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Palestine: Palestinian demands Israel has accepted, and rejected

9th Aug 2014
Palestine: Palestinian demands Israel has accepted, and rejected



[Photo: Palestinian child found alive underneath rubble. Image – Gaza Now]


IMEMC & Agencies:  The following is a list of Palestinian demands presented to Israel by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, some accepted by Israel others rejected by them, during indirect talks held in Egypt between Israeli and Palestinians teams, as published by al-Watan News:
1. Israel totally rejects establishing either a Seaport or an Airport in the Gaza Strip.

2. Totally rejects the release of all detainees who were released under the Shalit Prisoner Swap Deal, and rearrested by Israel.

3. Israel “reserves the right” to act against the tunnels in Gaza.
4. Israel “reserves the right” to conduct targeted killings.

5. Agrees to consider the Rafah Border Terminal as an Egyptian-Palestinian issue.

6. Agrees to release the fourth phase of veteran detainees “as a goodwill gesture toward president Mahmoud Abbas.”

7. Agrees to extend the Palestinian fishing zone in Gaza territorial waters.

8. Agrees to allow the transfer of money for paying salaries in the Gaza Strip.

9. Agrees to ease restrictions on Palestinians crossing the Erez terminal, will not relax restrictions on goods.

10. Agrees to the entry of construction equipment, but only under international supervision.

Just before the 72-hour ceasefire ended on Friday morning, Israeli sources said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the army to remain ready for any possible escalation.

When the came to an end the resistance fired a missile into the Nahal ‘Oz military base, across the border and the army bombarded several areas in the Gaza Strip.

Armed groups also fired shells into Asqalan (Ashkelon) and a number of areas.

One Response to “Palestine: Palestinian demands Israel has accepted, and rejected”

NidalAugust 9, 2014

seems to me as if Zionists are bending slowly. I just hope Hamas has enough fire power to continue the great job. The ball is in their court. Zionists will probably try to drag this out so Hamas needs to keep up the pressure. Insha Allah victory will be for the freedom fighters, and Allah knows best


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