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30th May 2013

Lebanon: Limits of Hizbullah in Syria

By Wafiq Qanso   As Hezbollah’s role in Syria becomes more pronounced, Al-Akhbar examines the limits of its military intervention, asking how far it will go to defend the Resistance. It is very unlikely, for instance, that we will see … Continued

30th May 2013

Syria: McCain seen with Lebanese pilgrims’ kidnappers during visit to Syria

The Obama administration said on Tuesday it knew in advance of a trip to Syria by John McCain, a visit that raised questions over whether the Republican senator met with the kidnappers of a group of Lebanese pilgrims held hostage … Continued

29th May 2013

Iraq: 18 people killed, 44 wounded in attacks across Iraq

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): Up to 18 people were killed and 44 wounded in attacks, including a suicide tanker truck bombing, in central and northern Iraq on Tuesday, the police said. In northern Iraq, Iraqi security forces clashed with gunmen during a … Continued

29th May 2013

Russia vows to bolster Syrian regime with advanced missiles

Russia has defended its planned delivery of advanced anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian regime, a day after the EU lifted its arms embargo against rebel groups. Israel has threatened to stop the missile deliveries. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov … Continued

Iraq: 34 killed, 155 wounded in series of car bombings in Baghdad
28th May 2013

Iraq: 34 killed, 155 wounded in series of car bombings in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua) : Up to 34 people were killed and 155 others wounded in at least 10 car bomb explosions in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Monday, an interior ministry source said. A car bomb and a roadside bomb … Continued

28th May 2013

Belgium: Lifting of arms embargo on Syrian opposition exposes EU divisions

European Union foreign ministers have agreed not to renew an embargo on arming Syrian rebels. However the compromise exposed deep divisions among the bloc’s member states on how to deal with the conflict in Syria. The deal announced after several … Continued

28th May 2013

Syrian rocket kills teen in Lebanese border town

Rocket fire from Syria killed a 17-year-old girl and injured one of her relatives in the Lebanese border region of Hermel on Monday, state news reported. The National News Agency said that four rockets launched from Syria landed in a … Continued

28th May 2013

Lebanon: Hizbullah intervention in Syria redraws political map

By Ibrahim Al-Amin Al-Akhbar: Relations between the Bashar al-Assad regime in Damascus and the Lebanese Resistance had already reached a high-level of coordination and mutual support even before the outbreak of the Syrian crisis. At the time, the two allies … Continued

28th May 2013

Lebanon: Eight injured in Tripoli clashes

Fighting resumed in Lebanon’s northern port city of Tripoli for a ninth consecutive day Monday after a sniper shot a woman from the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood, state news reported. The National News Agency said that at least eight people suffered … Continued

27th May 2013

Iran: Guardian Council clears presidential field for conservatives

By Elie Chalhoub Iran’s Guardian Council removed two key candidates from the race, giving conservative candidates the edge in the upcoming June 15 presidential election. Two key presidential candidates in Iran’s presidential election – Ali Akbar Rafsanjani and Esfandiar Rahim … Continued

27th May 2013

Jordan to deploy Patriot missiles along border with Syria

Jordan, which shares borders with war-torn Syria, said on Sunday it is in talks with “friendly countries” to deploy Patriot missiles on its territory after a similar move by Turkey. “Jordan wishes to deploy Patriot missile batteries in order to … Continued

27th May 2013

Lebanon: Rockets hit southern Beirut suburb, injuring four

[Pic tweeted: car dealership company targeted by 1 rocket in #Beirut, missile didn't fully go off #Lebanon #Syria 6:48 AM - 26 May 2013]   Two rockets landed in the Beirut suburb of Chiyah Sunday morning, wounding four people, … Continued

26th May 2013

Lebanon: We cannot side with the beheaders in Syria, says Nasrallah

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah   Beirut, (Al-Akhbar): There are two major security threats currently facing Lebanon: Israel, and the presence of radical salafis fighting to overthrow the Syrian government, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech Saturday. Nasrallah, … Continued

25th May 2013

Syria agrees to attend international peace conference, Russia says

The Syrian government had agreed in principle to attend an international peace conference proposed by Russia and the United States, Russia said on Friday, and criticized what it called attempts to undermine peace efforts. Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said … Continued

24th May 2013

Turkey: Syrian committees draft new peace proposals ahead of Geneva 2

Members of the Arab League and the Syrian National Coalition have drafted new proposals aimed at ending the Syrian civil war. Their plans come in anticipation of a US-Russia backed peace conference slated for June. Two separate committees of Middle … Continued

24th May 2013

Syria: Israel fears war of attrition in Golan

Israel Fears War of Attrition in Golan By Ali Haydar Recent incidents in the Golan Heights continue to cast a shadow on the attitudes of Israeli leaders amid reports that Israel plans to carry out new strikes in Syria. These … Continued

24th May 2013

Lebanese army pulls out of Tripoli’s streets

The Lebanese army pulled out its troops from Tripoli Wednesday, ceasing its patrols in the city’s streets and its interventions in the crossfire, after clashes overnight left five people dead and many wounded. “The army is being subjected to a … Continued

23rd May 2013

Lebanon: Clashes in Tripoli kill 11

Al-Akhbar:  Eleven people – including at least two officers – were killed and dozens were wounded in fighting in Tripoli, as violence escalated Wednesday on the fourth day of clashes in the northern Lebanese city. “The death toll is up … Continued

22nd May 2013

Afghanistan: Bicycle bomb kills 1, wounds 5 in Ghazni

GHAZNI,  (Xinhua): One Afghan civilian was killed and five others were wounded Wednesday morning when an improvised bomb went off in Ghazni city, the provincial capital of eastern Ghazni province, police said.   “An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attached to … Continued

22nd May 2013

Iran authorities remove Rafsanjani from presidential election

Iranian election authorities have excluded former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani from running in June’s election. The protege of the current president has also been omitted, eliminating potential election surprises.   The Guardian Council did not include Rafsanjani (pictured) and Esfandair … Continued

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