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Palestine: Rafah hit hard by Israeli airstrikes; 24 more killed, incl parents & their children

3rd Aug 2014
Palestine: Rafah hit hard by Israeli airstrikes; 24 more killed, incl parents & their children


[Photo: Universiy Street in Rafah where massacre took place]


By Saed Bannoura


IMEMC: Local sources report that at least 50 Palestinians were killed in continuous airstrikes on Rafah on Saturday. This follows an attack on a market in Rafah Friday that broke a ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ with the number of deaths estimated to be over 50, and the wounding of 200 more. The final toll is still being determined, however, as many bodies (and possibly survivors) remain under the rubble and medics have been unable to access them due to continuous Israeli shelling.
In the latest airstrikes on Rafah, 4 people were killed and 11 injured in an airstrike on the Abu Taha family home. They were identified as:
1. Sadia Abu Taha, 40
2. Mohammed Abu Taha, 27
3. Youssef Abu Taha
4. Rezeq Abu Taha, two months

In Nusseirat Saturday afternoon, 4 people were killed and 5 injured in an airstrike on the Abu Madi family home. They have been identified as a father and three children:
1. Yousef Daoud Abu Madi, 65
2. Hassan Yousef Abu Madi
3-Karim Yousef Abu Madi 24
4. Amin Yousef Abu Madi, 5

In a separate airstrike in Rafah on Saturday, two people were killed and their bodies brought to the Kuwaiti Hospital:
1 – Muhammad Hassan Qeshta
2 – Ahmed Shtewi Qeshta

Several bodies of Palestinians that had been brought to the Kuwaiti Hospital in Rafah during the massive bombardment on Friday were identified Saturday as:
1 – Yahya al-Nems
2 – Hazem al-Nems
3 – Mohammad al-Nems
4 – Osama Abu Nakirah
5 – Mousa Mohammad Ahmad Abu Rajila, 25
6 – Salma Suleiman Mohammad Radwan, 86
7 – Ibrahim Abdel-Hakim Daoud al-Zaqzouq, 22
8 – Mohammad Foaz Ibrahim Abu Rajilah, 26
9 – Hazim Khaled Abdel-Maadi Awda’

The bodies of four people killed in an airstrike that hit the Abu Teir family home on Saturday late afternoon were brought to Nassar Hospital in Gaza City:
Hathifa Abu Teir
Nabil al-Najjar
Kamal Abu Teir
Ahmad Abu Teir

Also in Gaza City, in Shifa Hospital, a critically wounded Palestinian died in surgery. The victim was identified as:
Yahya Jamal Musa Shabat, 29

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