Park View Trust resign en masse

25th Jul 2014

Hamed Chapman

The main victims targeted by the Government’s controversial policy to taint the running of Birmingham schools with a brush of extremism resigned last Tuesday in protest at the “coordinated and vicious” campaign to undermine its successful transformation of run down inner city schools.

“We have no regrets, nor do we make any apology, for being part of a dedicated team o professionals who have substantially raised standards,” Park View Educational Trust Chair, Tahir Alam, said.
“We are immensely proud of the role we have played with others in bringing about school improvements at Park View School. It is now one of the highest performing in the city. We have also helped to significantly raise achievement at Golden Hillock and Nansen schools,” Alam added.

Despite its pioneering record, Park View was one of five schools with majority Muslim pupils in Birmingham placed in special measures last month following orchestrated claims based upon what was dubbed as a Trojan House conspiracy that has been discredited as an unsourced fabrication.

“The last four months have seen a vicious and co‐ordinated offensive against the Trust and its schools. The Department for Education, with Ofsted and the Education Funding Agency aided by some sections of the media have undermined the good work of these schools. They have also attempted to rubbish people’s hard‐won reputations.”

“It has been an attack unlike anything any of us could have imagined when we joined Park View as voluntary school governors many years ago, to make a difference to the lives of children in inner‐city,” the PVET Chair said in a statement read at the school gates on July 15.

The mass resignation coincided with Prime Minister, David Cameron, sacking Education Secretary, Michael Gove, who was outspoken in leading the malicious campaign against the schools, His “profound mistrust of Islam is a matter of public record,” Alum said.

“Gove’s demotion today provides us with some reassurance that the Prime Minister has finally acknowledged the profound damage that has been caused by his divisive approach. We hope that the new Secretary of State takes a similar view of (Chief Inspector of Schools) Sir Michael Wilshaw’s role in this fiasco and urgently considers his removal as a first step in restoring the credibility of Ofsted.”
Local Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood, Shabana Mahmood, has requested an urgent meeting with Gove’s replacement Nicky Morgan to “make rapid progress on the job of fixing the governance issues in a few Birmingham schools rather than spending valuable time trying to fix a problem of extremism in schools which simply does not exist.”

“What we had under the previous regime was a complete unwillingness to engage in an evidence based discussion about what has really been going on in Birmingham schools. Michael Gove’s belief in the ‘conveyor belt’ from religious conservatism to extremism meant that the whole Trojan Horse debacle has been seen through the prism of national security rather than through the prism of good governance,” Mahmood said.

One Response to “Park View Trust resign en masse”

Iftikhar AhmadJuly 25, 2014

The demand for state funded Muslim schools is in accordance with the law of the land. Muslim community is not asking for any favour. State schools with non-Muslim teachers are not suitable for Muslim children. Muslim children need Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental period. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. Derby Free Muslim school is in a mess because there are lot of non-Muslim teachers. Those schools in Birmingham which are victim of Trojan Horse have non-Muslim teachers and children. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. Those state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority, in my opinion, should be opted out as Muslim Academies.

Muslim haters are so eager to uncover a plot. Well let me spoil the party – there isn’t an Islamic plot to take over the schools. These schools were neglected by the government and the teachers hated the children and being there. They gave a minimal level of input. Finally, the community took the matter in their own hands and raised standards. Strange how one fake letter has drawn the Neo con wrath. The school system is designed to control young peoples minds, and turn them into useful tools for those doing the controlling, or did any of us really believe it was designed for education ? The vast majority of Pak origin immigrants to UK were uneducated or with little education and their off springs also did not go into education. Little wonder that they would take over educational institutes in their majority areas and regulate education as they see it. Islam is here to stay and the sooner the British public accepts that. Islam teaches moderation. The value system in Islam is based on tolerance. In all religions where people have faith in one God know that they are accountable on the day of judgement to whatever their Creator has asked them to do and act. If one is following the principles and laws of holy book one should appreciate, as the fundamental teaching is the same. The difference lies in the lifestyle or way of life people have chosen for themselves against the teaching of their religion. One should live and let live others without threatening or being threatened. One should not be rigid, biased or prejudice. The bottom line is that any thing good for the humanity, any thing productive for the society should be promoted.

So, a former head of MI6 says everything is being blown out of proportion regarding British jihadists, but the school inspectorate says it’s a major, orchestrated problem. Who’s right? These schools are the way forwards. They are within Islamic communities, they have rights. Nobody moans about Jewish schools which are run on strict Jewish lines. Or is that different?

The horse in question, it is alleged, contained Muslim extremism – brought to state schools by stealth, by governor bodies launching subtle pincer movements, to remove the kind of pesky teachers who might object to the segregation of pupils by sex, or a refusal to stick to the syllabus. How incredibly extremist. Schools where segregation of pupils by sex occur. How different from boy’s only Grammar schools and High schools for Girls that exist in predominately Conservative areas. And that exist predominately in the private school sector. It does though surely produce better exam results, as pupils are less influenced by the idea of ‘girl’s subjects’ and ‘boy’s subjects’, and are less likely to be distracted by sex. Allegations of an Islamic takeover plot of Birmingham schools are just the latest in a string of slurs against Muslims. It is not clear what is meant by an “Islamic plot takeover”, and whether that is the same thing as saying or hinting that some Muslims might want to get some schools to adopt their particular version of Islamic religious values, behaviours and life-styles. If it is the latter, that would not necessarily be an indication of “terrorism”, so I struggle to see the need for ‘counter-terrorism’ input. It is not terrorism in any way shape or form. It is important to remember this is not about Islam as such but yet another chance to bash people perceived as foreigners. To many Muslim is another word for immigrant and coloured person, two terrible bugbears. Why should an unnamed, undated, unspecific source has effected students, teachers, governors, parents in one swoop. It has serious implications on unfounded accusations for hundreds of people. In no way shape or form is this right, nor should have it EVER happened. Just by a anonymous letter how can you judge the schools and it is bringing such bad vibe to Birmingham schools and local Muslim community we feel like we’re targets no matter how hard we try we will never please and move forward from the terrorist labelling. I am disgusted at the way these particular schools and governors were targeted for no reason other than being Muslim. No solid evidence was available to substantiate these accusations which arose and yet such great weight and focus was attached to them. Morally unjust and utterly unacceptable. The Trojan Horse document was clearly written by someone who knows little about Birmingham and even less about Islam. It has chimed, however, with widespread Islamophobic fantasies and fears amongst non-Muslims, and as a result of unethical reporting in the media has done much damage.

Islamophobia is used by many conservative politicians to gain support among right-wingers. Those who were completely discredited for taking the nation to disastrous Iraq war are now using Islamophobia to rehabilitate themselves. Crating the fear of “other” is a tactic that has always been used by demagogues to garner support. The “Trojan Horse” latter was most likely a hoax. And if there were any real abuse the accuser should come forward and take the board to courts instead of making insinuations and innuendoes. It was most unfortunate that Richard Clarke was chosen as the one to investigate, this guy was a terrorism expert not a social scientist, was the purpose of his appointment just to promote fear-mongering? Even the local police chief was against the appointment. Unfortunately many Muslims also jumped on the bandwagon. This is not a contest between liberal Muslims and the conservative ones. The main issue here is weather a local school board in a democratic society has a right to run the school as it feels is the best. If they were actually doing something illegal then of course they should be taken to court.


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