Palestine: 120 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli soldiers on Sunday

16th Jun 2014
Palestine: 120 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli soldiers on Sunday

Saed Bannoura

IMEMC News: The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees denounced the ongoing Israeli military escalation against the Palestinians in the occupied territories, and revealed the army kidnapped at least 120 Palestinians, during random home invasions and attacks, in the occupied West Bank, on Sunday.

Among the 120 kidnapped Palestinians are six legislators, and two former government ministers.
Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Shawqi al-Ayaysa, denounced the idleness of the International Community while Israel continues its assaults, for the third consecutive day, especially since the army is conducting hundreds of invasions, arresting dozens of Palestinians at random.

He said the army is acting under direct orders made by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“What Israel is doing is a real war against unarmed civilians, the arrests are acts of revenge targeting every Palestinian”, the Minister stated, “Israel is arresting Palestinians at random, it knows vary well they have nothing to do with the disappearance of the settlers”.

He held Israel fully responsible for the lives of the detained Palestinians, adding that dozens of detainees are placed in small rooms, and are interrogated and assaulted.

Fifty detainees were taken to the Huwwara detention camp, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Sixteen of them have chronic conditions, and require medical attention.

The detainees told a lawyer of the Ministry of Detainees that they have been physically assaulted, and that the soldiers were cursing at them, shouting insults against them and their families.

Al-Ayasa said the International Community needs to act on ending Israel’s immoral violations, ongoing human rights abuses, and must oblige Israel to stop its military aggression.

Despite the fact that most arrests were focused in the southern West Bank district of Hebron, the invasions, and arrest, also targeted various Palestinian communities in different parts of the occupied West Bank.

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