Alif Academy celebrates Inter-Faith Week

24th Dec 2013

Alif Academy celebrates Inter-Faith Week
Alif Academy held a series of events to mark Inter-Faith Week

Elham Asaad Buaras

An independent Muslim primary school in Newham recently held a series of events to mark Inter-Faith Week (November 17 to 23), with an exhibition featuring six major world religions for the pupils and visitors.

In addition to assemblies and classroom activities, representatives from the different world faiths came to the AlifAcademy to talk about their faith to the pupils and answered their questions.

Among the guests were Rachel Wood from Bet Tikvah Synangogue in NewburyPark who showed a range of Jewish artifacts, including blowing from a ram’s horn. Darshan Singh and Sukhdev Singh from Ramgarhia Gurdwara in Forest Gate showed the pupils how to tie a turban in the Sikh style.

Headteacher, Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad, told The Muslim News; “It is important that we learn about other religions, especially from members of those religions, so we understand how and why they practise their religions. This will prepare us well to live harmoniously in an increasingly multi-cultural society.”

In September, AlifAcademy celebrated World Peace Day with people of other faiths. The school is very keen to engage with the wider community and for its pupils to learn about other faiths in addition to their own to enrich and broaden their knowledge.

2 Responses to “Alif Academy celebrates Inter-Faith Week”

Hafiz Abdullah MuhammadDecember 31, 2013

Thank you for publishing our story. As a former RE teacher myself, I am strongly in favour of learning about other faiths and cultures to enrich our experiences and it does not mean that we become unfaithful to our own traditions.


Umm LuqmanJanuary 2, 2014

Thank you to Muslim News for publishing the article on Alif Academy’s celebration of inter faith week. I am deeply concerned about Alif’s decision to participate in this to the extent that they did and find it highly worrying. I understand and appreciate the need to learn about other religions and why they do the acts that they do. However, our muslim headteachers need to think about what it is they are actually promoting via these inter faith weeks and what it is they are actually teaching our children… Through islam we learn about these other religions. Allah has told us clearly about them in the Quran. At primary age i believe it is vital that we embed isl into our children first and foremost before we expose them so openly and more worryingly so welcomingly to other religions which are clearly based upon shirk…


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