Palestine: Two wounded detainees, attacked and beaten by Israeli soldiers

18th Feb 2014

By Saed Bannoura

IMEMC & Agencies: Tuesday, Hanan Khatib, one of the lawyers of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, visited two wounded Palestinian political prisoners, held by Israel, who testified to her how the soldiers assaulted them after arresting them.

Khatib met detainees Murad Abu Hamdiyya, 30 years of age, and Odai Abdul-Raouf Seif, 23, currently receiving treatment at the Ramla Israeli Hospital.

Abu Hamdiyya told Khatib that, on January 21 2014, soldiers surrounded his home, and opened fire at him without a warning, wounding him in his left thigh.

“On January 21 2014, soldiers surrounded my home, and invaded it; without a warning they started firing, they shot me in my left leg, and I fell to the ground”, he said, “I laid still, but the soldiers dragged me… I was bleeding, and they then released their dogs on me, the dogs bit me in the thigh…”

The soldiers also attacked Abu Hamdiyya, and started beating him all over his body, causing various cuts and bruises.
They then placed him in their jeep; a soldier sat on his wounded leg, while another soldier took pictures.

Abu Hamdiyya was then moved to a hospital where he underwent surgery that required installing a rod. He remained hospitalized at the Hadassah Israeli hospital in Jerusalem for six days. Soldiers were posted on his door, and he remained cuffed to his bed. He was later moved to the Ramla hospital.

The second wounded detainees, Saif, said that on February 7th, as he was heading back home from work, he was then attacked by a group of settlers near the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

The settlers beat him, kicked and punched him to various parts of his body; he suffered a dislocated shoulder, and was bleeding from his head as well as other parts of his body.

“Israel soldiers arrived at the scene, and took me away from the settlers”, he said, “But then, the soldiers started beating me and took me to their base”.

Saif was moved to the Ramla Hospital, and is currently receiving treatment; he still suffered with intense pain in his chest, shoulder and head.

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