Muslims’ Green surge threatens Labour

27th Feb 2015

Sarmad Jawad

The Green Party came second in The Muslim News online straw poll on the elections. In the survey, which was held between January 2 to 11, the Greens received 20% out of the 150 people who filled the survey, with Labour coming first, at 47.9%, and the Conservatives a distant third, 11.4%. The Lib Dems came fourth with 9.3%.


The poll is largely in line with Lord Ashcroft’s poll on the Muslim vote in published in 2012, “Degrees of Separation”, with one exception, the rise of the Greens. In his poll which was conducted in 2010, less than 2% of Muslims voted for the Greens.

This spells trouble for Labour as research by The Muslim News shows the UK’s 2.7 million Muslims could influence up to 40 seats, including 12 key seats Labour are targeting.

Overall, 29.3% of Muslims said they have not decided who they will vote for in the upcoming elections.

This poll is difficult reading for the Conservatives too. It shows that despite the Conservatives’ efforts to woo the Muslim voters, they have enjoyed little success.

However, when The Muslim News asked Muslims what issues they care about in the upcoming general elections, the environment came last, with only 2.5% saying that it mattered to them. The NHS came first with 16.3% saying it was the most important issue, social justice came second with 14.3% and the economy came third with 13.4%.

Looking at the issues that most matter to Muslims who said they would vote Green, the environment came eighth (on 5.7%), just ahead of the economy. Social justice came first, on 16.7%, with the NHS second, 14.3% and the Israel/Palestine issue third, 11.7%.

Islam strongly emphasises importance of ‘adl (justice) in all its forms. This is a contributing factor to Muslims being the highest donators to charity in the UK, according to a poll commissioned by JustGiving. JustGiving said many charities benefited from donations from Muslims including the likes of Cancer Research, Macmillan and the British Heart Foundation.


Lord Ashcroft’s poll did not have social justice as an option when he asked Muslims which issues they cared about.

When we split the poll by gender, the Green Party attracted a larger number of votes from Muslim women than men, with 28.1% said they will vote Green compared to 17.6% of men. Women were less likely to vote Labour, 40.6%, and Conservative, 5%, than men, 50% and 12% respectively.
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7 Responses to “Muslims’ Green surge threatens Labour”

Huw ThomasMarch 2, 2015

Interesting read – particularly about how Muslims give more to charity because Islam emphasises the importance of ‘adl’ (justice) in all its forms.
Funny how the media don’t make more of facts like that. I get fed up with the way all Muslims are lumped together as if they all think and act the same way (and threaten us with their fundamentalist beliefs). Like all Christians/Scottish people/David Bowie fans all behave identically. Pah!
I’m not a Muslim but maybe if we didn’t have so many scare stories the world would be a happier/safer place?


Zyad AbdulrahmanMarch 3, 2015

Could someone explain to me why Muslims vote for Labour? is it the best party in UK to help and support Muslim issues?
I also see 12% for conservative, it seems Muslims not as unite as other minorities like Jews for example.

What you think?


mary hughesMarch 3, 2015

zyad, if you want a good party vote ukip. if we have to stay in the eu you will lose out. you live here and no doubt you want a good future for yourself and your family. if turkey joins as the tories. lib dems and labour want your standard of living is going to fall dramaticly unless your rich. the eu is not for joe public, just the rich and a way for more and more immigrants to come here and stretch our already stretched nhs,schools, jobs, etc. ukip have muslims in thier party as do most parties. ukip have several nationalities. the pro eu parties call ukip racist because they dont like a new fresh party getting in thier way. labour and tory are much the same and have proven they never live up to thier promises. its time a new party was elected to see what they can do. do you want another 5 years of let downs or do you want a party thats for britain and the working class unlike the others. look at ukip policies and listen to farage speaking on youtube in brussels. farage is strong and even if ukip dont get elected if they have more mps in perliament they will stand up to the eu , unlike camoron.this is the first possible leader we have had since churchill ,a man who says it straight as it is instead of glossing it over and lying like the others. ukip is strong and honest.


ArsalanMarch 4, 2015

What about Muslims who don’t want to vote?
I hate all politicians, equally. I am sure many Muslims agree with me?


Ian Barnettt.March 8, 2015

muslims today have no comprehension of British values (Re Iftikha’s vitriol about a week or so ago) and they ought not be allowed to run as MPs until they have earned back some respect. Maybe in fifty or one hundred years time this position may be reviewed. islam seems to be all about politics but religions and faiths are about religion and faith and not politics.

islam is defined largely by the quoran which confirms it is a racist ‘faith’ and permits muslims to lie to and sponge of kufor’s (maybe spelled correctly but doesn’t matter).

I do not understand that it is correct behaviour for muslims to kill each other and destroy each others mosques and presumably destroy copies of the quoram in the process, et when we normal people give them a helping hand, they all get upset.

I have not digressed from the subject but have addressed some of the other comments posted here.

If Camel’s and goats controlled the Arab lands there would be no problems. muslims need to get their own house in order first before commenting on any political process in this country.


    AdamMay 7, 2015

    Ian Barnett.

    Ignorant, you know nothing about this religion. You are fooled by media.


Ian Barnettt.March 23, 2015

Dear Huw Thomas

I just love this very short video……. enjoy! (sorry I can’t offer you any popcorn).



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The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

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