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Islamic Relief launches ‘war on hunger’ campaign

26th Jul 2013


By Abdul Adil

Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband, paid tribute to the work of British Muslim charity, Islamic Relief, during the launch of ‘War on Hunger’ campaign for the month of Ramadan on July 4.

“I want to congratulate Islamic Relief on its campaign on the War on Hunger. It’s an important campaign because it looks beyond conflict – whether it’s in Syria or in Afghanistan or elsewhere – and it asks the question that all right-minded people would ask, which is: ‘What can we do to make a difference to the most vulnerable people in this country?”

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Rowan Williams, who is Chair of Christian Aid, urged greater collaboration: “Our faiths have at their heart a vision of the kind of community in which each person is gifted by God to serve every other. That deeply challenging and deeply exciting vision is what we are here to celebrate this evening. In this Ramadan campaign I wish you every blessing and every success.”

Shadow Justice Secretary, Sadiq Khan, commended not only the ‘War on Hunger’ campaign and the “phenomenal and very important work” of Islamic Relief, but also the charity’s decision to spare a thought for those living below the poverty line in the UK this Ramadan.

Political Director of Huffington Post, Mehdi Hasan,  highlighted the way the spirit of Ramadan unites communities: “When people from different faiths and backgrounds get together to share – whether it’s sharing beliefs, sharing ideas, sharing food – that’s the best way to break down barriers, to understand your fellow man, to fight prejudice and stereotyping and bigotry.”

“Today we are declaring war on hunger,” said CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide, Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, as he introduced the campaign with UK Director, Jehangir Malik. “We are asking all those who have the same values as Islamic Relief to work together to help those who cannot help themselves.”



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