India: Elections 2014: Lowest number of Muslim MPs since 1952

17th May 2014


NEW DELHI, (Times of India): The representation of Muslims in this Lok Sabha will be the lowest since the first general election of 1952. The 16th Lok Sabha will have just 24 Muslim MPs, down from 30 in the 15th.

That translates to 4.4% of the strength of the House.

Muslims constituted 4.3% of the first Lok Sabha in 1952, but their proportion has hovered between five and six per cent for the last quarter of a century after dropping from a high of 9.3% or 49 members in the LS elected in the 1980 elections.

The incoming House will have no Muslim MPs from Uttar Pradesh, a first. It will also not have any from Maharashtra, a large state with a substantial Muslim population.

The only states to have elected MPs from the community are West Bengal (eight), Jammu & Kashmir (four), Bihar (four), Kerala (three), Assam (two) and Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep (one each).

Of these, of course J&K as well as Lakshadweep have Muslim-majority populations.

Given the nature of the BJP’s sweep and the fact that it fielded hardly any Muslim candidates, the fact that the new House will have so few from the community does not come as a surprise.

4 Responses to “India: Elections 2014: Lowest number of Muslim MPs since 1952”

Ramesh Persad-MaharajMay 17, 2014

The Indian diaspora in the Caribbean countries are happy over the convincing victory
by Mr. Modi, his party BJP and his allies.

India now has a great opportunity to restore its image in the world not only as an
economic powerhouse but as a true champion in ethics morality and spirituality.
The indian psyche is based on truth and Mr. Modi has lived a life of truth. The ball
is now in his Court. He has to clean the stables. Many may get hurt. Politicians
and others who have done wrong must pay the price.

India is the home of the most ancient civilization and it possesses the true knowledge
in every field of human endeavour which the western world is yet to know about.

It is time now under Mr. Modi for India to take its rightful place on the world stage. India has the wherewithal to influence peace in the world and should not shirk its responsibility.

We believe Mr. Modi has the support of the World which will be looking to see
what this great son of Bharat would deliver to his people and the world.

May God bless him as he leads the world’s largest democracy.


SameerMay 18, 2014

Mr R Persad, you sound very unfamiliar with your own country and your new leader. India is a land of myth. So are its people. Because of its weak and vague mythological implications it has been repeatedly taken over by foreign powers. It has been divided into many castes and now there are many in numbers converting to Islam and Christianity. This loss is irrevocable and is hard to digest fact by the communally provoked leaders and their followers. This made them bring their only way of winning the election, polarisation. The terminology your leader used was no way of a secular leader can do. “Ganga mayya Ne bulaya hai”, ” Ram Rajya”, blabla.. This is what the innocent Indian fell a victim of, what a pity..Once again its divided. Their emotions provoked and they’ll not only give votes but give their daughters as well. So are these ancient civilazations. Let me highlight you and the readers the fact that a person is only strong and confident spiritually when the spiritual path (religion) that he practices gives him that confidence. This confidence encourages him to even propogate his path. Which you will never find in your ancient civilization.
The western world neither any other world will embrace your ancient mythology. They are already far far ahead of that. Does it not sound foolish that spiritually you want to b backward in ancient times. How is true knowledge connected to ancient civilization.
Indians are very emotional.. As all their bhagwaans love stories n Bollywood love stories. They think with emotions n they even hate with emotions. Like they were made to kill innocent in Gujarat. They are so emotionally attached to their falsehood that they will hardly accept the truth. And Modi, BJP n its allies have expertise to use use these emotions for their benefits. Its because of your such emotions you don’t see modi as a mass murderer. As a human how can u overlook that state sponsored killings of thousands women n children??..


    MadhdvanMay 19, 2014

    Sameer, just to put things in perspective – In the riots one third of the people who were killed were Hindus. It is expected to have higher casualties on the side of minority in a clash between minority and majority in any part of the world. Had only muslims been killed, we could have assumed that there was a role of the state in the riots. Also, just for your information, these riots were started when a group of muslims had locked a train compartment and burned alive 56 hindu pilgrims many of them women and children.


Mahmud the Idol smasherMay 23, 2014

I see the Indians are out trotting out nonsense about the innocence of Modi. If you like Modi so much give us a break and keep it to yourself because we remain unconvinced that he is not a mass murderer. Only in India could you believe that Modi is not guilty of mass murder for presiding over the slaughter in Gujrat. It is really sickening to think that Indians vote for this RSS loving fascist and his genocidal policies of marginalising the Muslims of India.


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