13th Jul 2013

Saudi Arabia: Two Saudis sentenced to prison for protesting monarchy

A Saudi special court has sentenced two men to eight and nine years in jail, respectively, for taking part in protests in Eastern Province, SPA state news agency said on Friday. The first defendant was found guilty of joining three … Continued

12th Jul 2013

Iraq: Wave of terrorist attacks rip through Iraq at start of Ramadan

A string of deadly attacks have claimed dozens of lives across Iraq. The violence came as Iraq began celebrating the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. Bomb and gun attacks claimed the lives of at least 30 people across Iraq on … Continued

12th Jul 2013

Lebanon: CIA: Al-Qa’ida dispatched 16 tons of explosives to Lebanon

[The American side claimed to have credible information that an al-Qaeda-linked group rigged two large trucks with up to seven tons of explosives each for detonation in Dahiyeh. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah)] By Hassan Illeik Al-Akhbar: Nearly a week before the … Continued

12th Jul 2013

Iraq: Suicide bombers kill five policemen in Iraq

Two suicide bombers attacked a police station in western Iraq on Thursday, killing at least five policemen, police sources said. The first bomber opened fire on a checkpoint as he approached the police station, shooting two dead before entering the … Continued

11th Jul 2013

Afghanistan: 5 Afghan killed in twin blasts in Helmand province

LASHKAR GAH, (Xinhua): Five Afghans lost their lives as twin bombs went off in Marja district of Helmand province, 555 km south of Kabul, on Thursday, a provincial government spokesman said. “A mine planted by militants struck a civilian car … Continued

11th Jul 2013

Lebanon: Targeting Hizbullah: Who is behind Dahiyeh bombing?

[It was later discovered that the operation was carried out by local CIA operatives and financed by Saudi Arabia by way of the kingdom’s ambassador in Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Bombing in March 1985 (Photo: Haitham Moussawi)] By Ibrahim … Continued

11th Jul 2013

Lebanon: Syrian rebel group claims responsibility for Beirut suburb blast

A little known Syrian rebel group has claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack that hit the southern suburbs of Beirut on Tuesday, wounding 53 people. It also claimed it was behind an attack on a Hezbollah convoy in eastern … Continued

10th Jul 2013

UN: Russia gives UN forensic proof rebels used chemical weapons in Syria

By William M. Reilly UNITED NATIONS,  (Xinhua): A day after Syria invited United Nations chemical weapons investigators to talks in Damascus, Russia said on Tuesday it had forensic proof that rebels have used a “lethal” sarin compound and handed its … Continued

9th Jul 2013

Lebanon: Dozens wounded in Beirut blast on the eve of Ramadan

Al-Akhbar: At least 53 people were wounded after a bomb exploded Tuesday morning in a parking lot in the densely-populated area of Dahiyeh in Beirut’s southern suburb. The bomb went off around 10:15 am local time. Al-Manar television station said … Continued

9th Jul 2013

Turkey: Harsh police crackdown empties Istanbul’s Gezi Park, Taksim Square

  [AA photo] Istanbul, (Hurriyet Daily News):  Riot police used tear gas, water cannon, and plastic bullets to disperse people who had arrived at Gezi Park in Istanbul’s Taksim Square tonight, despite the park earlier being officially opened to public. A … Continued

9th Jul 2013

Syria: Three minor blasts rock Damascus overnight, many wounded

DAMASCUS, (Xinhua): Three explosive devices went off Monday evening at three districts of Syrian capital Damascus, causing injuries and property losses, the state-run SANA news agency said. All of the explosive devices were affixed under cars in the districts of … Continued

9th Jul 2013

Qatar and the Brotherhood: Losing the Crown Jewel?

By Mayasa al-Muhannadi Doha, (Al-Akhbar): The collapse of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule did not just impact its supporters in Egypt. In Qatar, it caused a tremor inside the whole ruling establishment, destroying the political bridges it had built to exert … Continued

9th Jul 2013

Yemen: Thousands rally for south Yemen secession on war anniversary

Thousands of people rallied in south Yemen on Sunday’s 19th anniversary of the civil war that was won by the north to demand secession for the south. “No union and no federation, no to the occupation!” the crowds chanted in … Continued

8th Jul 2013

Lebanon: Roadside bombs injure three in East Lebanon

Two roadside bombs in Lebanon’s eastern Hermel region injured one woman and two army men Sunday, state news reported. Lebanon’s National News Agency said Iman Nasreddine, was rushed to a hospital after an explosion hit her Honda CRV on a … Continued

7th Jul 2013

Turkey: Police intervene on İstiklal Avenue against protesters gathering to re-enter Gezi

ISTANBUL, (Hürriyet Daily News):  Police have heaviliy intervened in the Taksim area with tear gas and water cannon, targeting protesters gathering on İstiklal Avenue ahead of a demonstration and continuing the intervention into the early hours. The pedestrian İstiklal Avenue is … Continued

7th Jul 2013

Turkey: Syrian National Council elects new leader for political fight against Assad

Syria’s opposition has elected a new president to represent it as the battle on the ground rages. Meanwhile, two members of a German aid group who went missing in Syria are said to be alive, well, and on their way … Continued

6th Jul 2013

Yemen: Bomb targets police patrol in Sana’a, kills 3

SANAA, (Xinhua): An explosive device planted in a police patrol car near the Yemeni interior ministry’s headquarters on Saturday killed three soldiers, the country’s defense ministry said. The ministry said on its website that several others were wounded as the … Continued

6th Jul 2013

Iraq: Suicide bomber targets Shi’a Muslim mosque in Baghdad

A suicide bomber has killed 15 people leaving a mosque in Baghdad, with other blasts around Iraq claiming more lives. It is the latest violence likely linked to a standoff between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Iraq. The worst of … Continued

6th Jul 2013

Iraq: Eight killed in attacks across Iraq

Attacks killed eight people in town squares in Iraq on Friday, including seven who died when a suicide bomber dressed in army uniform set off his car rigged with explosives just before midday prayers. The latest violence, which also left … Continued

5th Jul 2013

Afghanistan: Three killed in Afghan suicide bombing

KANDAHAR, (Xinhua): A suicide bomber blew himself up in Spin Boldak district in southern Afghan province of Kandahar on Friday, killing himself along with two others and injuring 12 more, a local official said. “A terrorist wearing explosive device blew … Continued



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