Denmark may enact French niqab ban

25th Jul 2014

Founder of the Danish People’s Party Merete Kjærsgaard may push for niqab ban in Denmark

Jennifer G Andrade

A burqa or niqab ban may find its way from France to Denmark following an important judicial decision at the European Court of Human Rights on July 1.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled in favour of France’s prohibition of face veils. Now, several legal experts have told the Danish daily Berlingsker that a similar ban could be enacted not only in Denmark but also in Norway and Austria.

Sten Schaumburg-Müller, Law Professor at Aarhus University agreed that the French example can be adopted by Denmark. “It’s obvious that a ban specifically targeting burqas would be hopeless but a ban similar to France’s prohibiting the covering of the face in public could be established here.”
Head of think-tank Justitia, Jacob Mchangama, also believes the French law could be recycled on Danish ground.

“The defining element in the French legislation is that it is targeted at specific religions, but instead the motivation is to ensure social cohesion and interaction between citizens,” he said.
The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP) said they want to see a similar ban in place.
DPP,Founder, Pia Merete Kjærsgaard, said a face-covering ban should be introduced.

“I think it’s obvious. It simply doesn’t work that women go around completely covered and that people cannot see their facial expressions or see who is standing in front of them,” said Kjærsgaard.
“[A ban] would send the signal that we do not accept parallel societies and isolation. We see [the burqa] as a rejection of Danish society. It is a sign that one wishes to distance themselves from the rest of society,” said DPP MP Martin Henriksen.

If Kjærsgaard takes the proposed ban to parliament, it will be the third time the DF has proposed a burqa ban, as two similar laws were considered in 2004 and 2009, none of these were passed.

However, although the DPP and the Social Democrats have welcomed the idea of the ban the Liberal Party, which is the senior partner in Denmark’s coalition Government, rejects the idea of legislating about citizens clothing, provided they are not employed in a public function.

Liberal Party, MP, Peter Christensen, said, “It’s going too far if we start legislating on what sort of clothes people can and cannot wear. The burqa and covered faces should not be allowed if you work with people in the public sector, but that is where we draw the line.”

Besides France only two other European countries – Belgium and the Netherlands – have passed bans targeting Muslim face veils.

One Response to “Denmark may enact French niqab ban”

Iftikhar AhmadJuly 25, 2014

Stop oppressing women. Let them wear what makes them happy. Dear Imam please keep your ideas for yourself and do not try to enforce it on others. We are not in Turkey or Egypt. As much as you want your opinion to be respected please respect the women who wants to live behind their mask. Do educate yourself about the fundamental rights. And what start arresting people for wearing one? Let people get on with their own lives! I don’t want to live in a country that dictates what I can or cannot wear. What next? State sanctioned hair cuts a la North Korea? I am not a Muslim and, in my opinion, these kinds of coverings are oppressive but this is an internal issue for those within the Islamic faith. I believe in freedom and that extends to everybody. If we can have same sex marriages, alcohol, p o r n, cigarettes etc why not let people dress how they want? If baby can wear low pants and Jaden smith can wear speedos in public..why limit freedom? America was founded on freedom. I guess I am a proud American. Taj Hargey is someone with only a handful of followers who follows a very unorthodox Islam. He is reviled by the main stream body of Muslims. An angry and bitter man who should leave women alone to choose what they want to wear. This Taj does not represent mainstream Muslims in Britain. Perhaps 0.00025% of Britain’s Muslims and 0.00000000001% of the world Muslims. No one takes him seriously. Just because he is an “imam” in oxford does make him right

It’s perfectly fine and acceptable to the society when you see women half naked, hardly wearing anything, dressing inappropriately in front of men. Where is the modesty? Do they have any shame? Whereas if we compare Muslim women who wears modest clothing, covering themselves and their beauty they are seen as extreme. The problem is the majority of the people see virtue, modesty as extreme and evil, as for immorality, nudity as something good and virtuous. People’s understanding of what is good and evil has become twisted due to their sickness of heart and excessive disobedience to God. I have a medical need to cover my face sometimes when I am out and about. I have no problem taking off my scarf when I am indoors, but this is still a free country and while I’m out in public areas I should be free to dress how I please. Im a Muslim too, but why anyone thinks she /he has the right to dictate to others what to wear? The women who where the niqab do it through their free choice and will. The other spectrum would be where women walking the streets nearly completely naked, but that is also their choice. Both are entitle to wear what they want. It’s about freedom of choice. You are entitled to wear what you want, that’s what makes UK a free place to live in. You ban this then we should ban other items of clothing or body art that someone might find intimidating.

Shows the double standards of this country, when the so called political right are ignored, but when a Muslim calls for a ban it is looked at. I may be wrong but I thought the EU had just brought in a ban on full veils.Probably the only non useless piece of law making in EU history. As l understand it, a burka is a full head-to-toe coverall as worn by women in Afghanistan. A burka is not a veil, which is called a niqab. A hair-covering scarf is a hijab. A full-length coat is an abbaya. In some Arab countries, women wear a face mask which reveals the lower part of the face. So people have no problem when women appear naked on Page 3 of a certain tabloid newspaper for decades on end, yet it is backwards, oppressive and offensive for a woman to cover herself up? whatever happened to morality? *expects red arrows for speaking the truth* Well Islamically let me tell you, women have more rights than men. Maybe men like you cant take it therefore society likes to show the world that women should obey men and therefore these men chose to follow culture. If you were to look in to Islam you would see that a women’s status is higher than anyone!! – Who’s ‘Truth hurts’ now my friend!! Why do so many people assume that a woman in a burka has been forced to wear it????? There’s non Muslim men that tell their other halves what they can and can’t wear out!!!!! either way it’s a choice of the individual!!!!!

According to a non-Muslim,it is a shame that women are forced into wearing these ridiculous pieces of cloth. Some of these women are the most beautiful in the world and yet they are sometimes forced to cover up their beautiful faces. I have to ask why should a religion, any religion, should have to promote and advertise such an idiotic unnecessary practice. No woman is the ‘property’ of any man so why should she be forced into wearing one of these ugly things. She should be free, as the day she was born, to show her beauty and not be made to hide it. In this world we are all born equal, no one forces me into doing something if I do not wish to do so. I would not cover my face for anyone, man or religion! This item should be banned in this Country. Whether you are a Muslim or not you clearly don’t understand the idea of freedom in the UK. We like everybody to be able to do as they please so long as they don’t impact on the rights and freedoms of others. The fact that we don’t like the burka makes it all the more important that we stand up for the freedoms of those who choose to wear it. We can all tolerate those we agree with. The acid test is how far you will go in tolerating the activities of others which harm nobody when you don’t agree. Forcing conformity for its own sake is completely anti-British. If you want to support this country learn what its critical values are and stand by them.

As a fundamental atheist I still think women have the ‘right to choose’ whether they wear it or not. Why not ban the mini skirt, skimpy shorts or high heels? They are restrictive & uncomfortable & only perpetuate the myth that women are free to wear what they want. When the French banned it I was repulsed by their actions. In fact if they ban it here, I am going to wear one. Leave Muslim women who choose to wear it alone, enough already! There are bigger fish to fry in this mad world. All you people that go on about equality, they remove a woman’s equality in what way? When the woman chose to wear it? There are many Muslim woman who chose not to wear it and there are some that do so I do not see how this imposes on a woman’s equality. Ask any Muslim who is wearing the niqab/burka on the street if they are being forced to wear it or better yet simply ask them their reason for wearing it. Are people actually scared of a piece of cloth?? I’d be more worried about a girl in a mini skirt walking down the street after a night out attracting attention from the wrong type of people to the point she’s raped! A mad world where covering up causes controversy and walking around half naked is seen as normal STRANGE. People should be able to wear what they want unless there is a justifiable reason not to eg public decency,security,identification, communication etc. Not just because some people don’t like it – what’s next banning the kilt?


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