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Palestine: Israeli soldiers inject a Palestinian with unknown component while arresting him

4th Apr 2014
Palestine: Israeli soldiers inject a Palestinian with unknown component while arresting him


[File photo: Shehab News]


IMEMC & Agencies: The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported Thursday that an Israeli soldier injected a Palestinian with an unknown substance while kidnapping him in Beit Jala town, near the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

The PPS said that several soldiers attacked Yousef Abdul-Rahim Khatib, 26, before one of them injected him with a substance that caused him to have difficulties in breathing’ shortly afterwards, he started breathing heavily, and lost consciousness.


His uncle, Khaled Khatib, said the family thought, at first, that the soldiers sprayed gas in his face, but found the syringe and needle the soldiers used. Yousef was placed on a stretcher and was taken away by the soldiers.


Abdullah Zaghary, executive head of the PPS stated that the injection will be sent to a local lab to determine the materials used by the soldiers, and held Israel responsible for the life and welfare of the detainee.


Al-Khatib was kidnapped on Wednesday, at dawn, when the soldiers invaded the home of his uncle in Beit Jala, after using explosives to detonate the main door of the property.


The army used dogs while violently searching the house, leading to excessive property damage.


On Wednesday, soldiers forced a Palestinian child to take an unknown pill after kidnapping him in the Jabal Johar area, in Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.


After Ziyad al-Shanteer, 15, was obliged to take the unknown pill, he felt dizzy and suffered a headache moments later. The child was transferred to a hospital in Hebron for medical treatment.

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