and ball bearings before lighting it with a rag or an electrical connection wired to a phone.

He recorded himself saying: “I think soon I’m going to be doing some tests. Test some explosive maybe.

“So I know what is easiest to make, most effective and reliable. I think I’m going to make a pipe bomb cause they sound pretty easy and testing these things will tell me the amount of stuff I need to carry out the operation.”

Jurors were shown videos of the boy and two friends, who dubbed themselves the United Revolutionary Army, making bombs out of white spirit and bottles.

The balaclava-clad gang throw them at a wall at the back of the property, causing a short burst of flames.

Max Hill QC, prosecuting, said: “He is talking about British people rising up and fighting Islamic fascism that is sweeping the world.

“He is a member of the EDL Leicester division and a supporter of the Knights Templar, which we suggest are far-right wing British National movements.”

He is said to have targeted the Reel Cinema in Loughborough because of “the attitude of the staff and the prices”, the court heard.

He listed Loughborough council offices because of an apparent grievance with a Pakistani member of staff.

Hill said: “For an average young man in an average house, the list [of weapons] you may think is startling. Child’s play?

“You will be considering whether he is just a misfit, or whether he is something altogether more sinister.”

The boy denies possessing items for terrorism and possessing a terror manual, the “Mujahideen Poisons Handbook”. He has admitted possession of petrol bombs and pipe bombs but denies having parts for making improvised explosive devices.

The trial continues.


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