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Palestine: Prominent youth activist abducted by Israeli troops in Hebron

12th Apr 2013

By Saed Bannoura

IMEMC News: The coordinator of the non-violent group called ‘Youth Against Settlements’
was abducted Wednesday by Israeli troops when he responded to a summons to appear at the
police station at the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba.

Issa Amro is being charged with ‘incitement of terrorism’, apparently for his work in the
grassroots, non-violent movement challenging the Israeli theft of Palestinian land.

The group Youth Against Settlements describes itself as “a national Palestinian non-partisan
activist group which seeks to end Israeli colonization activities in Palestine (building and
expanding settlements) through non-violent popular struggle and civil disobedience.”

Throughout the past few years, Youth Against Settlements has been leading the global
campaign to re-open Shuhada street, Hebron’s main commerce center that was closed to
Palestinian movement in 1994. According to their website, the group is based in Hebron
because it is one of the areas hardest hit by the Israeli occupation. Ostensibly to protect
approximately 600 fundamentalists Israelis that have forcibly established a settlement right
in the heart of Hebron, the Israeli state has imposed on the Palestinian residents of the city a
regime of forced evictions, curfews, market closures, street closures, military checkpoints,
subjection to military law including frequent random searches and detention without charge,
and lack of protection from rampant settler violence, which has pressured approximately
13,000 Palestinian civilians to flee their homes in the Hebron city center, turning it into a
virtual ghost town.

According to the International Solidarity Movement, Amro was also abducted several weeks
ago along with three internationals and two Palestinians for taking part in a demonstration on
Shuhada street where activists walked down the road wearing Martin Luther King and Barack
Obama masks to mark the visit of the US president to the West Bank. After his release he
was banned from walking in the area of Tel Rumeida for two weeks.

This is not the first time that Amro has been taken into custody by Israeli troops for his work
with ‘Youth Against Settlements’. In June 2012, he was abducted at the Palestinian-Jordanian
border by Israeli forces while on his way to Italy for a speaking tour organized by the Italian
Peace Association to meet Members of the Italian Parliament and Senate, and municipality
representatives from different Italian cities.


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