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Iraq: UN Secretary-General meets Ayatullah Al-Sistani for the first time in Najaf

Pakistan: Allama Talib Jauhri’s son-in-law shot dead in Karachi

Palestine: 73 Palestinians killed on Wed in Gaza, total death toll at 695

Palestine: 21 Palestinians killed in early dawn strikes in Gaza

Palestine: Palestinian families kicked out of their homes by Israeli army in Hebron

17th Jun 2014
Palestine: Palestinian families kicked out of their homes by Israeli army in Hebron


[Photo: Twitter Post - Ramallah Invasion]
IMEMC & Agencies: Monday, Israeli military continued its massive invasion and arrests in different parts of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, and so far kicked out three Palestinian families from their homes, to use them as military posts, and even to sleep there.

Resident Saleh al-‘Oweiwy said the army kicked out three families, including his own, and the family of his brother, and informed them that the soldiers will be sleeping there.
He added that the families, under gunpoint, had no other option but to leave, especially amidst threats by the soldiers to use force against them, and even to shoot them if they do not leave.
Another family was also forced out, and dozens of soldiers occupied their home to use it for sleeping, and to turn it into a military post and a monitoring tower.
The army also occupied ‘Ayesh as-Sayyed School, west of Hebron city, and used it as a military base.
On Monday at night, dozens of soldiers invaded the al-Jenan neighborhood in the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and searched several homes.
Soldiers also invaded Anata town and Shu’fat refugee camp, in occupied Jerusalem.
In related news, a number of fanatic Israeli settlers fired rounds of live ammunition at Palestinian cars driving near Beit Rima town, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah. Damage was reported, no injuries.
Eyewitnesses said the settlers came from Halamish illegal settlement, built on lands illegally confiscated from residents of Nabi Saleh and Dir Nitham villages.
As the army continues to search for three missing Israeli settlers, dozens of Palestinians have been kidnapped by the soldiers who broke into and searched hundreds of Palestinian homes and property, in Hebron, Bethlehem, and different Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank.
The army also kidnapped the elected head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik, along with legislators Bassem az-Za’arir and Azzam Salhab.
In addition, soldiers shot and killed a young Palestinian man in the al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah, injured at least two Palestinians and kidnapped several residents.

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