Putting the genie of terrorism back in the bottle

25th Jul 2014

Is the British Government inane, obstinate, empty-headed or just prefers not to listen? If it still fails to understand that its policies on countering so-called Muslim terrorism are misguided and blown out of all proportion, who else is better to take notice of that than the head of the Secret Intelligence Service at the time of the 9/11 attacks, Sir Richard Dearlove. The former MI6 chief also points the finger at Saudi Arabia for its possible role in bankrolling the rise of ISIS in Iraq when Britain does not seem to have any strategy in this area.

“It’s time to move consciously beyond the field of influence that 9/11 understandably created in our national security policy,” Dearlove said in a speech this month at the Royal United Services Institute, London’s foremost defence and security think tank. “What should not have been inevitable was the way in which 9/11 has come to dominate and still influences our thinking about national security.”

He made clear his concern at the extent of press pressure influencing national security policy. “I feel deeply uncomfortable to see our media making national security monsters out of rather misguided young men from our Muslim communities who frankly cut rather pathetic figures. Thanks to the media coverage they achieve celebrity status beyond their wildest dreams and are probably actually encouraged by the attention towards fulfilment of some of their more extreme radical fantasies. Surely, better to ignore.”

Perhaps David Cameron may also remember advice he ignored shortly after becoming Prime Minister from the head of MI5 security services at the time of the 2005 London bombings. Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller told the Iraq war inquiry that Britain’s involvement “radicalised a whole generation of young people, some of them British citizens who saw our involvement in Iraq, on top of our involvement in Afghanistan, as being an attack on Islam.”

In his speech, Dearlove said he was not suggesting the funding of ISIS was directly from the Government in Saudi Arabia but that maybe a “blind-eye being turned” to channel the money. “For ISIS to be able to surge into the Sunni areas of Iraq in the way that it has done recently has to be the consequence of substantial and sustained funding, such things simply do not happen spontaneously.” The Saudi leadership, he said, are “deeply attracted towards any militancy, which can effectively challenge Shiadom.”

The thrust of his argument was that more 50 per cent of MI5, MI6, and GCHQ resources were spent on countering so called threats from the Muslim community in Britain, more than ever was spent on the Soviet Union during the cold war, or to Irish terrorism that had cost many, many more UK lives. It was time to move away from the “distortion” of the post-9/11 mindset, make “realistic risk assessments” and think rationally about the causes of the crisis in the Middle East.

One Response to “Putting the genie of terrorism back in the bottle”

Iftikhar AhmadJuly 25, 2014

I know Muslim bashing is the latest craze, but flick through the newspapers or archives, the last 5 threats to security in the UK all came from groups in Northern Ireland. Rather convenient too, that the pipe bomb found at a Belfast University a couple of weeks ago hardly even made the news. The Northern Ireland government also contains ministers who believe that the earth is less than 6000 years old, and that men are divinely ordained to have over lordship over women.

Islamic Extremism is NOT a problem for the Muslim Community. The Government/media/institutions have just patronised us into thinking it is. What makes people think that Muslim communities aren’t doing anything? It’s just that they are going up against an establishment that helps radicalise Muslims with its actions. Let’s be honest, the biggest recruitment drive for radical Islam was George Bush hiring the Black water Mercenaries. Muslims are people, just like you, but with less irrational hatreds, I suspect. The other fact is that most recent terror attempts in this country – mainland – have come from right-wing extremists associated with the BNP.Our politicians won’t stop invading other countries for resources, won’t stop encouraging violence and war and they also won’t stop demonising minorities in order to pass the blame for their own actions onto their victims. It is borderline racism, bi-partisan and disgusting. All so that our major oil companies can keep on returning big dividend payments to these same thugs and warmongers. Islamist terrorists are inspired by a hate-filled ideology – a perversion of the great faith of Islam.

The Muslims Are Coming!’ highlights many examples of both the ‘hearts and minds’ and the ‘counterterrorism’ approaches to a problem which might actually be largely illusory or self-created. In the UK since 2008, a Home Office project known as Channel, part of the Preventing Violent Extremism programme PREVENT, has kept thousands of young Muslims under surveillance, keeping tabs through family members, youth clubs and cultural organisations and mosques. Around £20 million a year in Channel money has funded sports and arts facilities around the country, to help provide locations where young Muslims can take part in non-religious activities, but also where it is easier for police and youth workers to keep them under observation. All the data on activities, religious commitment and social networks are fed back to the police, intelligence agencies and MI6

Schools are referring to the police record numbers of pupils and staff identified as being at risk of radicalisation. I think this is more to do with increasing numbers of public sector officials, in this case teachers, being designated a role in the security state. If you tell more teachers to look out for ‘signs’ of radicalisation, they are sure to find some even if they are not there. Its the security state always needing an enemy, and as we saw yesterday the NHS getting involved in immigration policy here we have schools involved in policing. This is what you call a police state. Most who travel to Syria travel for humanitarian reasons, out of those who fight, most do it for honourable reasons and not for the extremists, and as for those who do fight for those groups not a single one has planned any attack on the UK. Beware the police when they speak to you. It does remind me of reports of young men and women travelling to Spain in the 30’s to fight the fascists – the British government also tried to stop them too. Yes, I would expect a British police officer to be stopping crime rather than investigating people for “radical” political views. Sharia law. Women valued (yes, valued) at one third of a man, stoning is permissible ‘in an ideal state’, honour killings and all the rest of this primitive cult are now wrapped in sympathy by every senior policeman who has ever open her or his mouth on the subject of ‘extremism’. It’s not ‘extremism’ if the majority support it. Those hundreds of thousands who stand by and look on approving are never counted apparently. The open and plural society could never come into existence today since no one would defend it. Being referred to Prevent is a quick way to get on MI5’s list of undesirables and exploitable. MI5 is not much different from the Gestapo.

During the 40s and 50s in the US, a time period sometimes referred to as the “McCarthy era” a lot of activity took place whereby people who knew someone that was perhaps a competitor or unfriendly would “red bate” them starting roomers about them being communist. This is pretty much the same thing. The UK is seriously under the thrall of a dangerous hysteria gannet up by rulers for their own purposes. Record numbers of pupils and staff identified as being at risk of radicalisation. Great, we have many institutions that seem to be looking for just this. But I doubt they are radical enough for our establishment. You have to know your involved in killing innocents around the world in massive numbers and be ok with it. While going along with mass surveillance and manipulation of the population. Radical, Ha, they don’t know the meaning. ‘We’ funded the real hard line groups, arm the most undemocratic states. One world is a battle ground, one world and we will smash it down. That’s radical.

What about the far right or those who hold views that are not in tune with a multi-cultural society/inter-connected world in the 21st century? Are they going to go those schools/areas or those homes to stop racist ideas/views that are harmful to society? This radicalisation is so exaggerated it is beyond belief! They are pressing matters such NSA, harmful capitalism, debt, environmental issues, Pro-Zionist influences in Western politics/governments… Have a look at how many far right bomb plots and actual murders by the far right have happened in the UK the past few years. I’ll give you a clue, its more than any other terrorist threat.

Muslim immigrants in the non-Muslim countries, are often targeted for their looks, dressing, and in some cases—these lads become victim of bully and torture for the infamous incident of 9/11 — so what happens, they really want to turn, what they’ve been stereotyped in the west usually. “The problem is that the indicators used to identify what the government calls extremism are often opinions or beliefs held by the vast majority of practising Muslims in this country.” Yes, that is a problem. What if ‘opinions held by the vast majority of practising Muslims in this country’ are seen as extremism by the vast majority of non-Muslims in this country? What then? That is the real tragedy. That this nasty view is taken as fact. That so many people in this country now feel free to express overt and bigoted anti-Muslim sentiments. That so many in this country do not understand that just a tiny minority of Muslims hold radical views. Get to know some Muslims; discuss their views, share a laugh with them. You’d feel better, and the world will be a better place. The problem with radicalisation is that it is impossible to define. How do you fight it when so many things that are viewed as normal Islamic practices, such as Jihad and gender segregation, are viewed as radical by others? There should be laws that clearly define what is acceptable and what is not.

What is about the English mentality?? Foreign Jews have gone plenty of times and fought in their holy land, with no animosity/hatred/jail etc from the UK or USA, so why is it a problem if Muslims do the same thing? Is Jewish blood worth more than that of Muslims?? Or is it that the media/Government/Police/Army want to keep up with this Islamophobia. In fact they asking the schools to stoke up Islamophobia too, as if there wasn’t enough of it already. UK and rest of world wanted to send in troops to fight against and topple the Assad regime, now we have a group ( ISIS ) combined with a handful of foreign fighters doing the exact same thing and all of a sudden its problem??

What is the real agenda here?? Is it that UK is scared someone else may take over Assad’s oil and gold?? Well that will never happen, the amount of weapons Russia has provided to Assad will ensure Syria’s sovereignty, ISIS may have to settle for their own state ( which they deserve ) but Syria will still be Syria.



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The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

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