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Twenty-fith Anniversary – In praise of The Muslim News

28th Feb 2014

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“I send my best wishes to The Muslim News as it celebrates 25 years of reporting news and views from around the Muslim world. British newspapers are a vital part of our democracy and The Muslim News plays its part in holding institutions to account and reporting on issues of public interest. I wish them every success in the future.” Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister

The Muslim News is a media phenomenon – 25 years really is a milestone to celebrate. I would like to congratulate Ahmed J Versi and his devoted team for being the first and longest-running Muslim newspaper in the UK. After so long, through some difficult times for the newspaper industry, it is a real achievement to reach over 150,000 people from a diverse range of communities. On top of that, over a million and a half hits on The Muslim News website shows just how valuable it is as a news source for so many people. I am always impressed by the paper’s professionalism and inclusivity. The Muslim News is an important independent and objective source of news about British Muslims and has become vital reading for people in Government and politics as a voice of Muslim communities in the UK. I would like to add my voice to the countless others in praise of The Muslim News, and looking forward to the next 25 years! Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats

I would like to congratulate Ahmed J Versi and The Muslim News on reaching the notable occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the newspaper. The world has changed greatly since 1989, but one thing remains constant – the need for news to be communicated in an honest and thoughtful manner. The Muslim News has held true to this principle, providing its readers with insightful articles into current affairs and politics. Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Opposition Leader and Leader of the Labour Party

It gives me enormous pleasure to congratulate The Muslim News on reaching its twenty-fifth anniversary.  As the only independent monthly Muslim newspaper in the UK, it is widely recognised as providing authoritative commentary for our Islamic communities on domestic and international issues. I welcome the paper’s wide range of interests and reporting on Scottish current affairs, and enjoyed the book review of Bashir Maan’s The Thistle and the Crescent in May. I wish the Editor and staff continuing success – and to you the reader, another 25 years of happy reading. Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister of Scotland

As Chair of the Faith Communities Forum, I’m proud that Wales is a multi-cultural society that enjoys the experiences and vibrancy that this brings to our country. The Muslim News plays an important role in giving expression to Muslim communities both here in Wales and across the UK, and I’d like to congratulate the newspaper on reaching its 25th anniversary. RT Hon Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister of Wales

Many congratulations to The Muslim News on your 25th year in production. Reaching this Silver Anniversary is a real accomplishment. Your success reflects the growing appetite for a broad range of media. Your readers look to you for hard-hitting news and coverage of today’s most important social and economic issues. I wish you many more years of prosperity and success. Once again, many congratulations. Rt Hon William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary

I am proud to be part of a country with such a diverse cultural mix. Muslims make a huge contribution to Britain, through business, the arts, community projects and of course the justice system. We are supporting the community in a number of ways, from helping victims of hate crime to encouraging people from a wide range of backgrounds to join the legal profession.  Congratulations to The Muslim News for 25 excellent years. I wish you all the best for many more to come. Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Justice Secretary and the Lord Chancellor

The Muslim News is a fantastic newspaper, which for the last 25 years has done an excellent job of providing a voice for members of the Muslim community across the UK on a range of significant issues. I would like to recognise the contribution The Muslim News has made to British society through providing a platform and forum for discussion where the Muslim community can put forward their true positions. I send my best wishes to the staff and readers as you celebrate this important landmark. Here’s to the next 25 years. Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Justice Secretary and Shadow Minister for London

I am pleased to join in celebrating 25 years of The Muslim News. It has helped explain Islam and break down barriers of intolerance. Its annual awards for achievement have become a forum for recognising the outstanding contribution made by Muslims to our national life and well being. I look forward to the paper continuing to flourish and would like to thank it and its editor for helping introduce me to Islam’s wide cultural diversity. Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, Attorney General

Congratulations to everyone involved with The Muslim News on its 25th anniversary. This is a remarkable achievement and a proud landmark in the newspaper’s life. The Muslim News plays an essential role in highlighting and celebrating the significant contributions that ethnic minority groups make to British society, and I wish them every success for the future. Sajid Javid MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury

I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to The Muslim News on its 25th anniversary. Its continued coverage of the news for the last quarter of a century is unparalleled. As far as I am aware it is the only Muslim paper in Britain to have done this and I wish them well for the next 25 years.
Shabana Mahmood MP, Shadow Exchequer Secretary

The Muslim News has been a fantastic publication for the last 25 years, which has provided the Muslim community with excellent coverage of British current affairs. I would definitely recommend it as an excellent read to anyone. Rehman Chishti MP for Gillingham and Rainham

The Muslim News has been reporting on issues within and beyond the Muslim community since 1989. Muslims make an important contribution to our country – culturally, economically and socially – and The Muslim News has provided a unique platform for debate, news and more. Congratulations to The Muslim News on their 25th Anniversary, I wish you all the best for the future.
Gareth Thomas MP for Harrow West

I would like to congratulate you and the entire team at The Muslim News, as you celebrate 25th anniversary. The Muslim News has not only survived through 25 years, it has flourished, going from strength to strength, as the oldest and most well respected monthly Muslim newspaper in the UK. The fact that The Muslim News has successfully completed 25 years bears testament to the trust and respect we all have in you. I hope that in the coming quarter century The Muslim News will not only continue to provide the impartial, objective and informative reporting it has become so well known for, but more importantly, will also continue to help the Muslim community in connecting, collaborating and campaigning together. Anas Sarwar MP, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party


I am immensely pleased to congratulate the Editor, Ahmed J Versi and the staff at The Muslim News on this momentous occasion of their 25th Anniversary milestone of their publication. We salute the Paper for retaining both its editorial and financial independence since its inception and to continue to project news objectively and commenting in such authoritative dynamism thus reflecting the views of British Muslims. The Muslim News and The Muslim News Awards for Excellence has established itself as one of the most prominent institution of the British Muslim community promoting with great enthusiasm the British Muslim identity and the positive role it plays in the society. We continue to pray for its success. Sir Iqbal Sacranie OBE, Advisory Board Member of World Islamic Economic Forum, former Secretary General of Muslim Council of Britain

The Association and Nigerian Muslim Community in the UK congratulate The Muslim News on this milestone. The Muslim News’ persistence in raising issues of importance to UK Muslims, with the political establishment is striking.  Equally its Muslim award has engendered positive awareness of contribution to society and life. These and other activities uplift the image of Muslims and Islam. We look forward to more collaboration supporting Muslim and Islam. Mudathir Yussuff, Hon President, Muslim Association of Nigeria (UK)

We sincerely congratulate The Muslim News which is the oldest and most well established and respected Muslim newspaper in the UK and send our warm congratulations on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of establishing The Muslim News. The Muslim News headed by you managed to reach impressive results in the way being one of the successful newspapers in the UK. We wish you and your colleagues a great success to continue fruitful work, implement your plans in your endeavours. All the best Inshallah. Hakan Ozgul, General Secretary, Suleymaniye Mosque

I am delighted to congratulate The Muslim News on reaching a momentous milestone. For the past 25 years The Muslim News has been a pioneer in journalism within the Muslim community with an alternative look at Muslim issues in the news. It has stood by its principles of independence, fairness and justice during many campaigns. I look forward to another 25 years of spirited journalism based on strong morals and ideals. Dr Hany El-Banna OBE, President of The Humanitarian Forum, Chairman of Muslim Charities Forum and Zakat House

The Muslim News is one of the most valuable of asset for the Muslim community. Read it and it will contain the campaigning history of the UK and worldwide Muslims. A much needed voice, true to values of justice.  The Editor Ahmed J Versi, often single handedly, and his team, have shown dedication and given much in commitment whenever we needed support for our cause. I commend and congratulate The Muslim News. A true loyal friend and I am proud to say, has played a vital and indispensable part over the last 25 years and will inshaAllah (God Willing) continue to be of service. Congratulations.
Yousuf Bhailok, Managing Director and Chairman of ‘Bhailok Group’ of Companies, Founder member and former Secretary General of Muslim Council of Britain

For me The Muslim News is not just the premier newspaper for the Muslim communities in the UK, it is an institution which is relied upon by all those interested in gauging Muslim public opinion on all kinds of diverse issues. This is because of its objective and reliable coverage and fearless analytical narrative. The consistent high standards of reporting and high quality articles published in The Muslim News have gained the paper huge loyalty and respect. Its coverage is international and incisive. I am confident that The Muslim News will continue its upward journey in the world of quality print media under the dedicated and committed leadership of Ahmed J Versi. Judge Khurshid Drabu CBE

In recent years, there has been much discussion about the need for media reform, especially with regard to print journalism. The Leveson Inquiry exposed an industry in disarray, responsible not only for disregarding basic individual privacy but also demonising and slandering entire communities, the Muslim community foremost but many others also. Thus the need for independent media organisations that report on Muslims and issues relevant to Muslims has been highlighted and called for. The Muslim News then, being established 25 years ago, was well ahead of its time and has achieved so much since 1989. Much credit must go to Dr Ahmed J Versi for his tireless contribution in the field of media. From the monthly newspaper to the annual The Muslim News Awards for Excellence, The Muslim News has become an integral and inexpendable staple of British media in general and Muslim Media in particular. I pray for its continued growth and success in the coming 25 years. Saleem Kidwai OBE, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Wales

Islamic Relief is proud to be congratulating The Muslim News on its 25th anniversary, being one of the first publications to serve the British Muslim community. In particular we celebrate the work of its Editor, Ahmed J Versi, as well as his leadership role within the Muslim community. His many achievements include establishing the Awards for Excellence, which has provided a public platform to recognise the many successes and contributions of British Muslims. As Islamic Relief approaches its own 30th anniversary, we wish The Muslim News every success in the years to come. Jehangir Malik, UK Director, Islamic Relief

On behalf of Muslim Aid I would like to express our heartiest congratulations to The Muslim News on its 25th anniversary. The Muslim News Awards for Excellence project, which is in its twelfth year, has provided an inspiration to the British Muslim youth to excel in various fields and contribute to the economic and social development of Great   Britain. We wish The Muslim News all the very best in its anniversary year. Dr Manazir Ahsan MBE, Chairman, Muslim Aid

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of The Muslim News. Who would have thought that a paper with humble beginnings would have such longevity and success. It’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of all involved in putting the paper together and also the very important attention to editorial integrity. Sarah Sheriff, FE Tutor, Formerly Deputy Editor and contributor to The Muslim News

The Management Team of Muslim Community Helpline (previously Muslim Women’s Helpline) would like to congratulate The Muslim News on its 25th anniversary. You have provided an important service to the community here in the UK and we wish you continued success in enabling the community to reflect on its role as part of the fabric of British society. We particularly appreciated your willingness to enable us to highlight important social issues and concerns through your pages e.g. forced marriage, abuse, domestic violence, fostering and adoption and the lack of religiously sensitive services for the disabled and those experiencing mental illness. With best wishes. Najma Ebrahim, Imelda Ryan, Management Team, Muslim Community Helpline

British Muslims can be proud that through thick and thin, The Muslim News has remained the oldest and still a strong newspaper of record for our community. The paper has acted as a principled and courageous voice for our community, campaigning on the issues that affect our lives, and celebrating our successes when no one else will. On behalf of the Muslim Council of Britain, I commend the paper’s longevity and wish it every success for the next 25 years. Farooq Murad, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain

For the past twenty-five years The Muslim News has been a pillar for UK Muslims, contributing to their narrative and covering a wide range of issues which affect society. On behalf of the staff and trustees at Muslim Hands, I extend our heartfelt congratulations to the paper for reaching this milestone and hope to continue working with the team in serving our community, both oversees and at home. Lakhte Hassanain, Chairman, Muslim Hands

The Muslim News…so much more than just a newspaper!  It is an institution, having provided 25 years of insightful and intelligent commentary on all aspects of British Muslim life.  Everyone associated with the Islam-UK Centre at CardiffUniversity would like to congratulate Ahmed Versi and his team for all their hard work.  Looking forward to the next 25 years! Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Islam-UK Centre (Director), Dept of Religious & Theological Studies, Cardiff University

The 25th Anniversary of the publication of The Muslim News marks a watershed event in the history of British Muslims. The Muslim News is perhaps one of the very few Muslim publications to have survived for a quarter of a century. It is even more gratifying to see that the Editor, Ahmed J Versi, has kept the paper going without compromising on the paper’s editorial independence. He has meticulously advocated truth and justice to powers that be. This has meant that it has been a herculean struggle to keep the paper going financially. Conversely, it has meant that The Muslim News has become a beacon for the British Muslim community. Heartfelt congratulations are due to Ahmed J Versi for this remarkable feat. M Iqbal Asaria, CBE, Associate, Afkar Consulting Ltd  

The Muslim News has always been the right voice for the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Community in Europe and throughout the Muslim World. The Muslim News has also played a successful role in bringing together the Muslim community from different ethnic background within the UK. I feel very honoured to congratulate The Muslim News’s 25th Anniversary and wishing you all the very best for many more decades to come. Ridvan Hacibedel, Chairman, The Western Thrace Turks in UK

Alhamdulillah, a massive congratulations to you and your team for 25years of outstanding service to the community. The paper has pioneered the way for its contribution to journalism and community initiatives including women’s sport and The Muslim News awards. Your support for the community is a light in dark times and we look to you to shine on the truth. Thanks for allowing me to play a small part through my first work experience with you 10years ago – you’ve been an inspiration. Ruhana Ali, Director, Nasiha Consulting. Equalities Advisor, Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Muslim journalism in the UK, but I had never imagined that we were initiating a project that would go on to become such a long lasting venture that continues to have impact even today. In these times of cybermedia, when publications are launched and then disappear in the blink of an eye, for The Muslim News to have survived 25 years in print media, is a great achievement and testimony to the tenacity and hard work put in by its Editor, Ahmed J Versi. I take this opportunity to wholeheartedly congratulate Ahmed J Versi and his small team on this auspicious anniversary and wish them many more. I pray that The Muslim News remains true to its ideals and goes on to reach many more milestones in Muslim journalism.
Naeem Ebrahim, Founder member, The Muslim News


As one of the founders of The Muslim News, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on reaching another milestone – 25 years of publication! At its inception all the founding members had a great passion and dream to make The Muslim News the leading light of Muslim journalism in the UK, but I had never imagined that we were initiating a project that would go on to become such a long lasting venture that continues to have impact even today. In these times of cybermedia, when publications are launched and then disappear in the blink of an eye, for The Muslim News to have survived 25 years in print media, is a great achievement and testimony to the tenacity and hard work put in by its Editor Ahmed J Versi. I take this opportunity to wholeheartedly congratulate Ahmed J Versi and his small team on this auspicious anniversary and wish them many more. I pray that The Muslim News remains true to its ideals and goes on to reach many more milestones in Muslim journalism. Naeem Ebrahim

The Muslim News provides a vital source of news, opinion and analysis for British Muslims, going behind the headlines of the national press, breaking stories and challenging media Islamophobia wherever it rears its ugly head. Sadly, many Muslim communities in the UK tend to be plagued by internal divisions, by ideological or theological splits; this particular paper, which for 25 years has studiously refused to be backed by any country, organisation or party, should be commended for remaining independent, non-partisan and above the fray. I would like to congratulate Ahmed J Versi and his hard-working team of journalists on reaching this landmark and historic Silver Jubilee. Mehdi Hasan, Political Director, Huffington Post (UK), Author

I have seen The Muslim News go on a journey of discovery, maturity and delivered real change over the past 25 years. Ahmed J Versi is a tour de force and his personal drive has ensured that the newspaper has survived so long. Congratulations Ahmed, your legacy cannot be measured in mere words.
Aaqil Ahmed, Head of commissioning Religion TV and Head of Religion and Ethics BBC

The Muslim News has been a vital source of news and ideas since its inception in 1989. Its strictly non-sectarian position and scrupulously edited original coverage of minority issues makes it one of the most credible voices of Muslims in the UK. It’s also an invaluable place for up-and-coming journalists to gain work experience. During a short-term stint as a junior reporter in 1998, I had the opportunity to attend meetings at the Foreign Office, press conferences at Downing Street and report on national news stories. Congratulations to Ahmed J Versi and The Muslim News team for their extraordinary contribution to British journalism. Shenaz Kermalli, Senior Writer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto

The Muslim News has always remained consistent in it’s challenging of power, championing of the community’s heroes and steadfastly anti sectarian stance. It is a paper, British Muslims can be proud of. Congratulations to the editor, staff and very many hard working volunteers on this milestone. I wish you every success in the future in bringing us stories that are otherwise unheard. Fatima Manji, Reporter, C4 News

The Muslim News is not only acknowledging British Muslim community’s contribution to the society by its annual ‘The Muslim News Awards for Excellence’, but it is also addressing a diverse readership with its wide content for 25 years. As a Turkish journalist living and working in the UK, The Muslim News is not just a paper for me but also a very valuable news source. I wish The Muslim News and Mr Versi many more successful years. Asli Aral, London Bureau Chief of Turkish Anadolu Agency

The Muslim News is a key part of the religious ecology in the contemporary journalistic world. It plays an important role in illuminating the Muslim community for the rest of British society and explaining Britain to the Muslim community. Paul Vallely, Writer and Consultant

I have known and worked with The Muslim News pretty much from its outset. In those days I was writing for The Independent and Ahmed and the newspaper would provide me with much of the information I needed for stories like the Rushdie affair. In an ever-crowded market, The Muslim News has stood the test of time – a sign of its editorial integrity. Iqbal Wahhab, OBE, FRSA, Founder, Investors in People

The Muslim News newspaper progressed from its print form to offer its services on-line to achieve wider reach outside the UK borders. Its latest development a new website that accommodates more new media tools to include audio-visual material offering its diverse audiences a wider choice of media reach.Iqbal Tamimi, Director for Arab Women Media Watch Centre in UK


The Muslim News has become an authentic and powerful voice of Islam and Muslims in Europe. Twenty five years of professional journalism deserve our appreciation and give us hope that The Muslim News will continue to be a beacon of truth, justice, peace and reconciliation in Europe. I am using this occasion to express my thanks to The Muslim News for a correct and honest report about Bosnia. May Allah Almighty teach us that tolerance is a sign of strength!
Dr Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia

As The Muslim News marks the Silver Jubilee of its launching, the editors, and all those who contributed to its success, can certainly look back with well-deserved professional pride and satisfaction. The Muslim News filled a vacuum, as the Cold War was just ending and a new, more dangerous conflict or ‘clash of civilisations’ was presumed to be in the offing. The Muslim News managed to serve a dual purpose: present a Muslim perspective on emerging issues, while serving as a bridge of communication between the English-speaking West and the Muslim intelligentsia. As one who was ‘present at the creation’ with occasional contributions for this worthy cause, I can only wish The Muslim News greater success as it finds its niche in the ‘Asian Century’ with its vision to educate and will to deliver undiminished. Senator Mushahid Hussain, Chairman, Senate Defence Committee, Parliament of Pakistan, Islamabad

For two and a half decades, The Muslim News has cast a critical lens on the world. From the first Gulf War, the rise of Muslim participation in UK politics, the war in Bosnia, the birth of democracy in South Africa, the war in Afghanistan, the US invasion of Iraq, Arab dreams and nightmares to the death of Nelson Mandela, The Muslim News has provided a unique insight to these events and issues. May the next 25 years be just as insightful. Faizal Dawjee, Communications Consultant, Cape Town, South Africa

Every community requires a medium that allows it to keep abreast of important issues facing it, play an advocacy role in advancing community interests, and highlighting and recognizing events and people which make a valuable contribution to community life. This is particularly important where Muslims live as minorities and are geographically dispersed. A newspaper such as The Muslim News serves as the glue that binds Muslims in the UK together and has been doing this with distinction for the last 25 years. The Muslim community in the UK has been fortunate to have such an important institution. As a keen observer of Muslim affairs living in South Africa, this paper allows me to keep abreast of events affecting Muslims in the UK. It is with great pride that you can celebrate this milestone event.Dr Shuaib Manjra, Cape Town, South Africa

I first met Ahmed J Versi in Khartoum in 1993 where we both attended the International Islamic Conference. From that time, Ahmed sent me copies of his extraordinary paper. Our students in the Paris Higher Afro-Asian Studies Institute appreciated very much news of British Muslim citizens’ daily life. Today, our students in Paris 2 University and the Ghazali Imams’ Training Institute read the paper with utmost interest. God bless you Ahmed! Long live The Muslim News! Christian Lochon, Member of the French Overseas Sciences Academy

I am thrilled to hear that The Muslim News will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. It has been an original source of information and analysis on Muslim affairs in Britain and beyond. The same spirit should continue for an informed debate on Islam in Europe. Prof Talip Kucukcan, Director, Inst. for Middle East Studies, Marmara University, Istanbul

On behalf of the Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF) and Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority members living throughout Western Europe, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations on the 25th anniversary of The Muslim News and wish you the best of success in the coming 25 years. I also would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude for your support by enabling us to raise our voice and defend our Minority’s cause. Halit HABİP OĞLU, President of ABTTF

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation on behalf of  Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority to The Muslim News, which for so many years has helped and supported our voice to be heard all over the world. Furthermore, I congratulate your 25th Anniversary and may Allah grant your newspaper bright and successful future in many years to come. May Allah bless you all. Ibrahim Serif, Elected Mufti of Komotini, Greece

I am pleased and honoured to thank The Muslim News for the effort and kind support given to the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority over the years. The existence of The Muslim News as a newspaper in the UK has made the public to be aware of the suppressed communities around the world. I would like to encourage The Muslim News to continue their good work in bringing Ummah together. You have done such a hard work so far with a great success. I congratulate your 25th Anniversary and wishing you all the best. Ahmet Mete, Elected Mufti of Xanthi, Greece

I would like to congratulate The Muslim News for bringing to my doorsteps in KL news from far and wide of Muslims. I wish the publication many more years of providence and it is my hope that it can include more critical thoughts from Muslims and non Muslims of issues that plague humanity today. Thoughts that can culminate into universal ethics and action that overcomes creed and self interests. In the final analysis, this world is only loaned to us – it is our duty to honour this loan and return it back to our Creator in an honourable state. Firoz Abdul Hamid, Consultant, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Muslim News has carved out a niche for itself by serving the Muslim community. It has effectively highlighted the problems faced by the community, not only in Britain but in other Afro-Asian countries. Muslims are hemmed in by hostile powers who have big stake in Muslim lands. Consequently community suffers from subterfuge and intrigues unleashed by Western governments. By reading The Muslims News, we come to know the conditions of the Muslims in the West. The media across the world have kept their eyes closed on the Muslim problems; instead they have given the anti Muslim coverage.

In this daunting scenario, The Muslim News has kept its head high and has served the community selflessly. May it prosper in the future. The credit for the success of The Muslim News goes to respected Janab, Ahmed Versi sahib who has edited it so beautifully. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat, India

The Muslim News has a comprehensive approach in reporting, investigating and analysing the affairs and happenings pertaining to the Muslims in Britain in particular and in other countries in general. It greatly helps in understanding the condition of the community globally. Muslims are being besieged everywhere and Islamophobia is rampant in Europe and other Western countries. The Muslim News makes its readers aware of the problems facing them and how to combat them so that the community is not marginalised and demonised. I congratulate its Editor, Ahmed J Versi, for keeping a balance in his editorial duties and making The Muslim News a vital medium of reporting. May almighty Allah help it enjoy a long tenure of service to the community. Yunus Chitalwala, Retd Archaeologist, Dhoraji, Gujarat, India

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DEKOW.March 13, 2014

i would like to congragulate muslim news on its 25th anniverssariry of giving the world unbiased news , it has granted a voice to the voiceless and report from the unreported people . THANKS FOR GIVING MUSLIM COMMINITY A CHANCE TO BE HEARD IN THE WORLD


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