Palestine: 4900 Palestinians currently held by Israel

23rd Nov 2013

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IMEMC & Agencies: Palestinian Researcher specialized in detainee’s affair Abdul-Nasser Farawna stated that the Israeli occupation army is still holding captive 4900 Palestinians in 17 prisons, prison camps, detention and interrogation facilities. Among the detainees are children, disabled, elderly and legislators.

The researcher, who also head the census department of the Ministry of Detainees, said that Israel is currently holding captive 190 children, and that the total number of children kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel since September 2000 exceeded 10.000.

In his report, Farawna said that there are 14 women held by Israel, facing continuous violations and bad treatment. One of them is Lina al-Jarbouni who has been jailed for more than 11 years.

He added that Israel is still using its illegitimate policies of arbitrary Administrative Detention, currently imprisoning 142 Palestinians without charges, and that thousands of Palestinians faced Administrative Detention orders throughout the years, some spending years behind bars.

The study also indicated that there are 495 detainees who are serving at least one life-term, including the longest serving detainee Abdullah Barghouthi who was taken prisoner on March 5 2003, and was sentenced to 67 life terms and an additional 250 years.

Farawna said that Israel continued its violations against democratically elected legislators, currently holding captive 14 legislators, and 1 former minister; all held without charges.

Israel kidnapped and imprisoned more than 60 legislators and ministers over the last ten years.

As for detainees who have been imprisoned since before the Palestinian Authority was established on May 4 1994, Farawna said that the number is currently 52, including 48 who have been imprisoned for more than 20, and 17 who have been imprisoned for more than 25.

The oldest amongst them is Karim Younis who was kidnapped 31 years ago.

Farawna said that ailing Palestinian prisoners are facing very harsh conditions deprived of their basic right to essential and specialized medical treatment.

There are more than 1500 ailing detainees, including 20 permanently held at the Ramla Prison Clinic that lack basic equipment and supplies.

Those detainees suffer with various conditions including paralysis, heart diseases, cancers and other conditions. The Palestinian official further said that 205 Palestinians died in prison since 1967, some of them were tortured to death, while others died due to lack or medical attention, and others were shot and killed after being captured.

The latest casualty was Hasan Toraby, 22 years of age, who suffered with several serious health issues, and died at the Al-‘Affoula Israeli Hospital after being denied essential medical treatment. He was merely moved to a hospital after a serious deterioration in his condition.

Dozens of Palestinians died after being freed from prison due to numerous health issues they faced in prison but never received the needed medical attention until after they were freed. Among them are detainee Morad Abu Sakout, Hayel Abu Zeid, Ashraf Abu Threi’, and Zakariyya Issa.

Farawna denounced Israel’s illegitimate policies depriving hundreds of families from visiting with their detained loved ones.

Children of Gaza Strip detainees are completely denied their right to family visits, an issue that has serious impacts on their psychological conditions, and the conditions of their detained loved ones.

Farawna urged all international human right groups to support the detainees, especially amidst the ongoing and escalating violations against them in direct violation of International Law and all related international resolutions.

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