Tauheedul Girls’ send educational kits to Somali orphanage

31st Mar 2013

Elham Asaad Buaras

Pupils from Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School in Birmingham have dispatched 200 shoeboxes to orphans in Somalia through the Mo Farah Foundation.

The girls designed, created and personalised shoeboxes during Art lessons. Each shoebox was then filled with items based on Tauheedul Relief Trust’s Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play (ESLP) programme. The 200 shoeboxes were dispatched on February 20 to an orphanage in Somalia.

The School’s Deputy Director, Rizwana Aziz, told The Muslim News, “This was an amazing heartfelt effort from our pupils. They personally designed and personalised the shoeboxes and filled them with gifts which will directly impact the life of a disadvantaged child overseas. Each shoebox contains items which will help take care of the child’s need to ‘Eat, Sleep, Learn and Play’ such as toys, learning resources, clothes and food items. The shoeboxes also contain personalised letters to the orphans.”

The School’s Trust Chair and Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire, Kam Kothia, said: “Working in partnership with Tauheedul Relief Trust, our girls have once again demonstrated their commitment to helping disadvantaged children in the developing world. As a school, we raise thousands of pounds every year for local, national and international charitable projects.

“We are passionate about transforming the lives of children and young people across the world. The Tauheedul shoebox project is an innovative way of supporting and connecting with orphans. We thank the Mo Farah Foundation for facilitating this project.”


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