Exclusive: Muslim schools surpass national GCSE average

31st Mar 2017
Exclusive: Muslim schools surpass national GCSE average

Elham Asaad Buaras

For the fourth consecutive year over half of Muslim schools featured in the Department of Education (DfE) league table have surpassed the national average of students achieving 5 or more GCSEs or equivalent A* to C grades including English and Maths GCSEs. The combined Muslim schools average (60%) for 5+ A* -C or equivalent plus English & Maths GCSEs has also surpassed the national figure of 54%.

55 (almost 63%) of the 88 Muslim schools exclusively featured in The Muslim News performance table attained a higher pass rate than the national average for 5+ A* -C plus English & Maths GCSE pass rate.

Birmingham’s Al-Furqan Community College (boys) and (girls), Brent’s Islamia Girls’ School, Luton-based Jamiatul Uloom Al-Islamia, Tower Hamlets’ Jamiatul Ummah School and Oldham’s Westwood High, all had a remarkable 100% 5+ A* -C or equivalent plus English & Maths pass rate.

Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham greatly improved their results in 2016. 92% of Darul’s students achieved A*-C in both English & Maths GCSE which is 32% higher than Birmingham’s average and a 48% increase from their 2015 results.

Headteacher Abdul Jalil Shaikh said the GCSE results are more exceptional given the fact their boys are studying it alongside a 5 year Alimi [Islamic scholar] curriculum.

“Many people, including those at Ofsted and at the DfE, do not appreciate the outstanding progress and achievement of our students and of those at similar schools in that they are studying two completely separate curriculums together and achieving exceptionally in both. And they achieved this whilst being part of a socio-economically deprived community in the heart of Small Heath, Birmingham,” he told The Muslim News.

Also improving is Greater Manchester’s Rochdale Girls School, 92% of the students attained A*-C in both English & Maths (up 34% from 2015), the Rochdale average 59%. Head Teacher Aishah Akhtar paid tribute to her hard-working staff and students saying, “I hope we can continue to nurture the potential of our current pupils and to see equally fantastic results in the coming years.”

Al-Burhan Grammar School in Birmingham did splendidly as 94% of the students attained A*-C in both English & Maths. Al-Burhan consistently excels; in the last 3 years, the school has on average achieved 93% A*-C in both English & Maths GCSEs pass rate, 35% higher than the Birmingham average. Headteacher Dr Mohammad Nasrullah said small class sizes and high expectations coupled with excellent staff support is why Ofsted “noted our pupils’ ‘perseverance, resilience and attitude to learning were exemplary’.”



The Average Attainment 8 score per pupil for Islamia Girl’s School in north-west London stood at 69.1 last year, surpassing the national average of 48.5. The result means that on average the girls attained two grades higher than the national average. The girls also achieved 100% A*-C in both English & Maths and 100% of pupils achieving 5+A*-C or equivalent including English and Maths.

“This could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of all the staff and also the collaborative work with parents and students,” said Head Teacher Sdaqat Jabeen.

The Brent based school has also received an ‘outstanding’ grading from its last Ofsted inspection in all categories which include, ‘Achievement of pupils’, ‘Quality of teaching, Behaviour’ & ‘Safety of pupils’ and ‘Leadership & Management’.

Staying in the capital, Waltham Forest-based Lantern of Knowledge Boys Secondary School also had a lot to celebrate last year, with 93% of its students attaining A*-C in both Maths & English. Head Teacher Abdullah Keekeebhai remarked, “I am delighted once again that Lantern of Knowledge School has surpassed the local and national average results significantly. We hope InshaAllah, this trend will continue for years to come for the benefit of the local Muslim community.”

Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, which was deemed ‘outstanding’ in its last Ofsted inspection, continues to excel. 94% of its students achieved A*-C in both English & Maths (Manchester average 55%), while 79% of the girls achieved 5+A*-C or equivalent grades including A*-C in both English & Maths GCSEs (Manchester average 50%).

Head Teacher Mona Mohamed told The Muslim News, “We are very proud of our pupils’ achievements and are pleased that attainment at the school continues to be well above both national and Manchester schools’ average. Our results are a testament to the commitment, dedication and aspiration of all partners, staff, parents and, of course, pupils.”

She added, “A special mention must go to the following pupils for their excellent achievements: Yussra El-Mahmoudi (6A*, 4A & 1B), Sadaf Syeda (5A*, 3A & 2B) and Amaani Esmail (4A*, 3A, 3B & 1C).”

Results for Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School & Sixth Form College places it among the highest performing schools in the country. 97% of students at the Blackburn school achieved A*-C in English and Maths GCSEs, while 79% achieved the English Baccalaureate, nationally, fewer than a quarter of students achieve this. Tauheedul is also ranked the highest in the country amongst non-selective schools for results by students with low prior achievement at primary school. 86% of students with low prior achievement achieved a ‘good pass’ in English and Maths, nationally, only 8% of students achieve this result.

94% of the girls from disadvantaged backgrounds achieved a ‘good pass’ in English & Maths and 61% of Tauheedul students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieved the English Baccalaureate, nationally only a tenth of such students achieve this.

Executive Principal Hamid Patel told The Muslim News: “As exams get tougher, the Government figures show that we are continuing to achieve amazing results with our students – regardless of their prior ability and background. Some of our most vulnerable learners – those who have performed poorly at primary school and those who are in foster care or from low-income families – have achieved so well.”

Islamiyah Girls High School celebrated excellent results last year. 77% of the students achieved A*-C in both English & Maths (Blackburn average 65%), while 70% of pupils achieved 5+A*-C or equivalent including A*-C in both English & Maths GCSEs (Blackburn average 60%).

Head Teacher, Yusuf Seedat spoke of his delight at the schools being “among the very best in the borough. Our Progress 8 measure is an impressive +0.8 (compared to +0.11 in the local borough). Likewise, with our English Baccalaureate performance of 68% where locally and nationally no fewer than a quarter achieve our English Baccalaureate. Results like this testify to the dedication and expertise of our whole staffing body who work very hard to help our pupils to achieve their potential.”

Sajida Muneer, Deputy Headteacher at Feversham College, spoke of her pride in the college exceeding Bradford’s averages in all measures. “Feversham’s Progress 8 (+0.64) score was the highest in Bradford and places it in the top 3% of schools nationally,” explained Muneer.

The percentage of students achieving English & Maths increased from last year and was 21% above the Bradford average and 14% above the national average.

This increase was mirrored in the percentage of girls achieving 5+A*-C or equivalent including A*-C in both English & Maths which reached 72%, (26% higher than the Bradford average). “We would like to congratulate all the girls on these results. They were a culmination of hard work by all involved, including staff and parents,” said Muneer.

For detailed results see table prepared exclusively by The Muslim News http://muslimnews.co.uk/newspaper/%newspaper_type%/muslim-schools-2016-gcse-equivalent-exam-results/


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